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Trump accuses New York hospitals of 'hoarding' masks and ventilators without evidence

Source: raw story

Published 1 min ago on March 29, 2020

President Donald Trump went off on a rant accusing hospitals, doctors and nurses of hoarding equipment and intentionally exaggerating the things they need.

Speaking in the Rose Garden Sunday, Trump asked, “How do you go from 10 to 20 to 300,000 masks? Where are the masks going, are they going out the backdoor?”


“They have to look into that in New York,” Trump said, noting that he heard they went from 10,000 masks to 300,000 masks.
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“I’m I don’t think it’s hoarding, it’s maybe worse than hoarding,” Trump said.

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/trump-accuses-new-york-hospitals-of-lying-about-ventilators-and-masks-theyre-using/

what an asshole!!

'Off The Charts': Coronavirus Hot Spots Grow In Midwest

03/28/2020 11:27 pm ET Updated 16 hours ago

‘Off The Charts’: Coronavirus Hot Spots Grow In Midwest

The spread of COVID-19 is making its way into big cities like Detroit and Chicago along with small, rural towns.
Kat Stafford and Martha Irvine


DETROIT (AP) — The coronavirus continued its unrelenting spread across the United States with fatalities doubling in two days and authorities saying Saturday that an infant who tested positive had died. It pummeled big cities like New York, Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago, and made its way, too, into rural America as hotspots erupted in small Midwestern towns and Rocky Mountain ski havens.

Elsewhere, Russia announced a full border closure while in parts of Africa, pandemic prevention measures took a violent turn, with Kenyan police firing tear gas and officers elsewhere seen on video hitting people with batons.

Worldwide infections surpassed the 660,000 mark with more than 30,000 deaths as new cases also stacked up quickly in Europe, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. leads the world in reported cases with more than 120,000. Confirmed deaths surpassed 2,000 on Saturday, twice the number just two days before, highlighting how quickly infections are escalating. Still, five countries have higher death tolls: Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France. Italy has more than 10,000 deaths, the most of any country.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Saturday that an infant with COVID-19 died in Chicago and the cause of death is under investigation. Officials didn’t release other information, including whether the child had other health issues.

“If you haven’t been paying attention, maybe this is your wake-up call,” said Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike.

New York remained the worst-hit U.S. city. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said defeating the virus will take “weeks and weeks and weeks.” The U.N. donated 250,000 face masks to the city, and Cuomo delayed the state’s presidential primary from April 28 to June 23........................................


Biden to Trump: 'Stop thinking out loud'

I do see Trumps blabbering as thinking, but whatever.

Biden to Trump: 'Stop thinking out loud'

Biden urged the president to focus on implementing the stimulus package signed into law on Friday.


By KAMRAN RAHMAN 03/29/2020 12:34 PM EDT

Joe Biden urged President Donald Trump on Sunday to “stop thinking out loud and start thinking deeply” about his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Look, the coronavirus is not the president fault, but the slow response, the failure to get going right away, the inability to do the things that needed to be done quickly — they are things that can’t continue,” the former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”


Biden, appearing on NBC from a make-shift TV studio in his Delaware home, criticized the president’s messaging during the coronavirus crisis, urging him to focus on implementing the stimulus package that he signed into law on Friday.

"He should stop thinking out loud and start thinking deeply," Biden said. "He should start listening to the scientists before he speaks. He should listen to the health experts. He should listen to his economists”

Tapper: "...are you saying his [Trumps] downplaying ultimately costs lives?" Pelosi "Yes I am.....

Pelosi said it straight. Now the RW is sputtering.

Aaron Rupar @atrupar
TAPPER: When you say Trump’s denial was deadly, are you saying his downplaying ultimately costs lives?

PELOSI: "Yes I am ... when he was signing the [coronavirus] bill, he said, 'just think, 20 days ago everything was great.' No, everything wasn't great."




