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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,415

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What the Dems need is a voice

The Dems need a dynamic voice like Teddy Kennedy that can level the playing field. You are correct that the Dems get pushed around, but a voice like Kennedy's would not let that happen. Who has that? Hillary? Or is it someone from the governor or mayor list?

voting on a Saturday

That's a great idea. Thanks for your idea.

Welcoming an ugly and divisive fight

I find this absolutely disgusting and embarassing. In this country (labeled the most democratic and best country in the world by those who have their own best interests in mind) we have elected officials that will openly discriminate against people who are not like them. Years ago it was the color of their skin, now it's the choice of the person you love. How anyone could support a bill like the ones in these states is beyond reason. We are not the most democratic and best country in the world. We have lowered ourselves to mindless idiots that impose our will (at will) on people who live their lives and pay their taxes but differ in the way they think and feel about the person they love. How despicable!!! Fortunately, in Arizona there is outrage enough that, hopefully, the governor will veto the bill. Georgia and Ohio, I'm not so sure. This is not the country I grew up in. We have lowered ourselves to second class citizens that allow our legislators impose their will on whomever they please simply in the name of party unity. Party unity? If that is the case, who would really want to be associated this it? This is so embarassing for the country. I know, I know. If I don't like it, then leave. That's the biggest cop out ever uttered. The response should be, if you don't like, fix it. That can only happen by voting those out of office who are bigoted hypocrites.

This is the only way the Rs can win

They have no plan for their constituents. They only want to make the Ds look bad, and, hopefully, in the gerrymandered districts keep winning their seats. There will come a time when the saying "what goes around comes around" will take effect. The Rs are the party of cheats because that is the only way they can win. They are in a minority nationwide, but still win seats by stupid laws changing the amount of time people have to vote as well as having super pacs with wealthy cheaters at the helm. I am the only Dem in my family. I argue the fine points of the left leaning policies and never lose. The reason is that the Rs have no idea how to form a plan or policy that will work for them. The only one so far is to cheat to win the election. That is like welfare for the rich.

and Sadly

Very few, if any, have been charged with criminal behavior. These blood suckers lobby congress and get their way. We pay for their sins. I'm sick and tired of the whiny responses that those at the top are taxed too much. BULLSHIT!!!!

The organization never had any.

I couldn't agree more.

I agree with you

It wasn't so much a shocker. It was disappointing that any state would elect someone with such huge ties to any business, having worked 28 years for Duke Energy, and then trying to help negotiate the penalty for polluting. These people will do anything to run our country. I'm tired of it and hope that we can all wake up to the fact that our politicians are corrupt and need to be replaced soon.

Ds or Rs

It doesn't matter what party you are affiliated with, money talks. We keep hearing about how much the Rs are putting into super pacs and always hear that the Ds have put in much less. It doesn't matter. Money will win in the end.

The only way around this is to get out the vote EVERY election cycle, whether it's local elections or national. Without that, there is no hope for anything other than a plutocracy that says it is democratic. Most, if not all, of our senators and representatives are bought by some group. It doesn't matter if they are D or R, they are bought. That is how they accumulate wealth. Donations to their re-election campaigns are, pure and simple, bribery. We need new blood and we need it as soon as possible.

I only wish

I only wish that I was living in North Carolina now. The Occupy movement should be in full force in front of McCrory's offices and home over the Duke Energy scandal. Since he worked for Duke for 28 years and now has given them favoritism status, that alone should be enough for a full investigation. Any and all goings on between McCrory and Duke Energy should be investigated and brought to light. If the news media won't do it, Occupy should. I believe in the movement and am thrilled that it hasn't died.

Social Security

I applaud your response to this news item. Social Security is not the problem in this country. It is the greed of those in Congress and the fact that they borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund and have to pay it back. Paying it back is stuck in their craw and creates a distaste for the fund. Threats to change the program are simply that - - threats. It is political suicide to touch the fund since it does not add one dime to our debt. Congress simply does not want to pay it back. Social Security it not a problem, Congress is.
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