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Member since: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 05:19 PM
Number of posts: 5,946

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I have my computer on mute and when I go to Salon, it's ads turn on my sound agaiN

It is very annoying, I have the speakers away from me, don't want to have to walk across the room to turn off the speakers or to have to dig around behind the computer under the desk to pull the speaker plug.
why does this happen and how do I stop it?

I think everyone is overlooking the most important decision now that Scalia is dead

Who will be Clarence Thomas' friend? He a Scalia were in lock step sometimes it was just the two of them against everyone else.
Who will write the dissenting decisions? Scalia did most of them from the conservative side.

Bwah - Larry Wilmore a special place in hell skit (Spoiler don't read if you don't want to know)

the end line was hysterical - he had all these women who were in hell for living good lives and then they mentioned that they were saving a space for Madeleine Albright - a special place in hell for women who don't support women who make up their own damn minds.
I could not help but laugh long and loud.
ETA spoiler warning, should have had that there in the first place.

anyone want to track a right wing rumor mill?

CUrrently if you track "army of Darkness, you will find references to the movie and the video game and oe reference to rumor starting Breitbart - where they are accusing the family that was turned back from the Visa allowing them to enter the US and visit Disneyworld as having a relative in the "army of darkness" Not rumored anywhere else - by this afternoon, I expect a jerk circle to be formed that references each of of right wing blogs.
Could be interesting to see how it works and spreads.

You won't believe why N.H.'s top paper endorsed Christie | Moran

ha ha, the leader supported Christie and someone from the Newark Star Ledger calls them and asks why?
You won't believe why N.H.'s top paper endorsed Christie | Moran

Seems like all they know is his speeches in NH, not his history s governor - when will they learn to actually look at someone's record?
Know two things about this endorsement from the Manchester Union-Leader.

One is that it could put Christie on the map. This paper's endorsements result in an 11 point bump for the winner, on average. If history holds, that means Christie is now a contender in New Hampshire.

The second is this: The paper knows almost nothing about his record as governor.

they think he was cleared of Bridgegate, not realizing he hand picked the people to investigate him and they produced a report saying he was not to blame (and charged over a million to do it) and then destroyed all their notes!!! Most people say not cleared and the feds are still investigating it.
They thought he handled Sandy well - once again, that is what he says, not the people , like me, okay, worse off than me, that got no help. He did get a lot of free advertising in an election year claiming we won over the storm, even though a lot of things not back yet. I will say LAST WEEK, I finally got the state investigator to get a refund of a small part of the land rent I paid through the summer of the next year from the owner.
Pension reform,. no idea how he made a bad situation worse by giving it to his friend to manage and suddenly the returns are worse than average and the fess are higher.
They are judging Christie purely on his rhetoric.

I could go on.....

OMG Meet The Press -Chuck Todd told Trumph was wrong!! several times!

what is this word coming to?
It was about the Muslims Dancing in the street, he said it did not happen several times - I thought he never called out repubs.

when do you give up an walk away?

Brother is a drinker with bottles (hidden poorly) everywhere, I was estranged from his family due to his wife thinking I took his side too much. Well, they did not help by screaming and setting him up for DUI's by giving him booze and then sending him to the store. Did I say he was not bright. After Mom died, he really had to stay with them. but he worked hard and earned good money and fought a lot. I lived my pleasant little life without him in it. Then his wife died and no one knew what to do with him. He went into a tail spin and cried and would not bathe, and would not move. I went over to spend time with him to remind him of the good things in life, to assure him he could make choices, he needed to control his own life and not be dependent on his 30 year old single daughter. I will not take him in. I went over and tried to help him get an apartment or even just out of the house, I walked him through the ads and then went to pick him up to look at the ones he picked, he was drunk, and would not bathe and would not even entertain leaving and then went ion to a 1/2 hour spiel of what I could do with my genitals, a lot of which I had never heard before. Look, I have been yelled at, screamed at a lot of times, but even my ex never cursed at me. Meanwhile brother was over there and smirking, I knew he felt powerful doing it trying to drive me out - so I gave him his wish I left and have not returned, now his house is about to be sold from under him, it is in foreclosure, can I just walk away and not look back? His 20 something daughters are lost, but they gave him beer to keep quiet like their mother, bad bad. And they ignore his bad behavior, which I find hard to do not having to deal with crap for decades. One has small children and the other is on the verge of getting married.

fyi I was married to an alcoholic,and went to alanon, changed myself and for some reason that kind of made him change himself, I learned to just walk away if he wanted to drink and he really hated that. But it took him years to get sober and me filing for divorce. We were married 20 more years after that and he said he could not even imagine drinking again because he loved his life so much. So been there, done that,. This is more immediate though, decisions have to be made. I could walk away and let the sheriff throw him out when someone buys the beautiful house on foreclosure sale. I could buy his house and leave him there to rot. (it would take a lot of my savings, but I could do it. ) eventually the power and heat and water would be turned off. I can never ever take him in to live with me. EVER. so can you walk away and let someone on the street in the winter?

Time for me to go back to al anon, but kind of have to decide where I stand much sooner.

blowing off steam - I hate HATE the GE ads on TV

yes I worked for GE when Jack Welch ruled, ruined that company (made lots of money but disemboweled the company). I worked fora purchased subsidiary that he used to help him strip RCA of it's assets, like moving older workers over to our company so he could steal their pensions. He also closed down all R&D because he felt that was a waste of money, and sold off RCA technology off to a Dutch firm, them absorbed manufacturing into the GE umbrella before selling more stuff off. but that is just my hatred of all things GE.

about the ads though, have you noticed how it is insulting to everyone except nerdy young men? The parents are too dumb to understand his new job - ageism. The girls (there are not really women here) are not only too dumb to code, that is just for the guys there, but think cats with hats is so much more important than hospitals. I scream turn off the sound or change the station when those ads are on, I hate to think of what the next bunch of ads will be.

Holly is ignoring the elephant in the room


Record N.J. lottery sales are no windfall; worst returns in 40 years fuel vendor criticism

Christie strikes again, I missed it when Christie privatized the lottery, but the magic is the same, people spending more on the lottery but the return is the worst.
Ticket sales have topped $3 billion for the first time, but New Jersey’s lottery expects to send only $930 million back to the state to help fund social service programs — the lowest rate of return in nearly four decades.

In the past, record sales most often translated to record dollars back to the state for school nutrition programs, education scholarships and housing for disabled veterans, money required to be funneled to the budget by the law that created the lottery itself.

But New Jersey isn’t expecting those record sales to translate to the state budget for fiscal 2015, which ended in June, the first full year since the lottery’s sales and marketing was outsourced to a group that spent heavily on lobbying firms led by Governor Christie’s closest allies.

is anyone really surprised?
But for all its shortfalls in payments to the state, the group hasn’t paid a dollar in penalties, thanks to a buffer in its 15-year contract with the state that was approved by Christie, a Republican, over the objections of the Democratic-controlled Legislature.
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