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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 11,651

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? Of the day..How many crimes can you commit and still be POTUS?


Remember Susan McDougall...?


Preet Bharara...


Our proud boy threatens a Time reporter...


There has to be change, Not hope, but Real Change, and Biden is not Change...

Don't worry, billionaires: your standard of living won't change under a Joe Biden administration.

That's the message the Democratic frontrunner delivered to donors Tuesday as he continued a fundraising trip in New York that saw him on Monday tell a room of wealthy Wall Streeters "you guys are great" and ask a Trump-loving supermarket magnate for support.

In Biden's comments Tuesday, the former vice president told a room of 100 of the New York financial elite, including bankers Robert Rubin and Roger Altman, both of whom worked in the Treasury Department under Democratic administrations, that he wasn't their enemy. According to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein, Biden took pains to separate himself from the rest of the field in his comments.

"Remember, I got in trouble with some of the people on my team, on the Democratic side, because I said, you know, what I've found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people," said Biden. "Not a joke. I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who's made money."


Adam Schiff on Iran...


In total, Trump faces at least 15 criminal or civil inquiries by 9 federal, state and city agencies.


Elephant listening to classical music....


Anyone in the freedom caucus...


Over 200,000 jobs in Cannabis....

America‘s Job Creator
Job growth is the single most powerful indicator of America’s economic health. When the major media heralds a booming economy, job gains usually lead the news.
Anxiety over manufacturing jobs3 lost to overseas factories was widely seen as a factor in the 2016 election of Donald Trump.4
Jobs are personal and political. Job loss can deal a blow to personal self-esteem, which can lead to depression and other long-term health struggles.5
• 34 states have legalized the use of medical cannabis.
• 10 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the adult use of cannabis.
• Legal cannabis sales increased 34%
nationwide in 2018, to $10.8 billion.
• There are now more than 211,000 full-time
jobs in the legal American cannabis industry.
• The U.S. added 64,389 full-time legal
cannabis jobs in 2018. That’s enough people to fill Chicago’s Soldier Field, with 3,000 more tailgating outside.
• California alone is predicted to add more than 10,000 cannabis jobs in 2019.
• Florida is expected to add 9,500 cannabis jobs in 2019.
• When indirect and induced jobs are added, the total number of full-time American jobs that depend on legal cannabis rises to 296,000.
• There are now more legal cannabis industry workers than dental hygienists in the United States.
“2018 marked the strongest year of manufacturing job growth since 1997,” The Hill noted recently.1 “Baby boomers should be hanging it up and kicking back,” wrote USA Today. “Instead, they’re still driving U.S. job growth.”2
Job growth swings votes in national elections. Bill Clinton won in 1992 because he focused on bringing workers out of the early-’90s recession. In the words of his campaign advisor James Carville: “It’s the economy, stupid.”
states have legal- ized the use of medical cannabis.
states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the adult use of cannabis.

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