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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 12,275

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Rod Rosenstein getting on the right side of the Rule of Law...


Another reason I am leaning Warren...


When the piggies squeal about higher taxes...


UkraineGate is a whole lot more than personal gain...


Inherent Contempt...It's time is rapidly approaching


Don't forget the 145 million Russians...


Rachel Maddow...


Way back in 2016...


Way back in the year 2016 it was considered so obviously inappropriate for an attorney general to be directly involved with a politically sensitive case that the mere fact that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had a conversation was considered scandalous.
They said that it was just a casual conversation, but critics felt that was fishy and the subject of the FBI investigation into the email server would likely have come up which in turn raised the prospect that Lynch had been asked to involve herself.
So even though there was no evidence that she had, in fact, involved herself in the politically sensitive investigation the fact that she clearly did speak to a person with an interest in it raised the POSSIBILITY that she could have and it was seen as a big problem.

GOP...Now under Russian management


Government via conspiracy theory...

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