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Anyone here familiar with pistol permits in NY?

Specifically in Upstate. Here's the situation... I'm looking to get a new job at a nuke plant as a guard. And I'll need a pistol permit to do so. I grabbed the application for my pistol permit and have my references. It seems pretty straightforward except where it wants me to check a box for the following:

1-carry concealed
2-possess on premises
3-possess/carry during employment

I'm assuming if I want it just for the job, I choose 3. But what if I'd like to get my carry concealed? If I check that box and it gets denied, do I not get a permit at all? And if I choose option 3 do I have to go through this process again someday if I do want to pursue the option of concealed carry?

And I don't have the job yet. I have yet to apply, though I've gotten assurances it's very likely, I have a clean record & am a vet. They ask why it's required, so do I just write down its for future employment?

Needless to say, just getting the permit is what's important. And I'm ok with just that. There's a bunch of Qs and I'd be thankful for any advice. I'll prolly head to the county clerks office to ask them the same questions but I'm outta town currently so I thought I'd ask here.

Thanks in advance.
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