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Rep. Flynn 'pulled his weapon and fired two shots,' chief of staff says

October 15, 2014 at 9:10 AM, updated October 15, 2014 at 11:47 AM

State Rep. Marty Flynn fired two shots down a Harrisburg city street as he and another legislator was being held at gunpoint late Tuesday, his chief of staff said.

Thom Welby said Democratic lawmaker from Scranton was walking back to his apartment with Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, when they were stopped by two suspects.

"The one put the gun on him and told him to give him his money, to which Rep. Flynn responded with some expressive language that they're not getting anything from him," Welby said.

Flynn, who was armed at the time, initially reached for his gun but backed off when a third suspect from across the street warned the first two that the lawmaker "has something."


USS America: The Navy's Newest Flattop Can't Decide What The Hell It Is

USS America: The Navy's Newest Flattop Can't Decide What The Hell It Is

Yesterday, as part of San Francisco's Fleet Week festivities, the US Navy had a high-profile commissioning ceremony for the USS America LHA-6, the fourth US Navy ship to bear the name and the first in a new class of amphibious assault ships that are really more like aircraft carriers, yet somehow, compromised as both.

Although her maiden voyage a delivery cruise from Louisiana to her home port in San Diego went well, the America Class remains a controversial defense program that is tied directly to two of the most controversial defense programs of all time. Those being V-22 Osprey and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The America Class, although based largely on the final Wasp Class vessel, USS Makin Island LHD-8, and slightly larger by displacement, greatly differs from it and recent big deck 'amphib' designs of last few decades in one major way. Recent big deck amphibious assault ships, such as the Tarawa and Wasp Classes, are as much floating docks as they are aircraft carriers, with huge hangar-like floodable garages located on their sterns. These "well decks" are where everything from small boats to massive Land Craft Air Cushion hovercraft operate from. The new America Class on the other hand was designed without this key feature, instead her focus will be on aviation, specifically the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter and the MV-22B Osprey.

Many have argued that this aviation focus basically makes the America Class strictly an aircraft carrier. This is true to some extent, although the Wasp and Tarawa Classes that came before her were also larger than the vast majority of 'aircraft carriers' operating around the world, but their well decks and large parking garage like cargo spaces were clearly a differentiating factor. One thing is certain, the USS America is all about vertical envelopment of the enemy, and will largely leave the surface logistics and sea-born assault aspects of Marine expeditionary warfare to her San Antonio Class, Whidbey Island Class, Harpers Ferry Class, and Austin Class cousins when operating as the centerpiece of an Expeditionary Strike Group.

Is it just me or have we just built a modernized Midway class carrier?
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