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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 10:41 PM
Number of posts: 12,728

Journal Archives

Mpls. Man With Permit Pulls Out Gun, Stops Robbery In Progress

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis man helped stop a robbery by pulling a gun on the bad guys.

Matt Dosser saw two men standing outside the University Market in northeast Minneapolis Tuesday night. One had a gun, and they had just attacked the clerk inside.

“I was really scared for his life,” Dosser said. “They were trying to kill him, in my opinion.”

It was his immediate reaction when he saw two men enter his store around 9:15 p.m. They wore their hoodies tight around their faces, and they began asking questions that didn’t make sense. After a couple uneasy minutes, they attacked.


I have Asperger's, I play violent video games -- and I'm not going to shoot you

(CNN) -- If the so-called evidence from mass shootings is to be believed, you should fear me simply because I've played violent games and because I have Asperger syndrome.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings one year ago, many speculated on whether shooter Adam Lanza had Asperger's, a form of autism. And Aaron Alexis, who killed 13 in September's Washington Navy Yard shooting, had a history of playing violent video games. It seems that every time there's a horrible act of violence in our society, we rush to blame it on something like this.

In reality, I'm squeamish. I play video games, particularly shooting games, because they keep my hand-eye coordination up and help me think on my feet. I'm ordinarily quite clumsy physically, and I don't always think on my feet very well, both of which are traits that come along with the Asperger's diagnosis. In fact, I've found that many characteristics of people with Asperger's can be improved by playing video games: difficulty communicating via body language and facial expressions, seeing things in black and white, lack of physical coordination, lack of social skills, and having very focused interests. My fine motor skills wouldn't work terribly well if it wasn't for video games and computers. And I never paid much attention to detail before video games -- try getting a job without that skill.

A view on stereotyping mass shooters. Good read.

For Noah

Group G

Germany, Ghana, Portugal, USA...

WTF? did we forget to give someone baksheesh??

At least the expectation bar will be low.

It is all a matter of perspective...

I will repeat my previous statements that I oppose using firearms as a part of a protest. What I am pointing out is everyone puts a spin on the facts.

Idaho high school basketball coach Laraine Cook fired...

Idaho high school basketball coach Laraine Cook fired after posting Facebook photo of boyfriend grabbing breast

An Idaho high school fired its girls' basketball coach last week for posting a picture of her boyfriend grabbing her breast to her Facebook account while on vacation.

Laraine Cook was canned last week by Pocatello High School, just after a hardly-racy, can-grab photo was put out on the social media site.

The photo featured her in a bikini in front of a large body of water with boyfriend and Pocatello football coach Tom Harrison holding Cook's right breast with his left hand. The shot was reportedly taken on a recent vacation. (An unidentified person is also seen in the background of the photo.)

The highly-decorated football coach wasn't flagged for holding, however, as he was only "reprimanded" according to reports.

http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/high-school/idaho-hs-coach-canned-breast-grabbing-facebook-photo-boyfriend-escapes-firing-article-1.1507889#ixzz2jtiFebTD (more story and pic at link)

Double Standard *clap, clap, clapclapclap*

Arizona lawmaker refers to Obama as 'De Fuhrer' on Facebook

Like many Republican lawmakers, Brenda Barton is furious that the federal government shutdown has forced the closure of national parks.

Barton, an Arizona state representative, took to Facebook to express her fury in a series of status updates Monday. In one, she compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.
In an interview with the Arizona Capitol Times, Barton stood by the comparison.

“He’s dictating beyond his authority,” she said of Obama. “It’s not just the death camps. (Hitler) started in the communities, with national health care and gun control. You better read your history. Germany started with national health care and gun control before any of that other stuff happened. And Hitler was elected by a majority of people."

I am not sure if the Republican word of the day is hyperbole or hypocrisy... I do know that Rep. Barton (R-AZ) should read up on the history of the Third Reich before lecturing other people to do so...

Proof the UK is more dangerous than the US

Northampton Clown Terrorizes English Town Just By Standing Around
The Huffington Post | By Sebastian Murdock
Posted: 09/16/2013 10:05 am EDT | Updated: 09/19/2013 11:01 am EDT

It doesn't speak. It doesn't juggle. It has balloons but doesn't hand them out. It probably doesn't even sleep. It just stands there, haunting our dreams with that sinister smile.

An anonymous man has been striking fear into the hearts of the Northampton, U.K., community by ominously standing around in creepy clown apparel.

The Northampton Herald & Post first reported the sightings earlier this month. The clown has allegedly been spotted all over town, and sometimes is seen carrying a clown teddy.


It is unknown at this time whether or not the clown feeds on the souls of children.


Why not start here...

I am reminded of the old saying "Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it". Well the weather is beyond human control, mostly, but human influences are not.

For various reasons- and no need to throw stones- post Sandy Hook has been more of the same. Likely post Navy Yard will be more of the same. What can we brainstorm here to do about it?

IMO Universal Background Checks are the closest goal in reach. UBC has wide spread support, even among the majority of gun owners and NRA members, the exact percentage is quite irrelevant. Yet every attempt at strengthening the law is stillborn. How can we as Democrats, many of us in this group gun owners and others who do not own guns but have beliefs as passionate, start the change.

Congress would be best but we see 'it ain't gonna happen'.

So state level... Is it possible to form petition groups to get referendums on the ballot? With the wide support base, the People should be able to make their voices heard. What to do about non-referendum states? We like to think we are a smart group, let's have ideas.

We know the law will not be perfect, it will not catch everything, but it will help.
My concept:
-All sales of guns must pass an NCIS check.
-It can be done by dealers at a set rate or county level LE
-It will include sales to family members and inheritances.
-Gift transactions must be done within 60 days of the gift
-Loans do not need to go through a check
-a transfer of possession is considered a loan if the duration is less than 60 days. After that it is a gift and must be submitted to NCIS on day 60
-during the duration of the loan, the possessor of the gun is solely liable for any civil suit arising from negligence or misuse
-the owner of the gun may be held criminal liable as an accessory, or other applicable state law, for any criminal use of the gun by the borrower
-stolen guns must be reported within 7 days of the theft, or face a fine set by the state
-an owner of a stolen firearm is liable as if it were a loan until it is reported stolen or the owner is able to prove they could not have known it was stolen (House robbed while out or country or other verifiable extenuating circumstance)

Does anyone think this could start at the grassroots or am I wishing for a rainbow and a unicorn?

Is this good or bad for the First Amendment...

Senate panel Oks measure defining a journalist
By DONNA CASSATA, Associated Press
Updated 9:54 am, Thursday, September 12, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Senate panel on Thursday approved a measure defining a journalist, which had been an obstacle to broader media shield legislation designed to protect reporters and the news media from having to reveal their sources.

The Judiciary Committee's action cleared the way for approval of legislation prompted by the disclosure earlier this year that the Justice Department had secretly subpoenaed almost two months of telephone records for 21 phone lines used by reporters and editors for The Associated Press and secretly used a warrant to obtain some emails of a Fox News journalist. The subpoenas grew out of investigations into leaks of classified information to the news organizations.

I can see it going either way, helping a free press by protecting sources or inhibiting a free press by limiting who is a "covered journalist"
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