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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 13,024

Journal Archives

UPDATE: Driver of tanker truck that drove through crowd of protesters on the I-35W bridge identified

As protesters took to I-35W in Minneapolis, a semi-truck was seen driving into the crowd.

It is unclear if any demonstrator was hit.

Protesters then began to approach to get into the semi.

Unconfirmed reports the driver was dragged from the truck, beaten and some attempted to throw him over the bridge.

Had been a peaceful march, probably 10k people.

Truck drove towards the crowd doing probably 40 mph. Freeway was supposed to be closed. It has not been determined how he got to that point.

Police disbursing crowd with gas and flashbangs

Link to coverage and possible video https://kstp.com/news/marchers-on-the-move-after-peaceful-justice-for-george-floyd-rally-at-capitol-in-st-paul/5747223/?cat=1

9:22 p.m.

Authorities have identified a truck driver who was arrested after he drove through a crowd protesting on I-35W in Minneapolis as Bogdan Vechirko.

Vechirko has been booked in the Hennepin County Jail.

Huge gathering at state capitol

Just drove by the capitol, 5000+ gathered out front 100+ national guard providing security. Definitely a sight to behold.

Minneapolis is very different tonight

Police are moving in swiftly on the marches and protests. They dropped on two separate groups simultaneously.

Gov. Walz calls for full mobilization of National Guard, never before done in Minnesota history

Source: KSTP- ABC affiliate

Gov. Walz announced Saturday morning that he is authorizing the full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard, an action never before taken in Minnesota history.

"Last night is a mockery of pretending to honor George Floyd's death," Walz said in a media briefing. "Maintaining and restoring civil order on the street is our main goal."

Read more: https://kstp.com/news/gov-walz-calls-for-full-mobilization-of-national-guard-never-before-done-in-minnesota-history/5745492/?cat=1

Short story, no more at link

There are approximately 13,000 members of the Minnesota National Guard

Minnesota governor fully mobilizes National Guard in response to riots

Minnesota governor fully mobilizes National Guard in response to riots

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is activating the full National Guard in response to the riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul after the death of George Floyd. This is the first time in state history the full National Guard has been activated.

According to Guard records, this would include a force of about 13,000 service members. Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said by noon Saturday, they expect to have 2,500 soliders and airmen out in force.

Protests and riots continued Friday nightinto Saturday morning despite the 8 p.m. curfew the cities enforced. Commissioner Harrington said at one point during the night, IEDs were used against law enforcement.

"What was manifested in a very healthy gathering of community on Tuesday night, was still present on Wednesday, by Thursday it was nearly gone," Walz said. "And last night is a mockery of pretending this is about George Floyd’s death, or inequities, or historical traumas to our communities of color...because our communities of color and our indigenous communities were out front fighting hand-in-hand to save businesses that took generations to build.”

After accounting for troops currently activated on overseas operations, this could mean 10,000 troops are going to be used to quell the rioting.

Leadership, compare and contrast

Governor Tim Walz on the arrest of a CNN news crew and a slow response to riots in Minneapolis:

"This one is on me and I will own it."

"I take full responsibility."

"I have spent my time as governor highlighting the need to be as transparent as possible and have the press here. I failed you last night in that."

President Donald Trump on the lack of Covid response leading to 100k+ deaths and still climbing:

"I don't take responsibility at all."

The Guard is in Minneapolis

A Facebook feed from Walt Gray showed a group of them providing security for firefighters. They were near Chicago and Lake which is about a mile east of the 3rd Precinct building.

They are not carrying riot gear.

National Guard activated to control protests following George Floyd's death

Source: KSTP- ABC affiliate

The Minnesota National Guard is being called on to help contain protests in the Twin Cities after a violent past two days after George Floyd's death.

Gov. Tim Walz signed Executive Order 20-65 on Thursday, activating the Guard to help protect Minnesotans and maintain peace. A release from Walz's office says local leaders have requested National Guard resources after extensive damage during protests the past two days.

The National Guard Adjutant General will work with local government agencies to provide personnel, equipment, and facilities needed to respond to and recover from this emergency, according to the news release.

About 200 Minnesota State Patrol troopers will also assist in public safety efforts over the next several days.

Read more: https://kstp.com/news/minnesota-national-guard-activated-to-control-protests-following-george-floyds-death/5743967/?cat=1

VIDEO: Chopper 5 shows police presence at St. Paul Target, surrounding area

VIDEO: Chopper 5 shows police presence at St. Paul Target, surrounding area

Dozens of people tried to loot the Midway Target in St. Paul Thursday.

According to St. Paul Police, a group of 50 to 60 people tried to overwhelm the store's staff. However, police arrived and confronted the group, and the people then dropped the items they'd grabbed and fled.

Immediately afterward, a fight broke out in the store's parking lot, and a person was nearly run over by a vehicle. Despite that, police said no injuries were reported.

The group also attempted to go into nearby small businesses but were stopped by police.

Video at link

Is there some link between police reform and Target that I am unaware of?

Minneapolis small-business owners pick up the pieces after night of rage, destruction

Minneapolis small-business owners pick up the pieces after night of rage, destruction

Shattered glass, broken golf clubs and trash littered East Lake Street on Thursday morning after the destructive standoff between protesters and police, with some breaking into and setting fire to stores.

Many of these businesses, including fast-food restaurants, auto shops and banks, were ransacked by Thursday morning. The brick foundation of a Metro PCS store, the only part that remained, continued to burn as the crews dug a line in front to prevent a gas leak.

Smoke billowed from the shopping complex near Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue, the burning smell wafting over across Lake Street. A Wendy’s restaurant smoldered; so did a building behind it, no longer recognizable.

The owners of small businesses on Lake Street, some of whom have been there for decades, emerged early Thursday morning to assess the damage. They stared out at what was left of their shops and the street with quiet disbelief.

One quote that stood out- “COVID didn’t close me, but this is going to close me.”
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