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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
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I'm Alright....



Barr DOES NOT have the authority to stop, move, or otherwise postpone the election...


ALERT) Mike Pompeo just testified under oath that *Barr* will decide if Trump—despite having no constitutional authority to do so—can *announce* he's moving the election.

Read that sentence multiple times and then retweet this. We're witnessing a historic threat to rule of law.
PS: America needs to understand that the issue now *isn't* whether Trump has the *authority* to move the election—he *doesn't*—but whether he can initiate a constitutional crisis and national emergency by announcing the election is being moved with the backing and support of DOJ.
NOTE: Of the 4 GOP senators not named Romney who've been asked to comment thus far on the possibility of Trump announcing he is illegally extending his presidency, 2 have refused to comment, 1 has criticized the idea but not called it illegal, and just 1 has called it impossible.

Cocaine a cola....


Natural Selection....

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