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Europe's not perfect, but it's several steps ahead of us when it comes to food standards.


My neighbor just left to spend the entire summer in Europe.

He's the guy with a highly restrictive diet I recently wrote about, with countless food intolerances that his "nutritionist" detected using dubious testing methods. I haven't had the heart to tell him she's a total quack. I think on some level, he wanted to hear that he couldn't eat half the foods on the planet.

But I also feel for him. He's going on the trip of a lifetime to a place with incredible food. What if he won't eat it?

The day before he left, I asked him what he'll do on the trip. He told me he plans to eat everything. He and his "nutritionist" agreed that food is better over there. Safer. More pure.


Bt is not safe in the quantities we are spraying and ingesting it ..

"Our governments and big agri have decided to spray BT EVERYWHERE, in the suburbs,farms, in our forests, and preserves. I totally understand they feel this is a safer alternative than chemical pesticides, but we all know there is collateral damage to other insect species when you do the research.

A Canadian study demonstrated spores were detected in the nasal passages of Canadian citizens days and weeks after spraying Bt. It only takes a few sniffs and a swallow to ingest more Bt than one would ever consume from well washed organic foods over a lifetime.

After ingesting Bt (which loves our alkaline intestines)…yes, our stomach acid may break down the bacteria, but for many stressed citizens and people who dilute their stomach acid with liquids, infection potential is present.

“B cereus infections” are on the rise and according to what I have read, in no way are doctors screening patients for Bt infections. Even so, it is difficult to detect the difference between B. cereus and B. thuringiensis in the lab. And they simply are not SCREENING for Bt infections!

Bt is found naturally in our soil BUT only in SMALL amounts. There is such a thing as flora BALANCE in soil as well as in animal guts. You simply can not start spraying Bt everywhere and not expect to upset the balance of nature.

As a scientist you should understand that ingesting too much water can KILL YOU…And Bt is a spore, capable of surviving under harsh conditions even with exposure from rain and UV…and in spite of what scientist (paid by big agri) want the ignorant public to believe we are heavily exposed to Bt and cry proteins from GMOs.

When doctors and scientists can’t explain the etiology of booming rates of infertility, autism, Alzheimer disease, irritable bowel syndromes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, then my “theory” is the introduction of GMOs and overuse of Bt (never tested long term on humans)are triggers.

We were told for decades that DdT was safe and for over half a century by big tobacco that smoking was perfectly fine and caused no problems. Bt and GMOs will go down the same road, sadly, with tremendous collateral damage to the eco system and all wildlife, including ignorant humans and those with major hubris."

Of course, I am not suggesting that you or any of the other DUers commenting on this thread have "major hubris". These thoughts are brought to you by a much smarter scientist than I am, hence the quotation marks.

The Insanity of Not Having a Financial Transaction Tax

The logic for the tax is indisputable:

Financial industry speculation devastated middle-class homeowner wealth.
US investors pay zero tax on their speculative transactions.
The tax is easy to implement, and is very successful in other countries.
The emotional appeal reaches most of America:

Why should the rest of us pay up to 10% on the necessities of life while risky derivative purchases aren't taxed at all?
Why should kids around the country lose their arts programs while trillions of dollars flow, untaxed, to Wall Street?
On July 8th, 2013, Chicago Political Economy Group (CPEG) member Bill Barclay and Illinois Green Party Chair Rich Whitney presented arguments for the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) in front of the Illinois Pension Reform Committee. The video is available here (01:29:40), and the slideshow here. Much of the following derives from their work.

The Tax Works in Countries With the "Freest" Economies

A good place to start is Singapore. Or Hong Kong or Switzerland. These are three of the top five countries on the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom, and they all have FTTs. Critics who might argue that non-FTT taxes are lower in Singapore and Hong Kong should look at World Bank and CIA World Factbook datasets, both of which show the U.S. with lower tax revenues as a percentage of GDP. The U.S. is clearly undertaxed across a wide range of taxes.


A National Call to Link Arms for Democracy

"When I despair I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, think of it - always!" - Mahatma Gandhi

For Americans, these are dangerous and momentous times. We have only a small window of opportunity to break the grip of moneyed interests on our government, before an advancing oligarchy consolidates power and locks in tyranny.

This article is an urgent call to organize a mass-based political movement in the coming months and through the 2016 elections. If we rise to the occasion and fight, we can reclaim democracy, regain control of our future, and preserve the dreams of our children, and for the coming generations.

Without a sweeping grassroots movement, loudly pushing and protesting for reforms, populist candidates, or coalitions in Congress will never have the power to defeat the forces of a corrupt ruling class. Robber barons have resurfaced with a vengeance in the past four decades, openly attacking our democratic system, while buying power to extend and protect their privilege in perpetuity.

The immense tide of social progress that flourished in the 20th century, from antitrust reforms and the New Deal social safety net, to environmental regulation, civil rights and women's rights, are collectively in the bull's eye of a demolition ball. As manufactured austerity and deep cuts to essential social services continue, Wall Street banks and US multinational corporations remain the true welfare queens. In 2013, corporate tax breaks amounted to $176 billion. Incredibly, companies like General Electric, Boeing, Verizon, Bank of America, and Citigroup paid no income tax at all, and some even received a refund!


Citizen KOCH ...

Uninsured Veterans qualify for Medicaid ...

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