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Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2012, 08:30 AM
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35 Years Later My Father Reaches Out.

Last week was 35 years on Earth. Short time to some but it's been a bit of a haul for me. I celebrated it as I like to do. Low key. My wife makes me a pie because I hate cake and we usually have a quiet dinner at home. I had keylime pie this year and it was so freaking good...crumbly graham cracker crust..omg.

And midway thru the day I saw a Facebook notification from my deadbeat dad. A friend request. He divorced my mother 33 years ago and aside from a phone call and a Christmas present when I was 5, I've heard nothing from the man. Not a dime. Not a letter. Nothing. We lived in NY and he started a new family in Tx.

My default position is always this. My Mom did a great job raising me and I'm a better man for it. She's proud of me & I make sure to give all credit to her. It was hard for her raising us alone. Unfair & difficult. But as a kid I just wanted a Dad, ya know? I wanted to have that connection that I saw on tv or at a friends house. It made me angry & sad that he wanted nothing to so with me. His only son.

So I denied his friend request. Fuck him. 35 years late. I'm not interested in him. His one gift to me is that I know if I have I child, he will be loved.

The Bullying Experiment.

Found this on my Facebook feed this afternoon. I thought it was interesting & thought I'd bring it here.


I've been on the receiving end of a beating and someone stepped up to help. Saved me from a trip to the hospital. And I'm glad to have had the opportunity to return the favor to another in need.

When Good Guys Do Good Things.

My wife came came home with a story about one of her employees, "Jane".

Jane is a 25 year old female who went out to party on NYE. And around 230 am she left the bar & started walking home. She lived roughly 2miles away. We live just outside of a college town here in NY. Its a walk she has taken many times.

On this night/morning she was very drunk. So drunk that as she walked thru a park she slipped and fell to her hands & knees. She was wearing a skirt and high heels with a "puffy" jacket. It was below freezing that night too.

She couldn't get up. She told my wife she was cold, drunk, and completely disoriented. After a bit of time passed, she began yelling at the top of her lungs for help. Over and over. A truck stopped and 2 guys got out. They asked her what was wrong and if they could help. She was unable to get up without help. These unknown guys carried her to her truck. Got her address and took her home. Carried her inside and put her on her couch. They then left & locked the door on the way out.

This is what her legs looked like the next day.

The Dr said it was a combo of frostbite & bruising.

I hear this story and I wonder how many other guys have done such good deeds and get little to no attention or gratitude. This story is not here to refute some of the harsher things guys have done to women. Just to show another side maybe. I mean how many of these threads about how guys suck are posted at DU? Lots. And I'll wager some would think I'm posting it as bait. That's why it's here in this forum. Some of you guys post tirelessly to point out that men are valuable to society and broad brush attacks of us suck. It's annoying. So thanks. And thanks to those guys who did that solid for "Jane". And to the many others out there who go unnoticed.

The picture was given to me by "Jane". I don't know if posting it is against some sorta rule. If so, please advise & ill edit immediately.
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