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Gender: Female
Hometown: Calif and MN
Home country: here
Current location: Mo-Ark border
Member since: Tue Jun 5, 2012, 07:55 AM
Number of posts: 1,013

Journal Archives

nolabear I understand totally.

This post will have to cover everything, as part of the reason I reallllllly need to vent, bang my head against every brick wall and exhale somehow.

The repiglicans have way way way tooooo much $money invested, and I'm so terrified there is more than we can see going on. That's too much money not to demand/expect something...which means spending more to get it. I trust them as far as i can throw my car.

NOt that I've gotten paranoid(HA!) but this whole tragedy over some nutcase's film, I even wondered IF some repiglican mind was behind it as a wrench in the machinery. Sorry but after Florida and Al Gore, and then the RNC in MN spending about $38K for their boy Coleman at the Deja Vu girlie club....

Worse, like stated a whole range of rants posted in one place. Last Thursday opened an email at Yahoo, from "USPS", I just had a b-day and thought "wonder if so and so sent something and the USPS is notifying me" I don't really care what the problem is labeled, I do care about the impacts. My nice puter is worthless now, so brought this piece of crap up from the basement, its old, its slow than molasses in winter, AND it doesn't have enough memory to add my printer. Of course on my partial SS I can only afford dial up, and that's slow and irritating enough.

Some days are diamonds, but the last ten days have been feces! For three weeks have had some rediculous allergic reaction for the fifth time this year, the biggest symptom is I look like I've been sucking on a hot tailpipe, its not like chapped lips, its more like a burn. Then the body decided to impede, and that is irritating enough. My favorite retired Pastor told my one good friend if I didn't see a doctor he was going to take me himself...which he did before when I had pneumonia. It gets better, so I call about this Free Clinic in the nearest big town, got paperwork in the mail, and it'll take four to six weeks after it is sent to Little Rock. Its not an emergency medical condition, it is annoying as hell though. THEN the new Pastor joins in, she works as the Chaplain for a hospice group, and wants to take me to see a retired doctor friend of her's that only sees folks in my financial position. Well thanks to something called Udderly Smooth, my face and mouth and lips are healing.
One of the proofs I needed was my income from SS, so I dared to drive my bald tires to SS, and the guy there says "Why aren't you on MedicAid?" Well when working at the school kitchen, hurt so bad feared the back would lock up and I'ld be leaving on a gurney, so went to DHS aka Welfare to apply for MedicAid, only to be told the ONLY way I would qualify is IF I were blind. It is $85 for an office visit to see a doctor, yeah, on $462 a month, like that'll work. I'm three years from full SS and MediCare. It's not been a good month so far.

Plus we started a Neighborhood Watch group here, the Mayor blames me for it happening, and because I was part of one in Mpls, she has made me the temporary chair...groan. Which brings me to another rant, but this one is about why Progressive is incredibly important:
It felt like fifteen minutes after Lar and I signed the 30year mortgage on the house, the GDN and Cript gangsigns started appearing. Yep. I ended up block leader as the real leader has MS and I was her "legs", UNTIL she ended up in the U of M hospital for four months, while the gang activities were amping up.
BUT Mn and Mpls is Progressive. Then City Attorney Amy Klobuchar, our State and County and City gave us poor schmucks tools to combat the hell.
And here I'll add a comment about Sept. 11, my community had spent years in a war zone, drivebys, gang dealers on every corner, hookers at all the bus stops, it just was nuts. Not to mention the ganghouses. ONE of the tools via the Mpls P.D. and Amy Klobuchar were called CIS/Community Impact Statements. These were given to the Judge to read at the time of sentencing after a conviction. It felt like I spent ten years writing CISs. BUT it meant that the sentences were lengthened, not just the revolving door policy that not only the Police resent! IF it weren't for the work of the Progressive minds in Mpls, there would have been more than the 34 homicide vigils I attended with the City Councilperson, whose name is Don Samuels. Don would not go to work, would hold a vigil at the homicide scene and he would fast as well. 34 Vigils in less than 3 years! Think about it. Up until then if there was a field on fire in Hennepin or Ramsey Counties, that would be covered but not the homicide on 26th and Knox. Its true.
THE above is the impacts of Progressive minds and democrats. It gave us who knew terror long before the nation on 9/11, TOOLS. DUers need to be able to really understand why Progressive is so vitally important.

