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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 10,873

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Vacuum cleaners can do more than clean..!




I'm Alright....



Barr DOES NOT have the authority to stop, move, or otherwise postpone the election...


ALERT) Mike Pompeo just testified under oath that *Barr* will decide if Trump—despite having no constitutional authority to do so—can *announce* he's moving the election.

Read that sentence multiple times and then retweet this. We're witnessing a historic threat to rule of law.
PS: America needs to understand that the issue now *isn't* whether Trump has the *authority* to move the election—he *doesn't*—but whether he can initiate a constitutional crisis and national emergency by announcing the election is being moved with the backing and support of DOJ.
NOTE: Of the 4 GOP senators not named Romney who've been asked to comment thus far on the possibility of Trump announcing he is illegally extending his presidency, 2 have refused to comment, 1 has criticized the idea but not called it illegal, and just 1 has called it impossible.

Cocaine a cola....


Natural Selection....


Pompous Pompeo destroys USA State Department....


Like wrestling with a dirty pig...


Romney prepping for the tea baggers....

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