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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
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George Santos' name popped up again recently on another thread...

about McCarthy's failure to expel him as he needs his vote. It made me think of what Santos' musings will be once 2025 comes around.

About now he's probably thinking there's plenty of time but it's never too early to figure out the moves come mid-January '25 as he knows he's not getting reelected. His thoughts might be something like the following:

Feign running even though campaign funds are just about nil as that con has run its course check.

Always have a bag packed check.

Passport at the ready check.

Airline tickets to country with no extradition treaty (Brazil is out as it's the first place they'll expect) check.

Ride to the airport prescribed to avoid press check.

Driver already secured, palm greased, pick-up point at secret Capitol exit agreed upon check.

Slowly move clothes and other trip necessities out of apartment to office so landlord doesn't notice check.

Figure out how to bullshit landlord on late Jan. rent...Dems holding up last check might work check.

Clean out personal bank account and last dregs in campaign account check.

Hmmmm? What else, let me think...?
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