PLUS in the last ten days it seems like nearly everything I've touched I've either broken or screwed up.

Even my sense of humor is shot! The ONE defense mechanism that has made me able to endure and survive, and its lacking.

Now it will take many minutes to upload this post. Lord give me patience but please hurry!

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Mon Sep 17, 2012, 11:14 AM (0 replies)

About 2 a.m. this morning was at a site

i had never been. Have been trying to convince myself that I am adult enough to be able to follow karlrove on Twitter. So after all my rush from Obama's words...see what 'they' were seeing/saying. Oh merciful God in heaven. Choosing to practice liberl and progressive Christianity is easy, living in a world where its constantly under attack by both sides is not.

The vile, angry hatred spewed onto my screen, like a drunk with the heaves. Truly this face fits

NOW I am concerned for the safety of the one person democracy needs in charge Today.
Maybe its cause I never got over JFK and RFK and MLK, or Kent State and this year at UCDAVIS. I don't know if its what my faith is founded upon, but both extremes need to heal. You can't build a bridge if you are building a wall. Sounds like somewhere it will be the middle between the two that will be where bridges are built. It's not me, I don't have that kind of resilience get too hurt too deeply and too easily, its a Joe Biden that could lead this. See it bothers me deeply, when Paul Wellstone ran against Rudy BOSHWITCH, there's Paul with his old green bus and that smile that just melts ice. He began rising in the polls, Professor Wellstone might go to D.C. I don't know if someone said it or I dreamt it, suddenly I feared he would be killed. When that plane went down with he and Sheila and so many, my gut response was :"The Sons of B..... killed him."

Some folks we just can't afford to lose, that our history both future and past are needed for. From what this 16 year old posted, until 2 a.m. I was see the same mindsets, oh its here on DU but not in overwhelming numbers. AND it may be vile but murder doesn't seem to be a focus or intent. Seriously I wonder how many "Stephens" will need to be killed by these "Sauls of Taursus" before the Light blinds them. OF course not having the brains got gave a rock, I posted as much...but was totally ignored. And the second time used Galatians 6:2.

All of us need to find some higher ground, one side a lot more than the other. And there's a good reason, a 16 year's posting.

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Fri Sep 7, 2012, 11:22 AM (0 replies)

Can hardly see, eyes are red and hurt from crying.

I have never ever been so proud of Democrats. It is America, it is what America looks like, it is what America sounds like, what it feels like, what it seeks, what it believes in, and the key is being INCLUSIVE.

See Both sides of my DNA were here before the Mayflower had a passenger list. During that first war with the Brits, one was a teacher, put down his chalk and picked up a musket, and ended up shot in the butt, but was it the log he fell off of? The Pine Tree shilling at the family's foundry. Farmers and Trappers. Mountain Man and some Judges. Heroes and counterfeiters. Drunks dying on railroad tracks, and Bible Thumpers. Family went West with the railroad. Some walked the Trail of Tears. One was so old Iowa would not take him into the Union army, he boot blacked his hair and with two sons went to Missouri, probably had the old folks shakes so bad that they made him a Major Fifer. Spaulden was at the Virginia Colonie with Powhatan, married a daughter to a ship's captain and moved north, ended up in the first volume of Who's Who in America. Gotta love the French, they love everyone. Heinz 57, you name the country its likely in my DNA. One split wood with Abe, and drank at his saloon as well. From Shriners to pickpockets, THAT is America! The Repiglicans forget. The Teabaggers forget WHY that tea got dumped in that harbor. When you see it in print, on a family tree, its hard NOT to be a member of the Democratic Party. There is only ONE I've a question for: WHY did he name it Jackson Hole when they were coming back from a trip to what is now Grass Valley, California?

When someone gets snobbish being an American, I've my genealogy, and I KNOW there's nothing to be a snob about. The newest branch arrived in the mid-late 1800's, guess who are the snobs in Ohio?

Yeah, a liberal progressive democrat fits rather well. Decades of seeing my Party splinter, and lose the message and the elections. Broke my heart more times than puppy loves ever did. BUT This Night, the thing in Charlotte, THIS was the BEST anything could get.

