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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,331

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What to really give the Republicans

The Finger!!!!

The Man

I read this book years ago. I was much younger then and still appreciated the theme of this it. I re-read it just two months ago and, I sadly agree, the racists have learned how to mask their bigotry. This congress is attempting to follow the book in talking about impeaching Obama. I know why as they cannot stand being led by a black man. How sad and stupid of them.

If anyone wishes to read this book, you will find comparisons of how congress acts towards this president, except it is 50 years later.

my response

Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Paul Wellstone

I can't see how Issa ever got into congress

Darrell Issa is a corrupt as he says the administration is. What do his constituents see in him? He drips slime. WWW.IMOPENTOIT.COM

This doesn't surprise me

Money, money, money! That is this county's one true god.

Pissed Off Public

There was a time that you could convince me that our representatives would change. That time has passed.


And never will. It's all about lobbyist cash and getting rich. Everyone one of them should be recalled.

2nd Amendment

If we are allowing guns mainly used during times of war under the second amendment, then those who own them should be okay with being drafted in times of war so as to honor their commitment to the 2nd amendment. Otherwise, get rid of the amendment and simply outlaw guns of war to private citizens.

Bush Library contents

Maybe second printings of My Pet Goat.

I thought that all along

They should have been perp walked to a nearby DC jail and held there until there was a trial date. Imopentoit.com
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