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Name: Don
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Greenfield, MA
Member since: Sat Sep 1, 2012, 03:28 PM
Number of posts: 26,155

Journal Archives

Republicans offer spending plan without border wall

Source: The Washington Post

By Kelsey Snell and Ed O'Keefe April 25 at 2:15 PM

A Republican bid to keep the government open past Friday includes no new money for the construction of a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to several congressional aides familiar with ongoing talks.

With congressional Republicans eager to avoid shutting down the government over a spending impasse, GOP leaders submitted a new offer to Democrats on Tuesday afternoon that included no funding for the wall, several House and Senate aides said. But Republicans are insisting on increases in border security and defense spending.

Part of the new border security funding would go to repairing existing fencing and new surveillance technology to patrol the nearly 2,000-mile border.

The two sides remain at odds over whether the spending bill would include money for subsidy payments under the Affordable Care Act, how long to extend a health-care program for coal miners, and a series of unrelated policy measures known typically known as riders.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/trump-shows-flexibility-on-border-wall-gop-launches-talks-on-tax-reform/2017/04/25/63a86c70-29c3-11e7-b605-33413c691853_story.html?utm_term=.0293e496d8f1&wpisrc=al_alert-politics&wpmk=1

Conservative media figures disappointed with Trump meeting

Source: The Hill

BY JONATHAN EASLEY - 04/25/17 06:00 AM EDT

Some conservative media figures invited to an exclusive event with President Trump on Monday night left the White House frustrated and complaining that Trump's staff had intentionally sought to limit what they could report out of the meeting.

The White House invitation to about 30 conservative reporters, editors, columnists and radio personalities was originally billed as a background briefing with the president, meaning that they couldn't attribute quotes to individual sources in the room. The gathering was instead meant to show the White House’s appreciation for outlets it believes are routinely ignored or marginalized by the mainstream press.

Representatives from Newsmax, Breitbart, Townhall, The Daily Caller and radio voices like Larry O’Connor and John Fredericks mingled with White House press secretary Sean Spicer, chief strategist Stephen Bannon, chief of staff Reince Priebus and the White House communications team.

Reporters were asked to surrender their cellphones before entering the Roosevelt Room, a meeting room in the West Wing across from the Oval Office. Their phones were stored in lockers outside the room. One source said White House director of media affairs Helen Aguirre Ferre explained that phones had to be kept out because the Roosevelt Room is a SCIF, or a sensitive compartmented information facility, where officials view classified information.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/330356-conservative-media-disappointed-with-trump-meeting

'We Will Stamp Out Prejudice': Trump Blasts Anti-Jewish Threats During Memorial Ceremony

Source: Mediaite

by Ken Meyer | 12:49 pm, April 25th, 2017


President Donald Trump spoke at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Days of Remembrance Ceremony today, and used his remarks to slam those perpetuating anti-Semitism and threats against the Jewish people.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly faced blowback due to several instances where critics ripped on the White House for not being particularly knowledgable or sympathetic about Jewish issues. In today’s remarks, Trump reiterated his pledge to support Israel, and recalled the horrors and suffering Jews experienced in the Holocaust.

Eventually, Trump turned his ire towards Holocaust-deniers, saying they were “filled with total hate.” Trump also used his address to talk about those who have threatened Israel with destruction.

“Those who deny the Holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil, and we’ll never be silent,” Trump said. “We will confront anti-Semitism. We will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness, and we will act.”


Read more: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/we-will-stamp-out-prejudice-trump-blasts-anti-jewish-threats-during-memorial-ceremony/

'A Lot of Smoke Here': Democratic Rep. Sounds the Alarm on Michael Flynn

by Aidan McLaughlin | 12:25 pm, April 25th, 2017

House Oversight Committee Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi called for “an independent, 9/11 style commission” into ties between members of President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia on CNN, Tuesday.

Following a classified meeting with the committee, Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-MD) announced to reporters that Trump’s former National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn did not properly disclose payments from Russia.

