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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
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Rude Pundit

I have read the Rude Pundit for years now. Every time I do, I have to smile when I'm done because he has a way of capturing the way real Democrats should think. His use of the English language is really the way we all want to talk when discussing what the Republican Wingnuts do. They are bad for the country and we all know it. They have only their own pockets they want to take care of. Corruption is rampant within this party (and some of the Dems also), but the Republicans constantly show who they care about by constantly wanting tax cuts for business and the wealthy and forgetting that there is a group of people that REALLY need help but they will block any bill now that will help them. Our corporate tax of 35% is a sham. The actual tax for each business is well below that but the jostling of the higher figure gives the wingnuts points with their "real" constituents, the corporations and the wealthy. Great writing by the Rude Pundit.

The Middle Class

We've all heard it before. Unions helped make the middle class the middle class. Through the 1970s, they were a huge part of our employed workers. Then the Reagan Era hit us and all of a sudden all of the air traffic controllers were fired and the union was busted. Then other unions in the public sector were busted. Then the private unions were getting smaller and smaller. Along with this, the middle class was getting smaller and smaller. We have a lot to be thankful for from the unions. They helped all of us get the benefits that every hard working individual has earned. They kept child labor from remaining child labor. They made a pathway to the American dream. For many now, that dream is gone. The hourly wage for workers has not risen based upon an inflation basis since the mid 1970s. Greed has shown up with all types of companies, but especially Wall Street. I just read an article about a person thought it was unfair that his bonus was ONLY $8 million because he told his mother it would be more than that. WTF is wrong with these people? Many people will not make $1 million in their lifetime. Why is it that a CEO, or in the previous case a broker, think they deserve so much in bonus or wage? Why? No one is worth that kind of money. No one. Carly Fiorina was let go from her job a Hewlett Packard and made a bundle on being let go. She did to a terrible job, but why would she get slightly more than $20 million? 18,000 were laid off at HP. She's just one example, but I think the answer to all of this is greed. If you have a reputation going into a job that meets the ideals of the Board of Directors, then your pay package will be huge. The workers be damned. This is all about greed. Why not fire the Board of Directors and replace with some from the working class (middle class) and some from the executive group which is currently 100% of most of the Boards of Directors. Our system sucks.

Open Primary

Do we know if the Democrats voted Republican primary? That may have been the effect that turned the tables on Cantor. However, he lost is good enough for me.

I like Obama

I think Obama has done most things right during his first five years. The Rs yell the "I" word and the news picks up on it. That's all you hear and see. Would the Rs do it? I hope so as it would destroy the Republican party for a generation. Look at what happened to Clinton. Impeached, but found not guilty. R approval rating down to zilch. Obama? Try it, Rs. I really want you to. It's an election season. Stir up your base and you will lose all the independents in the election and you will say goodbye to your right wing congress people too. Do it. I really want you to. I'll bet the Rs will turn on a dime and again start yelling Benghazi or Bergdahl. They have absolutely nothing to offer the country.

Then, let's get Hillary or Elizabeth to run.


It gets so tiring listening to the same drivel coming out of the mouths of the teabaggers. I saw a picture yesterday on DU that was of the rear end of a car with a bumper sticker that read "Democrats, we're not perfect, but they're crazy." Sorry to say that is so true. My son is a teabagger and works for the government. He doesn't appreciate what he is getting by working for them by going on and on about all the bad things Obama does. Then he says the science isn't there for global warming. Social Security is a pyramid scheme. I love my pyramid scheme, by the way. Medicare should be privatized. Dems are bad for the economy. It goes on and on. Yet, he does not offer any solution to make things better. Cut costs by cutting defense is my argument. Do it for ten years and our government would be running surpluses. Have the Pentagon find the Trillions that are missing and unaccounted for and not offer pay raises to the brass until the money is accounted for. Teabaggers are like a virus. Take two Tylenol and hopefully they will go away.
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