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marble falls

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Name: had to remove
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: marble falls, tx
Member since: Thu Feb 23, 2012, 04:49 AM
Number of posts: 29,736

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Hand dyer mainly to the quilters market, doll maker, oil painter and teacher, anti-fas, cat owner, anti nuke, ex navy, reasonably good cook, father of three happy successful kids and three happy grand kids. Life is good.

Journal Archives

North Carolina Woman Tells Black Sisters Waiting For AAA 'You Don't Belong'

North Carolina Woman Tells Black Sisters Waiting For AAA ‘You Don’t Belong’

The woman also threatened to “bring out my concealed weapons too.”

By David Barden


A North Carolina woman has been dubbed “South Park Susan” after harassing two black sisters waiting for AAA outside an apartment complex in south Charlotte.

Videos of the incident, which were shared by Chele Garris on Facebook, show the woman repeatedly asking the sisters, “Do you live here?” before telling them “I’m white … and I make $125,000 a year and I want to make sure that you’re all up in here.”

The sisters, who were waiting for the vehicle roadside assistance service outside the Camden Fairview Apartments in SouthPark, are also told by the woman that she is “fucking fabulous,” before she threatens to “bring out my concealed weapons.”

“Is your boyfriend here? Is your baby daddy here? Nobody cares, I’m white and I’m hot,” she said. “You’re hanging around in a place you don’t belong.”



Social media users identified the woman, noting that she worked for Spectrum Enterprises, a company that is a part of Charter Communications. In a statement provided to local ABC affiliate WSOC-TV, the company said that she had been terminated, identifying her only by her last name.

“The incident recorded in Charlotte is a blatant violation of Charter’s code of conduct and clearly disregards the company’s commitment to inclusion and respectful behavior,” it said. “As such, Ms. Westwood’s employment with the company has been terminated, effective immediately.”

A spokesperson for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department told HuffPost that while they could not confirm the name of the suspect, “four criminal summons’ have been issued” including “two counts of communicating threats and two counts of simple assault.”

“Once the summons’ have been served the suspects [sic] name can be released,” a statement said.

Chele Garris did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Filed under "No shit, Sherlock".

Trump Says ‘They Probably Will Never’ Give Him The Nobel Peace Prize

Despite rhetoric that potentially drives supporters to send bombs in the mail, the president insists “they” just don’t want him to have one.

By Andy McDonald


While speaking to the Future Farmers of America in Indianapolis Saturday, President Donald Trump praised the efforts of Dr. Norman Borlaug, a scientist who won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in developing a high-yielding, disease-resistant wheat.

But the president couldn’t keep the focus on anyone else for too long, and naturally proceeded to put himself into the Nobel Prize conversation.

“They probably will never give it to me, even what I’m doing in Korea and Idlib province and all of these places,” Trump said. “They probably will never give it to me. You know why? Because they don’t want to.”

Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably the reason.

Video at link.

Michael Moore Posts Clip Of Cesar Sayoc Chanting 'CNN Sucks' At Trump Rally

Source: HuffPo

Michael Moore Posts Clip Of Cesar Sayoc Chanting ‘CNN Sucks’ At Trump Rally

The clip is an outtake from Moore’s current movie “Fahrenheit 11/9.”
By Mary Papenfuss

Filmmaker Michael Moore posted a video clip of suspected pipe bomber Cesar Sayoc at a rally for President Donald Trump last year, apparently chanting “CNN sucks” with a group of Trump supporters.


It was filmed in Melbourne, Florida, at the first Trump 2020 re-election rally, which was held just a month after Trump’s inauguration in 2017.


“Who we needed to understand were our fellow Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a pile of lies so large and toxic that we wondered if there would ever be a chance that we could bring them back from the Dark Side,” he said.

Sayoc, 56, was arrested Friday for allegedly sending more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail to Democratic political figures and other Trump targets. The van in which he was living was plastered with photos of Trump, pro-Trump slogans, “CNN sucks,” and photos of the faces of Trump critics marked with gunsight crosshairs.


Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/michael-moore-posts-clip-of-cesar-sayoc-at-trump-rally-chanting-cnn-sucks_us_5bd631b7e4b0a8f17ef915dc

Amy Holmes, Roland Martin School To Megyn Kelly About Blackface Comments

Megan Kelly's almost apology on air ...

How often do PoC go out in white face? I've never ever seen it.

Anthony Scaramucci Tells Donald Trump: 'Dial Down The Lying'

Anthony Scaramucci Tells Donald Trump: ‘Dial Down The Lying’
The Mooch told CNN, “if you want me to say [Trump’s] a liar, I’m happy to say he’s a liar.”

By David Moye


Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has some helpful advice for Donald Trump: “Dial down the lying.”

“The Mooch” made the rather obvious suggestion on CNN Wednesday morning after host John Berman questioned him on whether he’d call Trump a “liar.”

“I asked you: What do you call someone who likes to lie? You said a scoundrel,” Berman said. “Another thing you could call someone who likes to lie is a liar. Is he a liar?”

“Well, we both know that he’s telling lies. So if you want me to say he’s a liar, I’m happy to say he’s a liar,” Scaramucci replied.

Scaramucci also tried to justify Trump’s lies, saying they were similar to other falsehoods told by politicians.

Still, “The Mooch” may have had enough, because he then looked into the camera and addressed Trump personally (even though the president was more likely watching Fox News).

“You know, you’re a politician now, so politicians lie when their lips are moving, and so all these people lie,” Scaramucci said. “But you should probably dial down the lying, because you don’t need to.”

Scaramucci added. “You’re doing a great job for the country. So dial that down, and you’ll be doing a lot better.”


