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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 08:30 AM
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My Dogs & I This Past Summer

I just figured out how to share photos, so I thought I'd share my pups with this group. The big guy on my right is Cash. Full German Shepard coming in at about 110lbs and 8yrs old. The one on my right is Tre (or TreDawg as we are apt to call him) sitting at about 75lbs and 5yrs old. They bring a special joy to our lives.

Oh, and the cat..he's Butters (Mr. Butters) to strangers, lol. Wife and I found him as we were leaving a bar one night. He hopped right in our car. We took him home and the next day asked around the neighborhood about him. He was a stray. A lil beat up but otherwise in good health. He won't let anyone touch him unless the wife & I are around. Strange guy. But he's wonderful.

Thanks for reading this, folks. I enjoy reading this forum.


60 Minutes & The Lost Boys of Sudan: 12 Years Later

If you didn't catch tonight's episode, I highly suggest checking it out on YouTube or CBS.com. It was amazing, heartwarming, sad..... all types of emotional. What these boys/men went thru & seeing their discovery of American culture. And how we live. Makes ya think. Sorry I don't have any links. I never started a thread before. I'm kinda more of a lurker. I just wanted to suggest it if someone may have missed it.
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