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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
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You are correct

Our politicians are selling our government to those who are abusing government. Credit Suisse should lose its US charter and be forced out of the country. I cannot see how we can say the Justice Department is going its job if criminals like this are allowed to run free. If they are allowed to do business, they should be forced to have signs in their branches displayed for all to see that say something like "Credit Suisse is a criminal organization. We have taken millions from you and the US government and have pled guilty to those charges. We would understand if you do not wish to work with our professionals in the future."


When Castro spoke at the Democratic Convention you could see he was destined for higher office. I hope you are right on this as I believe it would be a landslide. Dems may even win Texas.

I love the way he writes

There isn't a better way to say what was just said. Rubio and his ilk are simply fence-sitters waiting to see which way the tide will go and then fall into the water and follow that tide. They have no deep purpose. They are shells of what they were elected to be. Let's wait for Fox News to come up with our talking points then fire away. Wait, Rush has something to say that I know I'll agree with, so I'll wait to make a statement. Lemmings. That's what he is as well as the rest of them. How can they have such a huge following? That is the sad part.

income inequality

I'm now into my retirement years age-wise and am still working. I do this so when the time comes, social security will be paying me the extra 8 percent per year that I don't draw it that is due me when I start getting it when I turn 70. In other words, my social security will increase by 32 percent when I reach age 70, if I do not start drawing it until then. The Great Recession killed my 401k. If companies value their employees work, the large bonuses going to the top level people would be spread among the workers also. Instead of a $10 million bonus to the CEO, give that person $2 million and spread the rest among the employees. Productivity and morale would go through the roof, creating a circle of more bonuses and better productivity, etc, etc.

If management simply cared. That's all people are asking. It doesn't take much to please the worker. Just recognition of a job well done. A decent pay raise and paid time off, as well as the possibility of merit bonuses is all people are asking. This is really what unions fought for in the 20th century. I used to be a teamster and marveled at how lucky I was to have the benefits I had. That was 40+ years ago. Now, my benefits aren't as good, but still okay. Every year we have had bonuses paid to us and that has helped. People understand that management makes more money but the outrageous bonuses and, in some cases, salaries paid to high level individuals are what exposes the company to ridicule. No one, and I really mean no one, is worth millions of dollars per year. That is a ridiculous waste of money that could have been better spent making the company a better place to work.

I feel for you

I haven't had the lack of good luck you have had but know that this too shall pass. Four years ago this month my father died of Ahlzeimers. My brother and I spent many weeks looking for a place that he could call home that would be able to care for him with the knowledge of how to care for this type of patient. This was in Florida. He finally took the turn for the worse that said it was time to get him into hospice. A few weeks later he was gone. A few days later I had a stroke the size of a golf ball. Nine weeks later I went back to work, What a mistake that was. Two days later I was "laid off" as a cost saving strategy by the company. Hah!!! What a load of crap.

Fourteen months later I found work and have permanent damage from the stroke. I admire your tenacity. If I lived where you do I would vote for you as you are a caring, strong fighter. Keep it up. People will notice. Sadly, there are places like that institution that forged you into a student loan. They will get your comeuppance.

Keep the community here informed of your progress.


What a waste of taxpayer dollars. A TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!! Then we wonder why the Defense Department cannot find Trillions dating back to the Bush years and the Iraq war. Why isn't the company held accountable? Having these aircraft around only gives whomever incentive to invade another country, like we did in Iraq. Look what it got us. Absolutely nothing and yet we were able to play war games and ruin several thousand people's lives in the process. 4,000+ killed and how many injured. How many Iraqi people killed and injured. And for what? To show off our new toys? President Eisenhower said to be wary of the military industrial complex. We haven't and look what has happened. We have a defense budget that crowds out dollars for infrastructure, the homeless, education, medical care for those who can't afford it, and more.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. We are a greedy, corrupt (in Congress), embarassing country to the rest of the world. We need to get our priorities straight.
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