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Farmer-Rick's Journal
Farmer-Rick's Journal
April 6, 2023

Not so sure about the no rules broken thing

Federal employees are not allowed to accept large gifts. Last time I looked, Clearance was being paid by federal dollars. He is a federal employee. I mean he can pretend those rules don't apply to him.

"Social Invitations from Persons Other than Prohibited Sources: An employee may accept unsolicited food, refreshments and entertainment, not including travel and lodging, for the employee and other guest, such as spouse, at a social event attended by several people where the invitation is from someone who is not a prohibited source, no fee is charged to anyone in attendance, and, if the sponsor of the event or person offering the invitation is not a person, the employee receives a written determination from the agency designee that his or her attendance will not cause a reasonable person with knowledge of the relevant facts to question the employee’s integrity or impartiality.". https://www.justice.gov/jmd/gifts-and-entertainment#:~:text=Outside%20Sources%2C%20Exceptions)-,Gifts%20Between%20Employees,the%20employee%20is%20a%20subordinate.

January 25, 2023

Twitter sued by Crown Estate over alleged unpaid rent at UK HQ

Source: BBC

The Estate - which oversees a property portfolio belonging to the King - filed a claim against Twitter in the High Court in London last week, according to Reuters news agency.

The alleged arrears relate to office space near Piccadilly Circus in central London, the BBC has been told.

It comes after Elon Musk, the world's second richest man, paid $44bn (£36bn) to take control of Twitter in October last year before slashing more than half of the firm's global workforce of around 7,000.

The Crown Estate took legal action after previously contacting Twitter about rental arrears over office space at Air Street.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-64381582

The King of England is suing Musk for back/current rent.

The richest man in the US vs the richest man in England. The filthy rich exchanging wealth.

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