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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 13,024

Journal Archives

Kalashnikov cranking up AK-47 factory in Florida

Kalashnikov cranking up AK-47 factory in Florida

The famous Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles have been made in frigid Moscow since their inception 69 years ago. Soon, they'll be made in sunny Florida, too.

Kalashnikov USA has been approved by the city of Pompano Beach to assemble guns there.

Kalashnikov USA of Tullytown, Pa., was importing rifles made by Kalashnikov Concern, the original AK-47 manufacturer in Moscow, until 2014 when President Obama imposed sanctions against Russia following its annexation of Crimea. At that point, Kalashnikov USA severed all ties with the Russian company.

The company started making the guns in Pennsylvania last year, but is shifting manufacturing to Florida. Kalashnikov hasn't said why they are moving or how big the Pompano Beach operation will be.

Tipping point?

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Motorcyclist, Blames Muscle Memory - Video

Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Motorcyclist, Blames Muscle Memory - Video

Footage has surfaced of a Minnesota police officer accidentally shooting a motorcyclist after stopping him for speeding. And what follows is one of the most Minnesota situation ever.

The shooting took place last June in the Twin Cities suburb of Eden Prairie, but video of the incident was only recently uncovered by local television station KMSP. In the video, Eden Prairie Police Sgt. Lonnie Soppeland pursues 21-year-old motorcyclist Matthew Hovland-Knase at speeds reportedly in excess of 100 mph. Eventually, the latter slows his motorcycle and pulls into the dirt shoulder of the road.

Soppeland quickly steps out of his patrol car, and in the process of shouting, "Get your hands where I can see him," fires a shot that hits Hovland-Knase in the arm.

In the unedited version of the video, Soppeland can be heard hissing, "Oh, sh*t. F*ck. F*ck," in much the same tone one might use after spilling really hot coffee into one's lap.

I have noticed several times in police shooting videos that the officers fire (usually two shots) immediately after drawing. That s exactly how they train on the range- draw, fire two shots, evaluate. It may be time to reconsider that routine as people will resort to base training under stress.

I am a bit acquainted with Sgt. Soppeland from when I worked in Eden Prairie a couple of years ago. I remember him as a fairly average guy, genial and not one who would be out to 'bag a bad guy'.

It is with a heavy heart and profound regret

that I am rescinding my offer of sending snacks to Oregon. I also call on other DUers to reconsider their offers of sending snacks; in particular Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears.

I have reflected long on this decision and concluded I cannot condone escalating the standoff by advocating the usage of Weapons of Mass Defecation.

So a group of schmucks

Successfully stormed an unoccupied building.

Is this a matter for law enforcement or the military? Have they annulled their constitutional rights? Should any be given the chance to surrender or should they all be wiped out?

I am troubled that I need even ask such questions here.

Female WWII pilots barred from Arlington National Cemetery

Female WWII pilots barred from Arlington National Cemetery

McLEAN, Va. (AP) The ashes of World War II veteran Elaine Harmon are sitting in a closet in her daughter's home, where they will remain until they can go to what her family says is her rightful resting place: Arlington National Cemetery.

Harmon piloted aircraft in World War II under a special program, Women Airforce Service Pilots, that flew noncombat missions to free up male pilots for combat. Granted veteran status in 1977, the WASPs have been eligible to have their ashes placed at Arlington with military honors since 2002.

But earlier this year, then-Secretary of the Army John McHugh reversed course and ruled WASPs ineligible.

After Harmon died in April at age 95, her daughter, Terry Harmon, 69, of Silver Spring, Maryland, was dismayed to learn that the Army had moved to exclude WASPs. She said her mother had helped lead the effort to gain recognition for WASPs.


This is a shameful exclusion. The WASPs served a vital role and suffered a death rate of 3.5%, greater than all military services except for the Marines Corps which had a 3.7% rate. The also-excluded Merchant Marine had 4.1% of its members killed in the course of the war.

Whether they were considered "official" military at that time or not is irrelevant; they served in wartime performing the same missions as actual military members. They earned the right to be buried in Arlington. I am eligible as a retired veteran and would willingly give up my spot to allow a WASP or MM member space in Arlington.
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