Trump ramps up smear campaign on Obama's ebola czar for exposing the president's COVID-19 bumbling..

Dems have to hit hit hit 24/7 Trump on his slowness to respond to the virus. hit hit hit

Trump campaign ramps up smear campaign on Obama’s ebola czar for exposing the president’s COVID-19 bumbling: report


Published 57 mins ago on March 29, 2020

By Tom Boggioni

Stung by a highly effective video he made for Vice President Joe Biden criticizing Donald Trump's response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, the communications team working on the president's re-election is going after President Barack Obama's former ebola czar, Ron Klain.

Klain, who is now becoming a fixture on cable news, took part in a video ad touting the campaign of Biden, and used his expertise to rip into the Trump administration's efforts to deal with the national health crisis. That put a target on his back as the president's 2020 campaign team is trying to stem the damage that threatens the president's chances of being re-elected in November.


With Politico noting Klain, ” ….successfully managed the U.S. response to the Ebola virus in 2014, Klain is viewed as Biden’s most articulate and most trusted surrogate for what has suddenly emerged as the most important issue of the campaign: coronavirus response,” the ex-Obama administration official stated he obviously touched a nerve with Trump’s people.

“Perhaps a video with 4.7 million views got their attention,” Klain told the reporter in an email.....................


"It is a beautiful thing to watch!" Trump says of the Hard working WH staff.............

and watch is what he does.

Will be doing a press conference today at 5:00 P.M. The White House. People are working harder than I have ever seen people work. It is a beautiful thing to watch!




Donald Trump Is Using An Insanely Sketchy Newsletter To Find Campaign Donors

03/28/2020 09:37 am ET
Donald Trump Is Using An Insanely Sketchy Newsletter To Find Campaign Donors


“I Love My Freedom” hawks a bogus cancer cure that was supposedly created by Nazis. It also solicits donations on behalf of the president and Mitch McConnell.

The digital newsletter “I Love My Freedom” regularly blasts out emails hawking flagrant scams and snake oil, such as a dementia-reversing “miracle” treatment, a “diabetes destroyer” substance and a “life-saving” cancer therapy that a Nazi chemist supposedly developed at Hitler’s command. Peppered between these messages sponsored by third-party hucksters are official ads from Donald Trump’s presidential reelection campaign.

For months, members of the president’s inner circle — including Donald Trump Jr., Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and even Trump himself — have been issuing calls for donations through the newsletter, which typically goes out five or more times per day. Many recipients were likely unwittingly subscribed; I Love My Freedom, the group that runs the eponymous newsletter, has acquired a growing list of Americans’ contact information through a covert email harvesting scheme involving a web of pro-Trump Facebook pages.

Right-wing politicians, organizations and media outlets have a history of working with shady entities behind the scenes to make money and push their agendas. The Trump campaign’s business with I Love My Freedom is no exception.
I Love My Freedom (email details magnified by HuffPost)

By design, its emails look as if they’re sent directly from Trump and his allies, though they’re actually distributed via support@ilovemyfreedom-email.org. At the bottom, they bear disclaimers noting they were paid for by either the National Republican Senatorial Committee, its House counterpart, the McConnell Senate Committee, or the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (which is jointly run by the Republican National Committee and Trump’s reelection campaign).


In addition to Trump, his eldest son, McConnell and Gingrich, I Love My Freedom has also sent out fundraising emails on behalf of former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), Rep. David Joyce (R-Ohio), former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer.

All were paid for by the NRCC, NRSC, McConnell Senate Committee or the Trump Make America Great Again Committee. Only the NRCC responded to a request for comment................................

Trump attacks governors requesting medical resources as 'little problem children' in unhinged rant

Source: raw story

Published 11 hours ago on March 28, 2020

On Saturday, ahead of seeing off the naval hospital ship USNS Comfort on its way to New York to deal with the coronavirus hot zone, President Donald Trump once again lashed out at governors requesting medical resources, calling them “a couple of little problem children.”

