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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 13,023

Journal Archives

OT- with krispos indulgence

Thanks to all, from both sides, who participated in my GD thread. http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=4415244

Though locked by the hosts, I do not disagree with their explanation and reasoning. The input I received will help me get a good start on my project for the school.

Children, guns, education... looking for input

In advance of the 20/20 report tomorrow night I have been asked by a local school about options for gun safety education for children (I contract with the school as a security/safety consultant). I informed them that essentially the only program out there is the NRA's Eddie Eagle. While not rejecting it absolutely, the admin is hesitant to use NRA material as it could be seen as having a bias- the program may be mandatory, opt-in or opt-out, TBD but they want high participation with the support of parents.

So to wishing a politically neutral, safety oriented program, they have asked me to develop a proposal and plan for teaching the children. I of course said no problem, but my background is in adult education. I am trying to drop all of my pre-conceived notions and ideas and create the best program possible.

My question is, what would you all here on DU like a gun safety course for children to include?

-School is pre-K to 8th grade, so it may require several variants to account for age.
-It would be preferred to mesh with the current school day so taught in a 20 or 60 minute block, multiple blocks may be available but a single session is ideal.
-Student body is racially and ethnically diverse, living mostly in a middle class first tier suburb.

Thanks in advance for any/all input

Another DGU

(Sorry for the length)

So there I was...
I made an emergency run with my 9yro to Walgreens for TP and chocolate- our house was out of both of these critical items. It was after dark so we drove, though typically would have walked.

While exiting my girl did her usual stop at the Red Box to check out the new videos; I noticed a man entering the far end of the parking lot carrying a plastic bag and walking unsteadily. She didn't find any must-see title so we headed towards the truck.

The man changed his direction 45 degrees towards us. Unusual since we were parked away from the door. At that point I handed the bag of chocolate to my little one and told her to get in front- rare treat for her- and lock the door. I am almost to the truck and in between the gentleman and my daughter but he is closer than I like.

I ask loudly “Can I help you” when he is close to 20' away. He stops while I take a couple more steps to keep distance.

He replies “Gimme thirty dollars”, no please or other nicety about it.

This is not good IMO, “Excuse me”. At the same time I step another pace away. Shift the large TP package to cover my right hip and my hand slides my shirt to uncover my pistol.

He repeats “Gimme thirty dollars” now sounding angry. My impression is he is drunk and/or high. I am looking around to see if anyone else, goo, bad or other in near. The only people are rather far and I would have to circle the entire vehicle to reach my door.

I answer loudly, trying to attract attention “I don't have money”. As retreat is unwise we enter a staring contest. At least a couple folks are starting to pay attention but they are out of his line of sight so not immediately helpful.

I do not know if he is evaluating me or just trying to form a coherent thought- “Gimme money”

I tell him “You want to be leaving now.” To this point he has not seen that I am armed as I have kept the TP blocking his view, but my hand is free at mine side. He considers me for a moment the turns away with some curses.

Aftermath- I take my daughter home and call 911 while returning to the store. They tell me he came in but left right away. I find a follow him, while talking to 911, keeping two blocks away. I assure them I have absolutely no desire to confront or detain him. In about 5 minute a patrol car arrives and I head home.

The man ends up being booked on possession and weapon charges since he had meth and a large knife. The DA elects to not press robbery charges based on our encounter as he did not display the knife or attempt any force. It gets classed as aggressive pan handling. A plea deal has him serving 5 years on the possession and other outstanding charges.

So why do I consider this a DGU? Well, I don't. The only ones who knew I was armed were myself and my daughter. With awareness and action I was able to keep a tactical distance between us. The TP allowed me to conceal my weapon while keeping it ready and also would have provided some defense if he had a knife (as I later learned he did). In the end, the gun was a non-factor.
What would I have done differently if unarmed? Nothing. I would still have kept him at a distance and faced with a choice between unwise retreat and standing, I would have still stood. Without a gun I would still have attempted to locate, but not approach and let PD handle him.

I would like to think I am not atypical of most carriers.
-Being armed did not embolden me, though I do not deny it did provide a comfort having a good means of defense.
-I had no desire to commit murder from the gun urging me on as some maintain; though I would have had a decent self defense claim.
-Why did I have a gun on a run to the corner store? Because I always carry, wherever legal. To paraphrase, Crime Happens
-Why not show the gun? Outside of the issue of brandishing, which would make me the bad guy, my read it would as easily escalate the situation as encourage him to back off

So I am I making a tall manure pile? Believe what you want- the Walgreens is located at 1180 Arcade St, St Paul, MN; the Pioneer Press website has a city crime map http://stpaulcrime.twincities.com/. There is nothing listed at Walgreens as no charges were filed but you can find a possession on the 800 block of Cook Ave, in June 2013.

Cornyn introduces concealed-carry reciprocity bill

Cornyn introduces concealed-carry reciprocity bill

Texas' senior senator on Friday introduced legislation authorizing armed concealed gun permit holders to travel lawfully to other states, as the number of such permits in Texas rose sharply.

The Department of Public Safety reported the number of active concealed handgun licenses in Texas grew from 584,000 in December 2012 to 709,106 as of Jan. 9, a 21 percent increase.

New state laws cutting the training required for obtaining a concealed carry license may have had some effect on the increase, but the DPS numbers show that an increasing number of Texans were carrying concealed weapons well before the laws took effect Sept. 1.

For Republican Sen. John Cornyn, the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014 - a top National Rifle Association legislative priority - is a replay of legislation he's sponsored several times. Last April, it fell just three votes short of obtaining the 60 Senate votes needed to overcome a filibuster.


I found this article through a gun forum. Interestingly 75%+ of carriers are opposed to this move, even though it is one of the NRA's top wish list items.. For one, they note every co-sponsor is Republican so see this as an election year publicity stunt without much hope of passing. Second it is generally preferred to keep such laws out of the Federal arena and let the states determine their own reciprocity.

Who says you can't...

Davie Man Shoots Armed Intruders With AK-47
Two home invasion suspects are on the run and a third was fatally shot by a South Florida resident who fought back against the armed intruders with an AK-47 Thursday night, police said.

The incident happened at a home on the 6100 block of Southwest 48th Street, Davie Police spokesman Capt. Dale Engle said.

Three armed men entered the apartment and pistol-whipped the resident inside, police said. He then confronted the suspects.

“The resident of the apartment had possession of an AK-47 and after he received this beating he was able to get possession or control of that, and started shooting at these suspects as they were fleeing,” Engle said.

Not that I would recommend an AK pattern as a first choice for home defense. I find the statement that he started firing as they were fleeing troubling but as the man was questioned and released it may be a loose use of the term fleeing.

Owner of Fayetteville adult boutique shot during robbery

Owner of Fayetteville adult boutique shot during robbery

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — The owner of an adult store in Fayetteville was in serious condition after a shoot-out with armed robbers at the store, police said Thursday.

The incident happened about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at Cupid’s Boutique on North Reilly Road. Officers said two armed men went into the store and demanded money from an employee. One of the men stood by the register with the employee while the second went to the back office and shot the owner several times.

The owner was armed and returned fire, police said. It was unclear whether the robber was injured in the exchange. The men fled the store with cash.

This is gold for the night time talk shows.
Good thing the owner got out alive; wonder if he would have had he not been armed.
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