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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
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WTF ...97


WTF ...96

The fact that rampant inequality has taken America hostage is not an idea that is lost on the majority of U.S. citizens. As the economy has seen recovery over the past six years following the devastating financial crisis and subsequent recession, most people have had to sit back and watch almost all of the spoils go to the top few percent. For the rich, stock prices have gone up and executive compensation continues to skyrocket, all giving a nice feeling of confidence in the future of the American economy.

But for everybody else, a still-suffering housing market, stagnating wages, and rising debts are still heavy burdens on the middle and lower classes.

In fact, according to The Washington Post, the middle class is no better off than it was twenty years ago. Somehow, actually, itís 20 percent poorer.



WTF ...95


Are there any honest politicians out there ... ???

WTF ...94

Mercury, Venus and Saturn in line with the pyramids. This occurs once every 2373 years, I want to know how they figured this occurs every 2373 years ...


WTF ...93

Racial bias and militarized cops are a bad mix: http://lat.ms/YdhdcT


WTF ...92

This morning, Nutiva asked: "Monsanto poisoned a town in West Virginia and offered to pay $93 million dollars for damage done. Do you think there is a price tag on the damage they are causing nationwide?"


So how much does Monsanto owe the world ????

WTF ...91



Wings of Love ...


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WTF ...89


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