“I would say we’ll use [the Defense Production Act] again once or twice,” Trump told a reporter on the White House lawn. “We have a couple of little problem children, and we’ll use it where we have to. But overall, I tell you, the private, free enterprise system is at work like nobody’s seen in a long time.”

Presumably, Trump is referring to Govs. Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), with whom he is feuding publicly and has attacked by name multiple times in recent days.

Whitmer has stated that the federal government has “canceled” or “delayed” shipments of necessary medical supplies to her state as Trump has turned his anger on her — and Trump has seemingly confirmed the retaliation by suggesting at Friday’s press conference that he ordered Vice President Mike Pence not to even call back governors he believes need to be more “appreciative” of his administration’s coronavirus efforts...................................

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/trump-attacks-governors-requesting-medical-resources-as-little-problem-children-in-unhinged-rant/

The victims families --those who died recently--may speak out against Trump someday--someday.

CDC denies they will recommend all Americans wear protective masks in everyday life: report

CDC denies they will recommend all Americans wear protective masks in everyday life: report


Published 5 hours ago on March 28, 2020

On Saturday, Weill Cornell’s Dr. Matt McCarthy reported that the Centers for Disease Control will revise their recommendations on protective masks.

In the next ten days, the CDC guidelines will reportedly change to advising Americans to wear masks “in everyday life.” This contrasts with the current guidelines, which only recommend masks for high-risk groups like health care workers.

Greta Thunberg.---on the cover of the Rolling Stone.......................


How one Swedish teenager armed with a homemade sign ignited a crusade and became the leader of a movement

By Stephen Rodrick
March 26, 2020

There is persona and there is reality in Greta Thunberg. It is Valentine’s Day in her hometown of Stockholm, but there’s only wind, no hearts and flowers. A few hundred kids mill about, with a smattering of adults. If there were not signs reading “Our Earth, We Only Have One,” it could be mistaken for a field trip to the ABBA museum.

But where is Greta? I find a scrum of reporters interviewing a child in a purple puffer jacket, pink mittens, and a homemade-looking knit hat. It takes me a minute to realize that it’s Greta. She is 17, but could pass for 12. I can’t quite square the fiery speaker with the micro teen in front of me. She seems in need of protection.

Of course, this is emphatically wrong. Greta Thunberg has Asperger’s, which, she says, gives her pinpoint focus on climate minutiae while parrying and discarding even the smallest attempt at flattery. We stand near the Swedish Parliament house, where less than two years ago Thunberg started her Skolstrejk för klimatet, School Strike for Climate.

Back then, it was just Greta, a sign, and a lunch of bean pasta in a reusable glass jar. Then it was two people, and then a dozen, and then an international movement. I mention the bravery of her speeches, but she waves me away. She wants to talk about the loss of will among the olds.

Climate Emergency and Coronavirus
The Coronavirus Is a Fast-Motion Climate Crisis
Children of the Crisis

“It seems like the people in power have given up,” says Thunberg, taking her hat off and pushing back her mussed up brown-blond hair. She remains on message despite the tourists and teens taking her picture and mugging behind us. “They say it’s too hard — it’s too much of a challenge. But that’s what we are doing here. We have not given up because this is a matter of life and death for countless people.”

It was my second encounter with Greta in three weeks. Back in January, before the Coronavirus brought the world to its knees, forcing Greta to move her Friday protests online, she was in Davos, Switzerland, for the annual conference of the World Economic Forum, where billionaires helo into the Swiss resort town and talk about solving the world’s problems without making their lives any harder. Thunberg had appeared last year and made her now iconic “Our House Is on Fire” speech, in which she declared the climate crisis to be the mortal threat to our planet. Solve it or all the other causes — feminism, human rights, and economic justice — would not matter.

“Either we choose to go on as a civilization or we don’t,” said Thunberg with cold precision. “That is as black or white as it gets. There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.”.......................................
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