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Farmer-Rick's Journal
Farmer-Rick's Journal
November 29, 2022

Why it matters that 7 states still have bans on atheists holding office

At the polls in TN this November, the GOP had a ballot initiative on removing the prohibition on priests and ministers from holding office from the TN constitution. And of course it was voted in and the clause preventing priest from being government officials has been removed from the TN Constitution. But the TN constitution still has another equally unfair clause remaining against atheist from holding office. So, when do you think the GOP majority in TN is going to change that?

Yeah, I know the Supremes in 1961 ruled those clauses unconstitutional or more specifically: "test for public office cannot be enforced against appellant, because it unconstitutionally invades his freedom of belief and religion guaranteed by the First Amendment and protected by the Fourteenth Amendment from infringement by the States."

But since we now have a very proudly Christian Supreme Court that makes rulings based on Christian superstitions and dogma, can we allow all these clauses to remain unchallenged? Seems law and precedent do not trump Christian mythology and bias in this court.

So should these bans on atheists holding public office be challenged? What would be the repercussions if the Supreme Court were to hear a challenge against one of these state clauses?

Here's a good article on it: https://source.colostate.edu/why-it-matters-that-7-states-still-have-bans-on-atheists-holding-office/

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