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**St. Paul Mayor says every single person who was arrested Friday night was from out of state.

Maybe some of those Trump dogs should be guarding these mayors??

St. Paul Mayor says every single person who was arrested Friday night was from out of state.



Trump claims DC protesters will be met with 'the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons' in Tw

Source: raw story

Published 2 hours ago on May 30, 2020

By Tom Boggioni

In a rapid-fire series of tweets on Saturday morning, Donald Trump boasted about the security being given to him by the Secret Service as protests grip the streets of Washington, D.C., and warned protesters to stay away from the White House.

The president also promised anyone who breached security they would be met with ‘”the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons.”

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/05/trump-claims-dc-protesters-will-be-met-with-the-most-vicious-dogs-and-most-ominous-weapons-in-twitter-rant/

Seriously. Is this the USA??--where the US President can talk like this??==damn

Trump claims DC protesters will be met with ‘the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons’ in Twitter rant -





@maddow: Stunning display of leadership from Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms -- absolutely stunni

I really know nothing about this mayor. But I know looting is wrong.
Register to vote AND vote is the best message she can send.

Rachel Maddow MSNBC
Stunning display of leadership from Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms -- absolutely stunning.

Trust me -- this is worth setting aside a couple of minutes to watch:

Quote Tweet
CBS News
· 14h
Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says the violent demonstrations in Atlanta are “disgracing the life of George Floyd”: “When you burn down this city, you’re burning down our community. If you want change in America, go and register to vote.”


alie_pierce @aliepierce
Replying to
Voting doesn’t do shit when the entire government is corrupt and forgot that their jobs we’re supposed to serve us the people.

HvTmTdy @HvTdy
Keisha's ass is hella corrupt. She can't tell these folks nothing. Most ppl already know her scandal.



What is gab dot com?

I was not not sure what gab dot com was so I to look it up.
It is the site with the little cute green frog.
I did not give it a click.
Maybe others wondered also??


Image result for what is gab dot com
Image result for what is gab dot com
Image result for what is gab dot com
View all

Gab is an English-language social media website known for its far-right userbase. The site has been widely described as a "safe haven" for extremists including neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right. The site was launched in 2017 and claimed to have almost 1,000,000 registered user accounts by July 2019.

Gab (social network) - Wikipedia


SHERRIE @wonderwomancan
May 28 Replying to
Censoring conservative voices on #Twitter & #Facebook has to stop! Our rights need to be protected & something has to be done!
Thank you @realDonaldTrump


Dakota County, suburbs join Minneapolis, St. Paul in ordering weekend curfews

Source: Star Tribune

Dakota County, suburbs join Minneapolis, St. Paul in ordering weekend curfews
The curfews begin at 8 p.m. Friday and extend till either Sunday or early Monday.

May 29, 2020 — 7:23pm

Dakota County and the cities of Bloomington, Edina and Roseville have joined the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in imposing a curfew starting 8 p.m. Friday.

The curfews will last until 6 a.m. Saturday, and then go into effect again at 8 p.m. Saturday, expiring at 6 a.m. Sunday. Roseville’s runs until early Monday.

“During the curfew, all persons must not travel on any public street or in any public place,” according to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s resolution.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter declared a state of local emergency Friday and announced the curfew, as well as inviting everyone to observe an hour of prayer from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The curfews do not extend to people traveling to or from work, emergency services, law enforcement, people seeking emergency medical care or fleeing danger, the homeless and the news media, according to a parallel order from Gov. Tim Walz........................

“All Minnesotans in Minneapolis and St. Paul are urged to voluntarily comply,” according to a news release from the governor’s office. “Peace officers will enforce the curfew and arrest those who refuse to comply.”

Violations of the cities’ curfew are a misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine.

Dakota County Commissioner Joe Atkins said the county ordered a curfew because “here is a well-founded belief by Sheriff [Tim] Leslie and Dakota County leaders that a heightened risk of significant harm to local residents and businesses exists.................................

