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Profile Information

Name: Defacto7
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Portland, OR
Home country: not sure anymore
Current location: depends on which proxy I'm using
Member since: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 01:44 AM
Number of posts: 13,485

About Me

Humanist, Classical musician, Linux hack, Liberal, Cosmology enthusiast, Refuse resurrectionist, Living with you in purgatory

Journal Archives

Thinking abstractly and globally

becomes such a chore when a person is spoon fed a two dimensional reality pre-packaged and served without the slightest effort on our part.. hourly, daily, yearly.. When life can be spun with authority and spoken entertainingly by someone who sounds just like a "real" person, who acts like they've been in the same trenches with you, it's such a relief. As they explain so simply, you're not alone in this big evil liberal world.
It's so much easier to know all the answers instantly. Just add void and stir.

Thank you dixiegrrrrl.

Thanks for being one of those who feel the sorrow. There seem to be less and less who understand the magitude of what we are loosing. It's a book older than civilization and older than these magificent life forms. And it tells the the story, paints the pictures and sears them into our collective memories with the warning that without unity with the earth we too will pass into oblivion as if we had never existed. But the mark we'll leave will be named destruction then forgotten.

I am deeply hurt by all this and these pictures will be buned into my heart for the rest of my life. I know that upper back country better than the maps. It was my birth, my passion, my life, my family and it will be my end.

What's it worth?

Is a human life worth more than the memories of millions or the natural wonder of a thousand years or the habitat of animals who are innocent of the human stupidity they suffer or the only real inheritance we could have given to our children's children's children? I think not.

To me, this is a milestone in the destruction of the planet. The earth is dying... and no human is worth that. May we all die off so the earth can resuscitate itself. We have done enough damage. We are the virus and we are killing our host with the stupid we have produced.

I am digusted with the human race.

I have nothing else to offer it.
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