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SOP exceptions for GD.

Can you please add SOP exception for pope?

As I understand from your answer to another poster that pope is a "big news" for now, editing SOP will remove all ambiguity. Not everyone reads this this forum, so exception in SOP might be a good idea as something more permanent until it expires.

Jon Stewart on the benefits of NSA surveillance: If you like your spy, you can keep your spy


Even as the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance activities continue to come to light, Jon Stewart argued on Monday, they weren’t totally without at least one merit.

“On the bright side, under this plan, if you like your NSA spy, you get to keep your NSA spy,” Stewart said to open The Daily Show, pointing out that just about every aspect of the agency’s monitoring that had been denied by President Barack Obama turned out to be happening anyway, despite his insistence that it was being carried out in a manner consistent with the “rule of law.”

“It turns out it wasn’t so much ‘rule of law-consistent’ as ‘rule of law-adjacent,” Stewart explained. “Rules are meant to be broken. I’m sorry, no, that’s Precious Moments figurines. Those are meant to be broken. Rules are meant to be followed.”

Keeping his attention on the NSA’s online surveillance, Stewart turned to Aasif Mandvi — or, “Greychalk” the “proud dwarf paladin,” as he insisted on being named — to get his take on the news that the NSA had also taken to spying on players in the World of Warcraft and Second Life realms.


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