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Profile Information

Name: Mark
Gender: Male
Hometown: Omaha, Ne
Home country: United States
Member since: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 02:56 AM
Number of posts: 11,367

About Me

I am just someone who believes in treating others with respect and give those who need help a hand. I don't like it when other peolple think they are better than me. I feel God made us all the same. I know there are different types of people, just like democrates and republicans, but I do think that the republicans use their platform to show they are better than us. I am a catholic, who is against abortion, but know I that can not tell a woman what she can do or not do. I am for gun rights, but against guns that can shoot 4 or more rounds at once. I live life as it comes, but always look to make it better for tomorrow.

Journal Archives

I just saw on facebook a picture of the Trumpets family!

I am shocked the Baron is in the photo! See for yourself! It is on the New Blue United page! The heading is about fair taxes! BIGLY SAD!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Oct 28, 2017, 07:40 PM (4 replies)

Stay tuned for another episode of "Tales of Trump Tower"!

Will Donnie Jr tell Daddy Donnie that he is the one who squeal on him? Or will it be Paulie the Russian gone? Maybe the "lock him up" general? Then again it be son in law Gypsy Jared? But even more suspicious there is a chance that his 3 other children, oh there is Baron too? But my guess is the most obvious? It had to be John Q Baron! He is always running his mouth!

Stay turn Folks and watch the GOP RUN FOR THEIR LIVES, screaming get those codes away from him!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Sat Oct 28, 2017, 07:30 AM (0 replies)

I just finish watching today's WHPB!

Boy, if I was reporter and she treated me like! I would be rude right back at her! Sh e is getting more bold with her snarky attitude!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Oct 27, 2017, 07:43 PM (3 replies)

One happy family?

Daddy Trump and all of his turds, the GOP members! Nope, no puppets in this family!!!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Oct 27, 2017, 07:22 PM (0 replies)

So, where is the "breaking point" for the GOP to finally drop from the @$$ kissing of Trump @$$?

Each in their own way and behind the scene have to wonder if they will start to go toward the middle and away from Trump/Bannon-isms! When in front of the camera they ramp up the rhetoric towards Trump! I have seen more @$$ kissing in the past year from the right, each of them can see Russia from Trump's ______!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Oct 27, 2017, 05:10 PM (3 replies)

How is this for a scary thing!

Trump had several children in the oval office today. The children where all dressed in Halloween costumes. Including Trump, he wore is everyday outfit and had more orange paint on his face. The other children will be traumatized forever. Trump joked "I can't believe that the media could produce such beautiful children"! And there again are his produced children!
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Oct 27, 2017, 04:29 PM (15 replies)

Holy macaroni!

White Fish is going to get a lucrative contracts and has no limits for doing this job! Very fishy?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Fri Oct 27, 2017, 11:30 AM (4 replies)

Pres. GHW Bush, Mark Halprin and a few others have apologized for the actions towards women.

But the Rat O' Reilly blames God for his un-litigated fortunes, but he curses at those who have called him out and we all know who Trump blames for his "fake news p____y grabbing" and the dossier, everyone! These two have no remorse and no want to correct the terrible things they have done.

Apologizes don't cut it either. No excuse and they all must pay the price for their action.
Posted by imanamerican63 | Thu Oct 26, 2017, 10:00 PM (1 replies)

Say it so Joe?

New York Yankees fired Joe Girardi, because he was not winning enough! I wonder if Trump will take credit for that too?
Posted by imanamerican63 | Thu Oct 26, 2017, 05:51 PM (1 replies)

GOP's cat fight?

Look out Bannon, you pissed off McTurtle!

He coming for you !
Posted by imanamerican63 | Thu Oct 26, 2017, 04:05 PM (1 replies)
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