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A Trump election conspiracy collapses after #Florida investigation found NO voter fraud

No fear-Trump will continue on and on about so-called voter fraud.

A Trump election conspiracy collapses



05/21/2020 07:07 PM EDT

MIAMI — A Trump election conspiracy theory has fallen apart after Florida’s law enforcement agency said it had found no widespread voter fraud in the 2018 races for Senate and governor.

President Donald Trump had complained repeatedly about election “fraud” and theft in heavily populated, Democrat-rich Broward and Palm Beach counties, which had slowly but erratically updated their vote totals after polls closed on Election Day.

With each updated tally, Republican candidates Rick Scott, who was running for U.S. Senate, and Ron DeSantis, in a bid for the governor’s mansion, saw their margins of victory narrow. Both races ultimately went to recounts.

It’s common for election margins to change as more ballots are counted, but Scott, who was governor at the time, claimed without evidence that the counts reeked of Democratic fraud, a conspiracy theory Trump amplified on Twitter. Scott called for an investigation. Trump backed him up.


But neither Trump’s unnamed “lawyers” nor the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found evidence of a “big corruption scandal.” The state took more than 17 months to wrap up its investigation Wednesday, and found none of the wrongdoing alleged by Trump and Scott.


Trump’s corruption conspiracy in Florida collapsed as he sought to discredit vote-by-mail efforts in two other battleground states, Michigan and Nevada, with incendiary and false rhetoric. As Trump tweeted falsities about vote-by-mail in those states, the Florida GOP sent a fundraising email urging donors to "Stop Voter Fraud."........


Old #Liar Trump Tweets about so-called voter fraud



Jeff Sessions snaps back after Trump tells Alabama not to trust him

Source: the guardian

Former attorney general is running for old Senate seat
President ‘damned fortunate’ he recused from Russia inquiry

Last modified on Sat 23 May 2020 09.04 EDT

After Donald Trump told supporters in Alabama “do not trust” Jeff Sessions and backed his opponent for the Republican Senate nomination, the man Trump trusted to be his first attorney general did something rare: he snapped back.

The president was “damned fortunate”, Sessions said on Friday night, that he recused himself from the Russia investigation.

Sessions, 73, said his March 2017 decision, forced because he did not disclose to Congress contacts with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 election, “protected the rule of law and resulted in your exoneration”.

In fact special counsel Robert Mueller, appointed by then deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein on 17 May 2017, said in his report that though he had not found evidence of criminal conspiracy between Moscow and the president, he was not exonerating Trump.

Sessions is an immigration hardliner and mentor to the hard-right Trump adviser Stephen Miller. He was the first senator to endorse Trump in 2016.................

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/23/jeff-sessions-donald-trump-alabama-senate-tommy-tuberville

Another case of a Vindictive cyber-bullying Trump






Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions button their coats as they stand for the national anthem at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, in December 2017. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

After 3 Children Die, a Race to Investigate a Baffling Virus Syndrome


Joseph Goldstein and Jesse McKinley 4 hrs ago

Blood will be collected from dozens of children in New York to determine whether they share any genetic variations that might make them susceptible to a mysterious syndrome linked to the coronavirus.

Tissue samples from at least one of the three patients to have died from it — ages 5, 7, and 18 — have been sent to a public health laboratory for intensive testing.

A team of more than 30 disease detectives — epidemiologists, clinicians, and statisticians — is poring over thousands of pages of medical records.

Even as doctors and scientists around the world race to develop treatments and vaccines for Covid-19, New York State has become the center of a parallel effort to investigate an unnerving aspect of the outbreak: an illness that is sickening a small but growing number of children.

The ailment has now been reported in at least 161 children in New York, making the state’s caseload one of the largest publicly reported anywhere. Hundreds of other children across the United States and in Europe have also been sickened with the illness, now called multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

The syndrome can be characterized by severe inflammation of the heart, blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract or other organs, believed to be caused by a reaction to the coronavirus. The inquiries into why it is occurring, and whether a treatment can be found, could have an impact on how the authorities handle the reopening of schools and other activities for children...................................

Fast work. Trump campaign is already selling "You ain't black" shirts for $30.

what a waste of thirty dollars.

Fast work. Trump campaign is already selling "You ain't black" shirts for $30.

Trump fires back at Michigan AG after she calls him 'petulant child'

Source: the hill.

By J. Edward Moreno - 05/22/20 07:58 AM EDT

President Trump late Thursday fired back at criticism from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D), who called him a “petulant child who refuses to follow the rules” for not wearing a mask during a visit to a Ford plant in the state.

The president responded by suggesting Nessel “was taking out her anger and stupidity” on Ford.

"Do nothing A.G. of the Great State of Michigan, Dana Nessel, should not be taking her anger and stupidity out on Ford Motor — they might get upset with you and leave the state, like so many other companies have — until I came along and brought business back to Michigan. JOBS!” Trump tweeted late Thursday evening.

Before the visit, Nessel had encouraged the president to wear the mask, noting it is required in the state by order of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and by Ford company policy.

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/499108-trump-fires-back-at-michigan-ag-after-she-calls-him-petulant-child

Trump is nothing but a #cyberbully
I love it that the ladies in charge of Michigan are giving Trump some smackback.


"I was honored by the man of the year in Michigan," Trump says, but this never happened. He made it

No one challenges him. Trump sits in his Task Force meeting. (I see dr. Brix was there) and he lies about his imaginary man of the year award. No one challenges him publicly. damn

Trump begins his speech at a Ford plant by boasting about winning the "man of the year" award in Michigan. There's just one problem -- he totally made it up. There is no such award.


