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Member since: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 544

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You win Bernie Supporters...

I'm outta here. After - I can't remember how many years here - I had a post voted down because I dared to dissent.

When did common courtesy go out of style?

I must have missed the memo.

When did terse, curt, and mean belligerence become the norm for communicating?

Why is the cult of personality in the 10 second news cycle more important than consistent integrity and ethics?

And why are those with with minimal intellect and a smidgeon of authority the worst offenders?

Why can't we be civil and courtesy to one another?

A Note to Ben Carson who said a Muslim shouldn't be president...

Perhaps you should address Huckabee's comment about Dred Scott being the law of the land which would prohibit YOU, Ben Carson, from being president.

It was also said Jack Kennedy could never win because he was Catholic. If one lives long enough...

Thomas Paine on Religion in The Rights of Man

Persecution is not an original feature of any religion, but is always the strongly marked feature of...religions established by law. Take away the law establishment and every religion resumes its original benignity.

I think this is particularly apt today when government officials want to enact laws based on their particular religion or subject the public to the laws to their religion.

Sinclair Lewis: "When Fascism comes to America...

it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross". This sticks in my mind watching Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and her supporters in the GOP.

Note: although this quote is often attributed to Sinclair Lewis but the source has not been confirmed

I wonder how Donald Trump would react if someone made comments about HIS daughters

like those he made about Rosie O'Donnell and Meghan Kelly.

I can't wait to see Donald Trump and Chris Christie debate

It should be great fun to watch.

EDIT: Originally posted in GD-Primaries and locked down. Reposted here.

I cannot wait to see Donald Trump and Chris Christie debate

Should be a great fun to watch.....

Any Dog Trainers here???

I have a 11 mo old large puppy (part lab, part pit, part black mouth cur, part wonder dog - we wonder what she is).

Someone dumped her in a shopping center parking lot and of course sucker here picked her up with the intention of taking her to the humane society the next day. HAH!

ISSUE: She's very good; sweet, gets along with the old cat not a mean bone anywhere and well mannered - EXCEPT when someone comes to the house. Then she gets hyper excited and goes completely batshit crazy. She so good in every other way except this.

She's OVERLY social - loves people!! Most dog training speaks to "anti" social dogs.
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