UPDATE: Megyn Kelly Issues On-Air Apology For Blackface Defense

Source: huffpo

Megyn Kelly Issues On-Air Apology For Blackface Defense

The NBC host faced backlash after questioning what was racist about white people darkening their skin for Halloween costumes.

By Hayley Miller


“I want to begin with two words: I’m sorry,” Kelly said at the start of “Megyn Kelly Today” on Wednesday. “You may have heard yesterday that we had a discussion here. ... I defended the idea that as long as it was respectable and part of the Halloween costume, it seemed OK. Well, I was wrong and I am sorry.”

“I want to begin with two words, I’m sorry..The country feels so divided and I have no wish to add to that pain and offense. I believe this is a time for more understanding, more love, more sensitivity and honor..Thank you for listening and for helping me listen too.” Megyn Kelly pic.twitter.com/6hHrvZLNvK
— Megyn Kelly TODAY (@MegynTODAY) October 24, 2018


“When I was a kid, that was OK, so long as you were dressing up as a character,” Kelly, who was born in 1970, told an all-white panel during her show Tuesday.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/megyn-kelly-apologizes-on-air-blackface_us_5bd06a13e4b055bc9486e2a6

Some of us have evolved over the years. I guess Kelly, not so much. "respectable" costume, what a crock concept even in the '70's. Still trying to find wiggle room in her apology.

Former White House Lawyer Ty Cobb Says Mueller Probe Isn't 'A Witch Hunt'

Source: HuffPo

Former White House Lawyer Ty Cobb Says Mueller Probe Isn’t ‘A Witch Hunt’
That assessment pits Cobb against his former boss, President Donald Trump.

By Antonia Blumberg

Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb on Monday said he doesn’t buy President Donald Trump’s claim that the ongoing special counsel investigation is a “witch hunt.”


Cobb, who stepped down from his post as White House lawyer in May, told host Gloria Borger at CNN’s CITIZEN Conference in New York on Monday that he rejects the president’s analysis of the probe. He also praised Mueller, who he said he has “respected” for decades.

“Bob Mueller is an American hero in my view,” Cobb said during a panel with Jack Quinn, who served as White House lawyer under former President Bill Clinton. “He was a very serious prosecutor. He and I first met in the mid-’80s when we were prosecuting different places, and I have respected him throughout.”


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of Trump’s staunchest allies in the Senate, has also rejected labeling the Mueller probe a “witch hunt.”


Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/ty-cobb-mueller-probe_us_5bcf5123e4b0d38b587cceec

Eric Trump Tells Fox News Dad Was Having 'Fun' Hailing Assault On Reporter

Source: HuffPo

Eric Trump Tells Fox News Dad Was Having ‘Fun’ Hailing Assault On Reporter
“This is exactly why my father won,” said President Donald Trump’s second son.
By Mary Papenfuss


“He wasn’t the guy that body-slammed anybody,” the younger Trump said of his dad. “He can have fun. By the way, this is exactly why my father won.”


President Donald Trump, however, praised Gianforte’s actions during a rally in Missoula on Thursday. “Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy,” Trump told the crowd, adding that he’d correctly believed the attack would help Gianforte win the special election to fill Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s seat.

Trump’s comments drew condemnation from The Guardian, other journalists, U.S. lawmakers, a spokesman for Britain’s prime minister and people on Twitter. The president was already facing criticism for failing to speak out against the Saudis for their role in Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance. The Saudi government now says that Khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in Istanbul early this month during a physical altercation.


Eric Trump told Fox News his dad became president because of the way he talks. “So many people were so sick and tired of the little caged, the perfect, the perfectly scripted politician who memorized their little sound bite ... they weren’t any fun, and they had no charisma, they had no personality,” he said.


Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/eric-trump-defends-president-reporter-assault_us_5bca5616e4b055bc94809c81

Rep. Steve King Goes Full White Nationalist In Interview With Austrian Site

Rep. Steve King Goes Full White Nationalist In Interview With Austrian Site
A shocking interview with a far-right propaganda site offers the clearest look yet at the congressman’s racist ideology.
By Christopher Mathias and Nick Robins-Early


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) visited Austria in August and gave an extensive interview to a far-right publication there in which he spelled out, in clearer and more shocking terms than he ever has before, his white nationalist worldview.


The interview, published in September, came to HuffPost’s attention this week. In his conversation with Sommerfeld, King discussed his belief in the superiority of European culture over others. He talked fearfully of falling fertility rates in the West and spoke at length about his belief that Europe and America are threatened by Muslim and Latino immigration.

“If we don’t defend Western civilization, then we will become subjugated by the people who are the enemies of faith, the enemies of justice,” King said.


King never would have opened up that way with mainstream reporters, since they wouldn’t understand what he was talking about, Griffin said. He added, “But with her, who is obviously steeped in this stuff, he just opens up because he knows he’s going to be understood.”

The congressman’s office did not respond to a request for comment. Unzensuriert also did not respond to questions about details of the interview.

King’s conversation with Sommerfeld largely revolves around the paranoid idea of the Great Replacement — the belief that mass migration, particularly from Muslim-majority countries, is an extinction-level event for white European culture and identity. Or as he put it in the interview, a “slow-motion cultural suicide.”

“The U.S. subtracts from its population a million of our babies in the form of abortion,” King said. “We add to our population approximately 1.8 million of ‘somebody else’s babies’ who are raised in another culture before they get to us.”

Sommerfeld responded, “That’s what we call the Great Replacement.”

Nick Ryan, the director of communications at the British-based anti-racism advocacy group Hope Not Hate, told HuffPost that “terms such as ‘Great Replacement’ are the preserve of conspiracy theorists and extremists.”

It’s a phrase, he said, widely used by anti-Muslim European networks to refer to the supposed Islamification of Europe by migrants and refugees.
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