It's not the differences, it the common Unity, and the human caring about each other. It is LOVE your Neighbor as Yourself. It is ALL are created equal. All have a loyalty and a pride and a love for a concept, a government unlike any other.

All of the above is what this first night of the Convention in Charlotte reminded me of. From the time those DAV carried in that flag to Michelle Obama, tears flowed, laughter couldn't be stopped as those tears flowed. THIS is America. I am so proud, and so grateful to have lived to see this day!

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Wed Sep 5, 2012, 12:54 AM (0 replies)

Why I vote for Obama.

The SuperPACs have started their bombardments, even on TheWeatherChannel! Neither party has held a convention yet, and its this prevalent? Groan, many Groans.

Once more, this is the personality of the man I believe we all need in that White House in D.C.
The best thing about spontaneity is its honesty, its human elements of truth and of decency.

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Fri Aug 17, 2012, 05:56 AM (5 replies)

I can promise you it is a rock and a hard place to be both

liberal and Christian. We get it from both sides, and lately my thought has been "that narrow gate spoken of seems to be getting a lot more narrow for someone like me to try to enter by".

jeff47 I can not preach to you, the best I can do is suggest you find a newer translation of the training manual and go to that second half and digest the words with your own understanding. There's 180 degrees between what the conservatives loudly say, and what the training manual says. There is one thing to take notice of in reading the Four Gospels, who the thorn is in Yeshua's side- and to me in THIS day those thorns are found yelling at non-Christians. But they are equal-opportunity self righteous, they don't like Liberal/Progressive Christians either- we've "lost our way".

I have most of the translations/versions of the training manual, but have a preference for the Jerusalem Bible, I did not know it was banned in 1968 in the US and Canada when it became my choice. Yeah, I'll explain this choice: In Exodus the Creator gives a name to Moses for when he goes back to the "slaves" he's about to lead through the wilderness for 40 years. The Jewish feel the name is too sacred to be spoken. BUT in my addled brain: its like there is a football hall of fame, and a god hall of fame, so to clarify which god I believe IS GOD, I use and prefer to read that name when I study and try to understand that Book. "Yhwh" "I am that I am". The Jerusalem Bible uses the name. Plus the translation is more geared to my level of intelligence. There is also versions that include the Acrophya/ non canonical(excluded from the "Book", one of these is Esdras II. One of the keys that still stuns me is that it was believed the Christ would be a military leader and be the Hero that blessed the Jewish people. What came instead was a Leader who practiced love and set an example, plus opened up that it was not just those of Jewish heritage to be told. St. Paul had his reasons, but he wasn't part of those who wrote the Four Gospels, though most of his writings are wonderful and graceful, the words that are where our "example" comes from are in those first four.

Don't think I think I know it all, because there are places and words and ideas and concepts I will struggle with forever I fear. Like the Nephilim. Duh???? Another that still makes me cringe is: Okay the real reason I found my rear in the Lutheran School was because the State of California decided it would teach sight-reading over phonetics. So the number of times I read Genesis about Eve and the serpent and the fruit is beyond counting. Years and years worth. One day a few years ago I'm reading the same verses again, only THIS time- I realilzed "I'm just like Eve, naive, gullible...I am EVE." I am "easily deceived", what this did was make me more neurotic about having truth, truth being eternal not temporary.

Life is an adventure. Finding your own Soul is also an adventure, a becoming aware. Some may never feel the need to, then there are those like myself who lust after understandings.
Do I not believe in the Big Bang, dunno, wasn't there. BUT still believe even the Big Bang came from Intelligence. If there is any logic to this it has to do with what I believe are creations from Intelligent Design. The variety, be it birds; minerals; and my favorite wonders are the tastes and smells of what the earth produces. I AM easily amused, but HOW did the taste of a peach, lemon, apple, almond, walnut, watermelon, zucchini came to be separate from each other?

Okay I've blathered on too long. So I'll close with this: There is a perfectly sound reason that the Creator wants one-to-one relationships, wants it personal not as a collective. In the end it may be where the Conservatives can't see the forest for all the trees.

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Tue Aug 14, 2012, 06:44 AM (1 replies)

As a liberal Christian, arguing with a Fundie is a lot like arguing with a drunk.

