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Agnosticsherbet's Journal
Agnosticsherbet's Journal
June 12, 2013

Is it time to push to change the Bill of Rights to cover all humans on earth everywhere?

European governments are upset that the U.S. is running a massive spy system on every non-American.

The folk at Gitmo are foreign citizens on foreign territory so they don't enjoy all the rights in the Bill of Rights.

We were upset when a drone took out an American Citizen on the rather expanded notion of where the battlefield is. (Apparently everywhere but the United States.)

I know that changing the Constitution is a tall order.

But since the U.S. like to fly hither and yon and blame everyone else for denying people their human rights, it is time that we changed our Constitution to recognize that human rights are everyone's rights under U.S. law, and whether a person is a citizen born in Washington DC or Mombasa Kenya, we recognize certain inalienable rights specifically those applicable or implied to individuals under the Bill of Rights.

Agree or disagree?

June 10, 2013

Network Solutions is undergoing a Distributed Denial of Service Attack

I use Network Solutions and have had problems reaching my website and can not even log on to Manage my account. Their phone support technician explained that they are undergoing a Distributed Denial of Service Attack and that they are doing all they can to fix the problem.

I am so relieved.

June 10, 2013

There are 1,931 private companies working on intelligence, counterterrorism, or

or homeland security in the country (http://www.businessinsider.com/booz-allen-confirms-edward-snowden-as-employee-2013-6#ixzz2VmKbPJPi)

Is is possible that number might be a little high?

Considering that our government is dysfunctional, incapable of finding solutions to problems that as many as 80% of American's support (taxing the rich for instance), how can they solve a problem that stretches through every branch. They can not provide the necessary oversight for so many private corporations when they fail completely at providing oversight on Government bureaus.

Both Democrats and Republican Senators and Congressmen knew about these programs and never questioned them. It is their job to provide oversight of the Federal government. But they failed at that.

Our government is dysfunctional. It has allied itself with a corporations whose vested interest is to see that these huge, expensive, and possibly unconstitutional programs continue. I question whether there is anyone in our government that we can trust to do anything about it. The Judicial Branch can not act outside the courts and can not investigate on their own. The Congress has the power of oversight of the federal government. What they do with that power is run endless trumped up investigations of nonexistent scandals when there is a real scandal running that they know about and are part of.

I do not see anyone we can trust in our government to act in the peoples interest instead of serving the interest of their own power.

Do you?

June 8, 2013

Edison will shut down the San Onofre nuclear plant for good

Edison will shut down the San Onofre nuclear plant for good
Edison will shut down the San Onofre nuclear plant for good
Southern California Edison announced Friday it would shut down the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The move comes 17 months after the San Onofre plant was closed because of problems in steam generator systems. The plant powered about 1.4 million households in Southern California before the outage.

Until now, Edison had vowed to restart the plant. But the company released a statement Friday saying it would stop the process to fire up the plant.


"We have concluded that the continuing uncertainty about when or if [the plant] might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors, or the need to plan for our region’s long-term electricity needs," said Ted Craver, chairman and chief executive of Edison International, parent company of SCE.

Of course, the paps of Southern California Edison will still be there for a good while, because decommissioning takes a long time, and because they will have to store Nuclear Material there until a permanent storage solution is found, which will be seven days after the Twelfth of Never what with all the NIMBYISM in this country. But it won't be operating. According to NPR, they have 90% of the 2 billion dollars necessary to decommission the place in a fund. Most of the people working there will be joining the ranks of the unemployed.

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