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Member since: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 07:50 PM
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[Island of] Kauai warden sexually traumatized women inmates

I feel ill....appalled, angry and sick to my stomach. From Hawaii News Now:

Two federal court lawsuits alleged that a Kauai prison warden forced female prisoners to watch violent pornography and confess their darkest sexual secrets in front of male prisoners.

The lawsuits, filed on behalf of an ex-inmate and a former prison social worker, said the Kauai warden -- Neal Wagatsuma -- used the public sexual shamings as part of a treatment program for prisoners. But experts said the alleged behavior doesn't fit into any prescribed prison rehabilitation plan.

"You have a sorta voyeuristic set of individuals running a pseudo-therapeutic intervention," said University of Hawaii criminologist and women's studies professor Meda Chesney Lind. "That's a recipe for disaster." Kat Brady, coordinator for the Community Alliance on Prisons added: "It's just unconscionable. It's not only against all best practices but it's against morality," she said. "Why would you do something like that to somebody who has been hurt?"

The complaints also allege that female inmates were filmed as they talked about how they were sexually abused in the past. Former prison social worker Carolyn Ritchie said she tried to report the abuses but was retaliated against and was forced to leave her job.

Farm Bill passed yesterday includes "Intern'l Food Aid" - WTF

They are cutting SNAP benefits and snatching school lunches from children but add tax dollars for "international food aid". No one is questioning that international food aid is needed. Food aid, however, is sorely needed here as well. WTF???

The 1st lawsuits have been filed against the Kauai Island GMO bill

RECAP: All the bill does is require the seed companies (DuPont, Monsanto, Syngenta, BSAF, Pioneer, etc) (i) disclose WHAT they are spraying; (ii) WHEN they spray with 48 hours notice prior to spraying; and (iii) have a no-spray buffer zone of 100 ft (reduced from 500 ft) from schools, business, homes, people.

All of the companies above have jointly filed a lawsuit to stop implementation of the bill. The bill is reasonable and well written. The companies have poured money into the reelection accounts of the Kauai Mayor (vetoed the bill - County counsel over-rode the veto) and the Governor (spoke against the bill) and both are Democrats.

Attorneys have agreed to defend the County of Kauai pro bono. Keep good positive thought coming. If the lawsuit gets booted up to Federal Court the Island Kauai County has no chance against the current US Supreme Court. So much for State's rights.

Has anyone seen a post from MadamSilverSpurs?

I always enjoy her posts and haven't seen anything in days. MadamSilverHeels? OMG did I get the name wrong?

OMG the Big Island Of Hawaii just passed it's GMO Bill

OMG GMO Bill 113 Passed!


WOOHOO! WE DID IT! BILL #113 has passed the final reading by the full council. The bill will now go to our honorable Mayor Billy Kenoi who has 10 business days to uphold the will of the people and the Hawai`i County Council or to veto the bill sending it back to the
council for further consideration.

We ask for your continued support on the following two items: Write a letter to thank our councilmembers for protecting the health and preservation of our community and protection of Hawai's agricultural lands, encourage our Mayor Billy Kenoi to sign Bill 113 into law.

See livestream with Occupy Hilo (http://www.livestream.com/occupyhilo)

A slap at Eric Cantor?

Am I the only one who see the Dem victories in Virginia as a slap at Eric Cantor and his scorch the earth and bayonet the wounded policies? Forgive me if this has already been posted...I've been off line a few days.

Thought DU would like to see a friend's experience w/ ACA website

Her email....

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about as far as website was concerned. I just went to the site, got in immediately, went to sign in once from California (a state that has its own system) and once from Delaware (where one has to use the federal website) and, interestingly enough, I got all the way to "ready to enroll?" without a Single hiccup. It worked beautifully for me. Hmmmmmmmm.

Help re Ghostery

Someone on DU posted a link to Ghostery - which I really liked. Windows has somehow deleted it and I CANNOT get it re-installed or windows has blocked the re-install. The prompt says it's installed, but the "blue ghost" does not appear and ads are popping up everywhere. Arrrrrrgh....

Is there someone here who can help me?

!!! Please help Kauai County complete its GMO Bill 2491 !!!

The Bill was passed by the County County Council 6-1 and is currently awaiting the signature of the Mayor of Kauai. If the bill is not signed by the end of October is goes away. If vetoed, the Council has enough votes to override a veto.

Kauai is a small island attempting to protect itself from a huge GMO industry presence by protecting the people, land, ocean life & reefs from runoff. PLEASE help us by RESPECTFULLY urging the Mayor Carvalho to sign the bill via email at mayor@kauai.gov or phone at 808.241-4900. Please no bombastic, mean, nasty or expletive filled messages - they are counterproductive.

The bill is VERY reasonable. It does not prohibit GMO. It requires GMO seed companies (BSAF, Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, Syngenta, etc) to (1) disclose what they are spraying (2) notify the public when they plan to spray; and (3) prohibit spraying within 100 feet of people, business, schools, etc. The opposition from the seed companies was and is enormous with outlandish claims of prohibiting their ability to grow GMO ("Don't say No to GMO", Know GMO before you say No, etc). Their employees were paid to attend hearings, protest, and provided signs to post.

There is one local attorney against a small army of attorneys from the mainland for the GMO companies to pressure anyone who supports the bill. A few groups have tentatively offered to defend the anticipated lawsuits for free.

Mahalo for your help and support.

Is it OK to post a request for help in contacting

the Kauai Mayor to sign the Bill passed 6-1 at the country council level and awaiting the Mayor's signature. Prior to the vote, the mayor asked the council to postpone the vote (he's up for reelection).

The bill is VERY reasonable. It requires GMO seed companies (BSAF, Monsanto, Dow, Pioneer, Syngenta, etc) to (1) disclose what they are spraying (ii) notify the public when they plan to spray; and (iii) prohibit spraying within 100 feet of people, business, schools, etc. It does not prohibit the growing of GMO. The opposition from the seed companies is HUGE without outlandish claims of prohibiting their ability to grow GMO ("Don't say No to GMO", etc) with a small army of attorney's on island to pressure the Mayor. As I said, he's up for reelection.

Kauai is a small island attempting to take on the huge GMO industry by protecting the people, land, ocean life and reefs. IS it acceptable to ask DUer's to email, call etc the Mayor voicing support and urging him to sign the bill?
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