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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
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It doesn't matter

I wouldn't run for any office. Powell should have apologized (he didn't). This caused him to lose credibility. Even though he did say he was duped, he showed remorse but never said those two magic words.


I hope he cries in his pillow. Mika should be slapping him in the face with a bat for all the comments he made about Obama.

You said that so eloquently

I fully agree with your sentiments and hope that Romney crawls back in his hole with Ann right behind him after the elction is over.

This doesn't surprise me

While this doesn't surpirse me, why hasn't this come out before now? There are only six days left til election day. Is this the October Surprise or is Hurrican Sandy?

But isn't it typical of conservatives?

They are the "me, me, me" party. If it isn't about them, then it really doesn't matter. We people (remember Ann Romney's "You poeple" line?) are not insignificant. We really are a majority and can turn an election if we all care enough to vote. Romney definitely would not be good for women, which would mean he is not good for the country.

I wonder when

I wonder when something like this would come to a relaity. In another post, I said that taxes should go back to the Clinton tax rates. When, not if, but when raising taxes works in paying back all that we owe, I wonder when the Faux kids will take credit as it being their idea.

We know

We know that the Repugs will use this against Obama as raising taxes on the middle class. Their problem is that they know it's the right thing to do. Put the rates back to the Clinton era and shut up.

I don't get it

With all that we know about Robme, why would anyone (women especially) want to vote for him. I work in Virginia (at the Washington Beltway) and the women I work with would not vote for him. Are the others brain dead? Why would anyone vote for him? He's an empty suit and his debate performance showed it.

David Gregory

He's in waaaaaay over his head.

I couldn't have said it better

Biden won, plain and simple. Lyin' Ryan lost and the Rs know it. Priebus was complaining about all the times that Biden interrupted Ryan. The lefties did that after the first Obama/Romney debate. Dems lost that one but won this one.
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