First they cannot comprehend that anyone would dare to think, second just as the church leaders in the days of Yeshua/Jesus would do, they feel some unwritten right to be the supreme authority. What is stunning is they can quote the words in red letters, then in the next breath spout cruel condemnations to anyone for just about any reason. Of course my only recourse is to "gently" remind them about the Guttenberg press and Marty/"take on the Vatican"/ Luther who translated the works into their language so ALL could read it. It doesn't always end the anger or rhetoric, but what it usually does is force the other person to start "Well for me...."

A while back I was fired up about the hatred spewed from the Fundie pulpits to which our new pastor said "They have simply forgotten WHOSE Table it is they sit at."

STILL I will admit this openly and freely and often: I see more decency, compassion and efforts by those who deny Christianity than is often seen among those who preach these things and forget how to do them for the sake of self-righteousness.

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Mon Aug 13, 2012, 09:16 AM (1 replies)

Your words are well taken.

Just wondering, up 'til I came across a copy of Rand's "For The New Intellectual", I really had trouble understanding Ayn Rand. She was crammed down our throats in a 1977 English 1A course by a Jesuit, who became my mentor. Still Rand was hard to take, there was just something ungood, with all the precise logic, something wasn't right. So not being quick or intellectual, I had to keep reading her works.

I knew Greenspan to be her "protege". And I know precisely where I was and exactly what I was doing when he became head of the FRB. That same Jesuit had assigned me the topic of my semester research, the FRB. Which ended me being on the JohnBirch mailing list for three years, not someplace a liberal democrat is ever happy about. So-suddenly the names Rand; Greenspan and FRB all being in the same place many years later was shocking.

Did you ever read "the new intellectual"?
Posted by turtlerescue1 | Sun Aug 12, 2012, 09:56 AM (1 replies)

Get out that VOTE!

The only things that combat false rhetoric are Truth, compassion/empathy and things that reflect our common unity/community. We can work at our local levels in areas that keep these items as central focus.

What IMO is needed most, and I'ld have to be a rock to not understand the masses of humans who have deep hatred and disgust of what Fundie. efforts have produced. It is both very disheartening and very disgusting for a liberal Christian to realize. I WISH we had a liberal Christian channel, one that teaches those words in red letters in the training manual.
Most of the Fundie followers I know are as dirt poor as myself, but they get some kind of boost to their spirituality from Knowing there are channels just for them as "Christians". So its the messages and rhetoric that is influencing them, by "false teachers". They truly believe they are living out in this life what the training manual teaches, as they sit there and tell me all the hypocrisy and falsehoods being spewed. Yes, I do write raving emails to these "leaders", They KNOW what they are doing and that is the point of my outrage. IF we had one channel that focused on the meanings of those words in red letters, likely it would reduce the numbers listening to what can only be called "blasphemies". (And as an ELCA, I do not use that word often).

I realize how dumb my words sound, but here is a little mental picture I can't seem to get rid of-
At the intended stoning of the adulteress: The large crowd is standing around with their "weapons" ready. Instead of a Fundie saying "Let ye who is without sin cast the First stone", they are urging the stones be thrown. Not quite the intent that was meant.

Since we have no path to change/alter what has and is going on at those religious channels, the smartest thing we can do is Get out that Vote.
Posted by turtlerescue1 | Sat Jul 14, 2012, 11:45 AM (1 replies)

((((((((((hug hug hug hug hug))))))))))

Posted by turtlerescue1 | Tue Jul 10, 2012, 10:36 PM (0 replies)

UPDATE- fire controlled about midnight!

Neighbor, fire crew, just said they got it down about midnight, now he's off to go fishing.

Just read the "Forum purpose:" I apologize, my post would go against "No drama.", but this old woman was pretty shook.

Blame the Mayor, she's the one who called asking to seek prayers for the safety of our volunteer firefighters!


I sure didn't sleep well, its not the fear as much as being unable to do anything. Sadly I have such a pre occupation with the number of rattlesnakes and copperheads in the woods I wouldn't be much use on a fireline.

Am off to see where exactly the burned area is, Saturdays I clean the church-will have a little something extra to do in the chapel area today.

THANKS again. Its our 12th day of triple digits, and TWC sent out heat alerts for tomorrow as well, only 101 and only will feel like 103...AGAIN.
Posted by turtlerescue1 | Sat Jul 7, 2012, 11:18 AM (8 replies)
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