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redstatebluegirl's Journal
redstatebluegirl's Journal
March 12, 2013

Attwood Illinois little league to raffle AK-15 Rifle

I do not have a link, my sister just emailed me this was happening. How nuts is this????

March 1, 2013

Remember the phrase "it's the economy stupid" well

democrats need to remember "it's the state races stupid". I hear all of the angst on this board about the national issues, but a lot of these began in the state house and the hollering about state rights. If we can purge the state houses and governor's mansions of these right wing republicans we can do something about this mess upstream!

I know I keep harping at this, but it is IMPORTANT!!!!!!

February 28, 2013

Remember the Cosby Show with Theo and the Monopoly Money?

Maybe what these silly republicans need is someone do what Dr. Cosby did to his son Theo. Hand them what you bring home on minimum wage and then start taking out basic living, rent, food, healthcare, gas, utilities. My guess is they would run out of cash at food.

These folks never lived on minimum wage so they don't get it. I don't anymore, but I see people who do and see how they struggle. Hell good sense tells you you can't live on that. Do these guys even go to the grocery store or the drug store? Do they know how much rent is?

February 25, 2013

Democrats and Republicans Priorities

My grandfather used to say Republicans and Democrats spend the same amount of money on government. The difference is Democrats spend it to take care of others, Republicans spend it to take care of themselves.

February 19, 2013

We need to worry about State elections not the national ones!

I have posted this on a couple of things today, the one about Oklahoma and evolution, now North Dakota has passed a personhood bill.

People are conditioned to vote in large numbers in the national elections due to all the publicity attached. While we watch those elections with anticipation, the republicans are filling our state legislatures with nutcases. Not just the state legislature, I went to town council meeting last week and met two tea party nutcases who have been elected. They were stupid and asked dumb questions but they have two votes and chair a couple of committees.

It is being done so quietly. The republican plan is to pack the states with these people and dilute the power of the federal government through state rights. We must be vigilant, we must impress upon people how important ALL ELECTIONS are if we want to see issues important to us go forward.

All elections, school board, county commissioner, dog catcher all of them! As I have posted before, my Dad always told me that local elections were more important because they can mess with your life more than the national elections.

Wake up America, your democracy is being stolen, one small election at a time.

February 19, 2013

Has there been any comment from the right about Hubris?

I know nothing was said on Morning Joe this morning...

February 13, 2013

The heart idea is wonderful!

Having only been in this community for a short time, getting three hearts means alot to me. What a great idea to raise funds in an online community. Thanks DU!

February 12, 2013

Gunman on the Illinois State University campus in Normal Illinois

whole campus on lockdown. Suspect last seen near Waterson Towers a large high rise campus residence hall. This stuff is crazy!

February 12, 2013

You know things are messed up when

a school board election revolves around guns. This is just crazy! In our school district we have been getting robo calls (that in itself is nuts for a school board election) from a guy who supports arming teachers as well as staff in our schools. I would never have thought this issue would get down to school board elections, how nuts is that???????

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