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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
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Not so

I do not consider myself a bigot. What I see and interpret is exactly what I see and interpret. Anyone of right mind would come to the same conclusion. I do not care if they think like I do or not. It's what they say. Listen to them just once when they stand in front of a microphone. Listen to Boehner, or his little entourage that stands behind him during a news conference. They really cannot possibly believe what they are saying.

I don't

I have seen too much and heard more. Just listen to them for one day.

So what you are saying

is that whatever the needs of the plutocracy, that is all that matters. If that is what you are saying, then my point is proven. They are hypocritical and have no heart for other people that are downtrodden and/or simply out of sorts. My wife and I are Dems and the rest of our family is to the right. I see this lack of empathy in them and feel that there is a need, other than religion, to not necessarily change their ideas but show them that there are "real" people that do need help whether it benefits them or not. Hopefully, that will help them show some compassion towards these people rather than think they are simply "takers" and need not be helped.

Why does the right wing

Why does the right wing keep spewing lies about how they feel about religion? It's obvious that they do not care about helping the needy unless they get a tax deduction for it. Stopping unemployment benefits to 1.3 million Americans is about the most hypocritical position they could take during a holiday season, especially this one. Of course, there are more examples but I feel that the right wing is a bunch of hypocrites that will do nothing for the poor and down-trodden unless there is something in it for them.

What do you think?


No. We have a Plutocracy. The rich win. The poor lose.

the Big Banks

Why doesn't our Congress grow a pair and re-pass Glass-Steagall? You know that the Big Banks will, all of a sudden, have foreign outlets that will do the derivative trading that has been going on over the past 14 years. Money talks. They have the mon ey and the lawyers. Theirs have been better than ours and will continue to be until we can get rid of those in Congress who make a good "retirement" living by the lobbying dollars they receive from these fatcats.

sperm are people too

wow. Wouldn't that blow the brains out of an IRS auditor.

you make a good point

I have known those who only put in "pending" and had their taxes accepted. Maybe that's the route to take. That way the zygote could be a deduction while not having had a social security number. Maybe the same would be true for birthdate. Just put in "pending."

I think this is a great idea

The right has no idea what they are leading this into. All it takes is someone younger than me that has a family young enough to be able to have another child and have young children. This way, the theory would be tested by one family. I hope it happens.

According to right wing thinking

the birthdate of a zygote is at conception. So, once that is determined, that would be the birthdate.
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