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Member since: Tue Jul 31, 2012, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 19,877

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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

Journal Archives

Current pledged delegate count: Hillary +221

Gotta love when a "good night for Bernie" still results in Hillary winning more delegates and popular vote than Bernie. With Dems allocating delegates evenly, this means Bernie will have to win 55% of all remaining delegates in every state, plus the superdels. Nearly impossible.

Forward 2016!

UPDATED: Hillary won 4 additional delegates overnight in Northern Mariana Islands.

Tad Devine has some thoughts about super-delegates.

From NPR 2008

LOL. Ummm...No one asked you to, Bernie.

Its time to end the caucuses.

What an absolute chaotic disaster. Long lines, voter suppression, time consuming process.

Im so glad we have primaries in NY. Judging by the times these caucuses take place, I would literally not be able to participate. As it is now, I have to vote on my lunch break.

Caucuses are awful. Imagine being elderly, disabled, or just someone who has things going on in their life that can't make room for these hours-long process.

Primaries > caucuses.

Report: Bernie Sanders proposes $15T in tax increases, hitting most taxpayers .

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed $15.3 trillion in tax increases, according to a new report, and would raise rates on virtually everyone, including the politically all-important middle class.

Not surprisingly for a candidate who has made income inequality his central issue, Sanders’s plan would wallop the rich, an analysis released Friday by the Tax Policy Center shows.

The top 0.1 percent would see their tax bills go up by more than $3 million, the report said, which would cut their after-tax incomes by almost half.

But Sanders, going where few politicians dare, would also raise taxes on middle- and low-income families, with those in the dead center of the income spectrum facing a $4,700 tax increase. That would reduce their after-tax incomes by 8.5 percent, the report said.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/bernie-sanders-tax-increases-220267#ixzz41xbGl1Yw

ETA: The funniest part about thread responses are that BERNIE ADMITTED MIDDLE CLASS TAXES WILL GO UP. Some of you just arent hearing it though.


Does Anyone Else Find It Odd That...

The candidate who is calling for a political revolution, and who says change doesnt happen from the top down, has yet to raise any money for downticket races (the revolution), meaning anything that could possibly be done without the help of Congress would have to be done top down?

How do Bernie fans feel about this? Is the revolution only about electing one person, or is the revolution about taking back our govt via downticket races so we can make actual progress?


Reality: Bill Clinton created 25 million jobs. Longest stretch of peacetime in US history. Lowest black unemployment rate in US history. Nominated the 2 most liberal justices in US history. Raised taxes on the rich. And handed over a budget surplus.

Seriously guys, if everyone must pass a purity test, no one will. He was a southern Democrat in the 90s who had to claw back power from 12 years of Republican rule during the height of the conservative revolution. What were ya'll expecting, an ultra progressive warrior?

Its 2016.

Security Logs of Hillary Clinton’s Email Server Are Said to Show No Evidence of Hacking

WASHINGTON — A former aide to Hillary Clinton has turned over to the F.B.I.computer security logs from Mrs. Clinton’s private server, records that showed no evidence of foreign hacking, according to people close to a federal investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails.

The security logs bolster Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that her use of a personal email account to conduct State Department business while she was the secretary of state did not put American secrets into the hands of hackers or foreign governments. The former aide, Bryan Pagliano, began cooperating with federal agents last fall, according to interviews with a federal law enforcement official and others close to the case. Mr. Pagliano described how he set up the server in Mrs. Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and according to two of the people, he provided agents the security logs. The law enforcement official described the interview as routine. Most of those close to the case spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the continuing investigation.

Mrs. Clinton’s work-related emails as secretary of state, which have been made public as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, show that she received spam emails intended to try to lure her into clicking a malicious link. Those emails, known as “spear phishing” attempts, weretraced to Russia, but it was not clear from the emails alone whether anyone clicked on those links or whether the security was compromised.

Mr. Pagliano told the agents that nothing in his security logs suggested that any intrusion occurred. Security logs keep track of, among other things, who accessed the network and when. They are not definitive, and forensic experts can sometimes spot sophisticated hacking that is not apparent in the logs, but computer security experts view logs as key documents when detecting hackers.

Link: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/03/04/us/politics/security-logs-of-hillary-clintons-email-server-are-said-to-show-no-evidence-of-hacking.html?smid=tw-nytpolitics&smtyp=cur&_r=0&referer=https://t.co/9pJNpWFNd8

Meanwhile, actual State Dept servers get hacked routinely.

The best analysis yet of Hillary Clinton’s tax proposals

Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would raise $1.1 trillion over the next decade, with nearly 80 percent coming from the top 1 percent of Americans, a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center shows.

Raise middle class wages, not middle class taxes:

Can someone explain to me the intersectionality between...

Current Progressivism and tangible concern for the issues, and the current Bernie Or Bust campaign (apparently a petition going around)? Im very confused how they intertwine and/or overlap.

Is Bernie or Bust just a bunch of rabble rousers or is this current progressive groupthink? If so, what is the intersection between tangible concern for issues and Bernie or Bust?

Personally I think the Dem base will unite.
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