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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
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What a waste of taxpayer dollars. A TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!! Then we wonder why the Defense Department cannot find Trillions dating back to the Bush years and the Iraq war. Why isn't the company held accountable? Having these aircraft around only gives whomever incentive to invade another country, like we did in Iraq. Look what it got us. Absolutely nothing and yet we were able to play war games and ruin several thousand people's lives in the process. 4,000+ killed and how many injured. How many Iraqi people killed and injured. And for what? To show off our new toys? President Eisenhower said to be wary of the military industrial complex. We haven't and look what has happened. We have a defense budget that crowds out dollars for infrastructure, the homeless, education, medical care for those who can't afford it, and more.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. We are a greedy, corrupt (in Congress), embarassing country to the rest of the world. We need to get our priorities straight.

who wants to visit Georgia?

Why would anyone want to visit Georgia, or Florida?

There was a movie years back

called Pay It Forward. I was very impressed with the message it sent and have done some of that in the last several years. We give to the local food bank knowing there are others not as fortunate as we are. Of course, that could change tomorrow. We also give to the Innocence Project. While the dollars we send are minimal, the cause is beyond phenomenal. Over three hundred people have been "saved" from a wrongful conviction from years past. Who could ask for more? Yes, these people will never know that my wife and I sent money to help them, but we will know we helped them. When we read of someone else that is saved through the Innocence Project, we just smile knowing the importance of their efforts. This is also true of the local food bank. It doesn't matter who it is, just donate money, time, effort and you will see the results.

We define value by what we have done to help others. As long as we are satisfied with that and know that it is helping others, we are content with our decisions. Are we wealthy? Heck no. We are middle class and happy.

It's wrong

This should be treated as criminal and Duke should have to foot the bill thru non-deductible fines and other penalties. This was not the fault of their customers or the taxpayers.


I remember seeing the chart on the "Ed Show" showing vultures on a graph showing growth of income for the wealthy versus the rest of us. This is exactly what I though back in 2008. We were all set up for this. Unfortunately, money talks and there will be little, if any, prosecution of the people involved. Too bad. We all need to see perp walks for the likes of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase CEOs and their ilk. I remember there was a period where we were all supposed to join a credit union. Too bad more of us didn't take the suggestion and run with it. There would be less money available for these vultures to play with.

my wife has said to me

over and over again that we are no longer a democracy. I agree. This country has become an embarassment and has set all of us back a hundred years in attitudes. Greed rules. Think back to the bailout of the banks during the great recession. You didn't see that happen for those in trouble with their home loans. Sad, sad, sad.

who's next?

Ann Coulter?

There is no doubt

There is no doubt the GOP is in desperation mode. They have no answers to the ACA, so they trash it. They have no answers on creating jobs, so they ignore the jobs bills that have come from the Left. They are a do-nothing party that only wants to hate progress and this president. My whole family that I grew up with leans heavily to the right. My 90 year old mother watches Faux News and praises the likes of Medicare and Social Security. I have told her she is a closet Democrat and considers that an insult. All the GOP wants is to lower taxes. That's all they have. NO NEW TAXES!!! It will be their demise.

I have read this with a saddened heart

These poor people didn't know any better. Yet, business took full advantage of that fact and made a buck off of them. There was no regulation of this business, otherwise this would have never happened. I have heard many times that business should be able to regulate themselves, and that there are too many regulations. Business cannot make an honest buck with all the regulations the government has put on them.

That's a load of crap. This has got to stop. I'm sure there are more stories out there just like this one. How sick can a business owner be to take advantage of people like this and hold their head high?

State Banking

I live in Maryland. We have all the Big Banks you can think of in, and around, the Washington, DC metro area. I think the State of Maryland should form the Bank of Maryland. Follow what North Dakota has done and show the Big Banks that our state is better than to accept the corrupt practices of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc. We deserve better than we are receiving from these banks, not only in my state, but the other 48 (I'm excluding North Dakota), and the District of Columbia.

What do you think?
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