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Agnosticsherbet's Journal
Agnosticsherbet's Journal
October 4, 2012

Romney's Pivot Fake to the Center

Low those many moons ago (you know, June and July) talking heads waxed eloquent over the failure of Romney to pivot to the center. He was hostage of the Tea-Party, the Koch Brothers, and other assorted nefarious persons who forced Ryan upon him and kept him from doing the natural politically expedient thing of moving back to the center after a short trip to etremistvile in order to win the nomination.
His base forced him to take so many stands on the far right that his balance forever shifted out of reach of independents and centrists.
This debate changed that. Like in a bad mission impossible prologue, he disavowed knowledge of his previous right wing promises and left all those Tom Cruise ideas to die a painful death in freeperfile. He denied his tax plan. Hell, he actually reveled in his record as a governor and Romneycare, something that the Republican Primary would not let him do lest he alienate his base blogging from their mother's basement.
But is it real or did we witness a Chameleon change the direction of its color?
In Massachusetts, he was governor of a state with an 87% Democratic majority. Democrats set the agenda and Romney guided a bit, but went along for the ride. Should the unthinkable happen, and America elect "Zelig" Romney to the White House, he will have a very different legislative branch. It appears his new found centrism is a Pivot Fake to the Center.
Should Republicans maintain their hold on the House they will drive the agenda. Romney is certainly friendly to their wet dreams and can hold a pen with the best of them.
His sudden embrace of those years in Massachusetts, his new found love of his inner-liberal, is just a Pivot Fake to the center to retake independents. Will it work? Watch the polls. How will he poll with independents, who are more fickle than Olive Oil in Popeye Cartoon is anybody's guess.
But whether it works or not, it is an illusion. Romney is a Chameleon who will fake anything to get elected and in a world where a sucker is born every minute it might work.

October 1, 2012

In th past GOD filled in the empty places in knowledge of the universe...

with a narrative of myth.

As human knowledge filled the holes those places where God brought such comfort have disappeared. We know that the world is ancient. There is no scientific argument that counters an ancient earth.

We know that lightning is caused when masses of air rub together until the energy exceeds the capacitance of the atmosphere that the sparks over the resistance in the atmosphere. We know that thunder is caused by lightning. We can not make a theological argument that God, angels, Thor, or Bael Hammon are the cause.

We have considerable evidence that Planets condense from stellar clouds with the stars the orbit. They are not revealed by the parting of waters or vomited up by cosmic turtles.

With mathematics, we can even glimpse creation of a universe from nothing.

There are fewer and fewer places where God fits.

But because we as a species evolved with God and religion, many need the comfort of God and deny science so they can keep those places in the framework of their experience for God to fill. For those people, science may explain but never comforts, and needing comfort rather than explanations, they deny science and hold to myth.

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