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Member since: Fri Jul 27, 2012, 04:27 PM
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NRA shill Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press today. The lowest of the low has been reached.


After his supposed "Press Conference" was not open for questions he spewed more blame for gun violence on everything but the guns themselves. There was a time that MTP was somewhat acceptable but no more. Giving this highly paid & dishonest glorified lobbyist ANY AIR TIME while kids are still being buried goes beyond despicable! Shame on them. Just wanted to see if we as a group let them.know that the insensitivity, combined with what will be a hard holiday as is for those in Newtown, as well as all over the country. It is a disgrace that David Gregory or whomever allowed this lobbying shill for the gun manufacturers to be a featured guest on your air. David Gregory should be replaced as managing editor. NBC & MTP apparently truly have no class & no shame. I don't always agree with the format on MTP, but this is the last straw. I don't know how they sleep at night. This is distressing. PLEASE, if you agree with this let them know.

Read more: Link to source

After the holidays remind her about people like Cory Booker, or that CC vetoed "same sex marriage"

That should make her blood boil....(chuckle) Sorry about work situation, glad you got to stand by your beliefs.

Side note/question...is it the overall consensus that VP Biden isn't going to run himself, or do y'all think if Sec Clinton wants to run, it's hers for the taking? Just curious to see where folks are in this whole thing. I love them both, just was wondering...DU is the best place see what ppl think.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, & warm holiday season & a better year than the last for you & yours.

Daily Kos shows Mitt is inextricably linked to 47%

Source: The Daily Kos

Daily Kos 47% watch.

No link yet.

The final total of all votes has come in and according to the Daily Kos' founder, Markos, in the popular vote totals Mitt Romney got 47.53% of the popular vote which rounds down to 47%!

The President met with Gen. Petraeus yesterday; leaves one thinking that perhaps he was given time..

to make his decision.

The President's statement was glowing in regards to his service to the country. Our President is a class act.(IMO)

David Petraeus has provided extraordinary service to the United States for decades...As Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he has continued to serve with characteristic intellectual rigor, dedication, and patriotism. By any measure, through his lifetime of service David Petraeus has made our country safer and stronger. Today I accepted resignation as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. I an completely confident that the CIA will continue to thrive and carry out its essential mission.

Time for him to shut that whole thing down!

Yay Claire WoooHooo*~*~*~

@rapeypityparty4akin&mourdoch call wahhhmbulance.


The Boss & Bon Jovi (and others) will be raising $$$ for victims of "Sandy". NBC & MSNBC will be showing it @ 8 & 11 PM tonight. Check local channels online because DISH guide doesn't show programming change.

I still think we are going to make inroads to the house.

A lot of congressman of the (r) persuasion have run for the Senate & many will lose. That means we will have congressional races with NO incumbent. Our district was redrawn so anyone living in CA41st vote for (D) MARK TAKANO for congress! His opponent is a jackass. We used to have Sonny Bono's widow until they redrew our district. She has since married Connie Mack's son who is currently running for the Senate in FL. He was in Congress for awhile and is losing handily to Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. This is the same for many tea bagger congressmen who decided to run for senate. Toad can you hear me?

We may not take the house but it it's going to be close which bodes well for the future. Ya never know who might compromise when it's neck in neck.


Secretaries of States...do not forget how important those races are to keep voter rolls honest!

We must stress the need for everyone to pay attention to state elections. The fact that any Governor may want to purge or suppress voters is now becoming solely a repuklican way to win an election. This cannot happen as effortlessly as we've seen when there are democratic or independent Secretaries of State to keep these voter ID laws from infecting the elections by keeping those from exercising their right to vote!


winning more house/senate/governorships

Awesome post, brilliantly composed & perhaps will influence someone you'd have thought it wouldn't.

I really appreciated being able to read your post and I will keep it for my own counsel as well. I will attempt to pass these thoughts along if the time is right.

What always seems to be conflicting when it comes to this subject inparticular is that most people who are in favor of the "death penalty" are against abortion. Pro-life & pro-death? Doesn't make sense to me, but to them, it does. k&r

Wasn't there something re: Staples stock undervalued in his campaign manager's divorce case?

He testified in his longtime friend & business buddy's divorce re: stock value less than market estimates. (public record for the most part ) The thing is...if my memory serves me...like a month or so after this divorce was settled, Staples went public. (the shares were worth much more then)

I hope it is something about his blatant dishonesty whether it's about his taxes, his history with women as Bishop in the LDS, or perhaps something to do with an illegal act be it perjury or financial scheming.

As far as Bollocks Trump is concerned it's a tie between ratings grabber for CA, or just something he thinks will distract ppl from whatever GA is presenting to be unsealed.

I won't get my hopes up. Could it be an ctober surprise? (in the best of ways)
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