"I was honored by the man of the year in Michigan," Trump says, but this never happened. He made it up:



FactCheck Posts
Trump’s Dubious Michigan ‘Man of the Year’ Boast

By Robert Farley Posted on August 22, 2019


President Donald Trump has claimed no fewer than seven times over the past three years — including at a recent rally in New Hampshire — that he won Michigan’s “man of the year” award. But there’s no evidence that he did.

This is what we did find: It appears that Trump is referring to a 2013 dinner hosted by a county Republican Party organization, which presented him with token gifts – including a statuette of Abraham Lincoln. But a former Republican congressman who organized the dinner said Trump did not receive an award, and the group has never given out “man of the year” awards.

The boast is politically expedient; Michigan is a key swing state in presidential elections. When referencing the award, Trump often notes he was the first Republican presidential candidate to win Michigan since 1988. Trump also often mentions his narrow win in Michigan as critical to his upset victory.

“For many many years nobody won Michigan as a Republican,” Trump said at the rally in New Hampshire on Aug. 15. “But I used to complain and you know I just — I’d go there and I’d say, they’re stealing your car business. I go, for years. In fact, five or six years before I even thought about running, for whatever reason they named me ‘man of the year’ in Michigan. I said, ‘How come?’ I didn’t even understand it myself. But I was named ‘man of the year.’ I wasn’t even political. That was years before I did this. But I was always complaining that our car business is being stolen.”

As we said, it’s a claim Trump has made repeatedly for years, according to searchable records of Trump’s public comments archived by Factba.se.

The earliest mention we could find was during a campaign speech Trump made two days before the election, on Nov. 6, 2016, in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

“I’ve been fighting for the car industry for years,” Trump said. “I was honored five years ago, ‘man of the year’ in Michigan. That was a great honor for me. And during my speech, all I talked about is what Mexico and these other countries are doing to us, and especially what they’re doing to Michigan. That’s all I talked about. And I was criticized. They said, ‘Donald, speak about something else.’ I said, ‘No, what’s happening is horrible. What’s happening is terrible.’ One of the main reasons I ran for president is to stop it.”.....................

...........The context of Trump’s comments at the roundtable in Ypsilanti lends credence to the idea that Trump believes he received an award at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Michigan in 2013 — an event at which Trott says Trump was not awarded Michigan’s “man of the year.”

Trump’s claim is vague enough — he hasn’t provided an exact year or the name of the organization that supposedly honored him — that it makes it nearly impossible to entirely disprove. But the responsibility to back-up political claims rests with the politicians who made them, and in this case, neither the White House nor Trump’s presidential campaign has provided any information on the president’s boast. If any such proof ever emerges, we’ll update our story

Fox News poll: Biden opens up 8-point lead over Trump

Source: the hill

05/21/20 06:49 PM EDT

A new Fox News poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump by 8 points nationally, with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee opening up wide leads among independents and older voters who broke for Trump in 2016.

The survey released Thursday finds Biden at 48 percent support and Trump at 40 percent, with 11 percent undecided or saying they’ll support someone else. Trump and Biden were knotted at 42 percent in the same survey last month.

Biden leads by 17 points among voters aged 65 and older and by 13 points among independents.

Exit polls found older voters going for Trump by 7 points in 2016. Trump also won independents by 4 points.

Some Democrats have worried about polling that shows Biden facing an enthusiasm gap, but the Fox news survey found that Biden leads 53 percent to 41 among voters who say they’re extremely motivated to vote in November....................................

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/499077-fox-news-poll-biden-leads-trump-by-8-points-nationally

How a PRESIDENT wears a mask!

Its not fair. we get the stinking selfish orange Trump turd.

How a PRESIDENT wears a mask!





Caretakers say dolphins at popular spot miss tourists and keep leaving 'gifts' on shore

I think they miss humans. yes. they do.


Caretakers say dolphins at popular spot miss tourists and keep leaving 'gifts' on shore


Dolphins who frequent Australia’s Tin Can Bay, a popular tourist spot, have taken to bringing “gifts” ashore, apparently missing the visitors who would normally be lined up to feed them before the coronavirus pandemic.

The pod of humpback dolphins has brought sponges, barnacle-covered bottles and fragments of coral to Queensland’s Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding in recent weeks, a volunteer told Australia’s 7News.

“Nothing surprises me with dolphins and their behavior anymore,” Barry McGovern, a dolphin expert and PhD student at University of Queensland, told the outlet. “They do everything - they use tools, they have culture, they have something similar to names in signature whistles."

“In all likelihood, they probably don’t miss humans per se," he added. "They probably miss a free meal and the routine."...................


Campaign finance filings takeaways: Joe Biden is still in a financial hole, super PAC importance ri

hate to say this but Joe to step up the money intake

Campaign finance filings takeaways: Joe Biden is still in a financial hole, super PAC importance rising


By Fredreka Schouten

Updated 12:27 AM ET, Thu May 21, 2020

(CNN)Former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee came close to matching the fundraising performance of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in April, but the presumptive Democratic nominee remains in a deep financial hole as the general election shifts into full gear, new figures show.

Biden and the Democrats started May with about $100 million in cash reserves, according to filings Wednesday night with the Federal Election Commission. That's less than half the $255 million that Team Trump said it had remaining in the bank, the result of a massive fundraising operation the President has cultivated since entering the White House.

Biden and the DNC took in more than $60 million in April, nearly as much as the $61.7 million the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee said it raised over the month, as the coronavirus pandemic forced both candidates to suspend traditional face-to-face fundraising.

But Trump has built an aggressive apparatus to tap small-dollar contributions, and his campaign's new filings show that nearly half -- about 45% -- of donations from individuals last month came in amounts of $200 or less.

By comparison, small-dollar donations fueled about 37% of Biden's individual contributions in April...............................
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