Read more: https://www.startribune.com/suburbs-join-st-paul-mpls-in-ordering-curfews-starting-at-8-p-m-friday/570873142/

I think this warrants a separate OP from just Mpls- StPaul curfews.
Dakota Cty is south of South St. Paul along the Mississippi. and included Inver Grove Heights. Surprised to see a whole Cty curfewed. I used to live In Inver Grove Heights.

The River People live on the Miss. River and won't notice anyway.

Kamala Harris on Joy Reid at 7:15 ET " broader systematic racism in our country." is the focus

The horrific killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are not isolated incidents but the result of broader systematic racism in our country. I'll be on @JoyAnnReid
at 7:15pm ET to discuss this and more. Tune in.


Joe Biden Says He's Spoken With George Floyd's Family, Calls For Police Reform

Source: huff post

05/29/2020 03:06 pm ET

The former vice president censured President Trump for his “incendiary tweets.”

Promising to bring real police reform if elected president, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Friday that he had spoken with the family of George Floyd, the African American man killed by Minneapolis police officers on Monday.

“The original sin of this country still stains our nation today,” the former vice president said in a video message from his Delaware home, referring to more than 400 years of “Black men, Black women, Black children” whose potential was “wiped out unnecessarily.”

“Everyday African Americans go about their lives with constant anxiety and trauma wondering who will be next ... The anger and frustration and the exhaustion is undeniable.”

Protests broke out nationwide after video showed a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck despite his pleas that he could not breathe. The officer, Derek Chauvin, was fired from his post after the incident and taken into custody Friday on murder and manslaughter charges...................................

Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/minneapolis-george-floyd-biden-trump_n_5ed14588c5b61c9cf97b7f05?ncid=tweetlnkushpmg00000016§ion=politics&guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly90LmNvLzVETlB3TmlwOWE_YW1wPTE&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAACeZITNBeUJcpdTHYRLYL_33kdrkjUUMvvpaRBCwhC_A1vBH-lgxrODdEDeH32aiPaNbC1xcAD6uTj3fVGoVtUyUE_Jb88HdFAXvo5pr8BCQ-i4Qd_VE1ZVRBBEnDU2ucXUupMPenx-OR9RPcKiSqiDl7sd65gwGEt90rUfJgJwq

Biden is doing what Trump should have done.


Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, speaks at a primary night election rally in Columbia, South Carolina, on Feb. 29, 2020.

Listen to Representative Jamie Raskin @RepRaskin on how far Trump has lowered this country. Broken

To the point.



A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul The list will be updated as more

whow. this a long long. lOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOg list.............

A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul
The list will be updated as more reports come in.


Adam Uren
Updated: May 29, 2020
Original: May 28, 2020

A list of the buildings damaged, looted in Minneapolis and St. Paul
The list will be updated as more reports come in.

Adam Uren

Cub foods looted

Andy Svenson

Wednesday night's protest-turned-riot has left behind a trail of burned out buildings, smashed windows, and looted stores in south Minneapolis and beyond.

Much of the damage was centered on the area around the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct on Lake Street, where protests over the death of George Floyd led to a minority of demonstrators turn their attentions to nearby businesses.

Here are the reports of damage or looting that have come in since Wednesday evening. This story will be update as more reports come in:
In Minneapolis

– Park-Nicollet Minneapolis Clinic: Property damage.

– K-Mart Lake Street: Property damage.

– Penzey's Spices Uptown: Property damage, looting...........................

Twitter hides Trump tweet for 'glorifying violence'

Source: BBC

2 hours ago

Twitter has hidden one of President Donald Trump's tweets from his profile, saying it violates rules about glorifying violence.

But instead of being deleted, it has been replaced with a warning and can be viewed by clicking on it.

The warning says "Twitter has determined that it may be in the public's interest for the Tweet to remain accessible."

It is the latest in an escalating row between Twitter and the White House.

Mr Trump was tweeting about the US city of Minneapolis, which has seen consecutive nights of protests following the death of a black man in police custody.............................

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52846679






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