The committee reviewed documents pertaining to Flynn’s application for security clearance, in which he did not disclose a $45,000 payment for a speech gave to television network RT during a trip to Russia. After Cummings described their findings as “extremely troubling”, Chaffetz told reporters he saw “no data to support the notion that Gen. Flynn complied with the law.”

Krishnamoorthi told Kirsten Powers that while he was satisfied with the progress being made by the committee, “it’s extremely disturbing what we saw this morning,” and “there are more questions now than answers at this point.” When asked if Flynn broke the law, Krishnamoorthi responded, “I can’t say. What we see is that there’s a lot of smoke here.”

“We need an independent investigation ASAP,” Krishnamoorthi said. “I’ve called for an independent, 9/11 style commission, and the facts this morning that I saw in those documents, the classified documents, points to an ever growing need for this.”



Thats all crap: Lizz Winstead crushes Ivanka for pretending to back women while ignoring...

‘That’s all crap’: Lizz Winstead crushes Ivanka for pretending to back women while ignoring Planned Parenthood


White House Sends Mixed Signals On Border Funding Demands

By CAITLIN MACNEAL Published APRIL 25, 2017 10:05 AM

As the April 28 deadline to keep the federal government open fast approaches, members of the Trump administration on Monday night and Tuesday morning made conflicting statements regarding the President’s demand that a temporary funding measure include money to start building a border wall.

Trump himself apparently told conservative reporters gathered at the White House on Monday night that he was open to waiting until September for funding for the border wall, according to One America News Network’s Trey Yingst. Trump’s reported comments mark a pivot from his administration’s talking points over the weekend. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Sunday that he expected Trump to be “insistent” about funding for the wall in the temporary funding measure this month.


Unnamed White House officials confirmed to Politico and the Washington Post that Trump told representatives from conservative media outlets on Monday that he was open to waiting until September to fund the border wall.

During an interview on “Fox and Friends” Tuesday morning, White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway also suggested that Trump was open to delaying the border wall funding. Fox host Ainsley Earhardt mentioned that the White House may not get the funding this week, given Trump’s reported comments Monday night.


Support for Immigration and Trade Hit New Highs

April 25, 2017By Taegan Goddard

“Americans’ support for immigration and free trade hit record highs in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, just three months after the inauguration of a president who pledged to curtail both.”

“Six in 10 Americans said immigration helps the nation more than it hurts—up 6 points since the last sounding, in September 2016…. Support for free trade rose slightly in the latest survey, with 57% saying it is beneficial for the U.S. and 37% saying it isn’t—a gap of 20 points, and a record level of support.”



GOP Lawmakers Not Happy with Trump Tax Plan

April 25, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

Playbook: “The White House yesterday sent out the message that they planned to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent — fulfilling a campaign-season promise. Is this an opening negotiating position or what Trump wants to achieve? We don’t know, because we haven’t seen him in a successful legislative negotiation yet.”

“But privately, Capitol Hill Republicans are seething. Why? Because a 15 percent corporate rate is practically impossible to achieve without blowing a hole in the budget. The president might be willing to balloon the national deficit, but Hill Republicans — which have made debts and deficits their central issue over the last decade — are not. To make a cut like that permanent, Republicans would need Democratic votes in the Senate, because it would run afoul of reconciliation rules. Speaker Paul Ryan and House Republicans raise $1 trillion in new cash with the border-adjustment tax, and they can only get the corporate rate down to 20 percent. Trump is signaling he has no interest in the so-called BAT.”



Are Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Turning Red?

April 25, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

Stuart Rothenberg: “If 2016 was a realignment, it was a shallow one. Yes, the Republican presidential nominee carried Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but the margins were extremely narrow: just over 44,000 votes out of over 6 million cast in Pennsylvania and under 23,000 out of almost 3 million in Wisconsin.”

“Still, realignments in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (to say nothing about competitive states like Ohio and Iowa), particularly around cultural issues, could affect near-term elections, including next year’s midterms and the 2020 presidential election.”

“Count me as skeptical that the statewide shifts in both states are large enough and long-lasting enough to constitute partisan realignments. But the 2018 and 2020 elections should give us a better handle on what, if anything, has happened in both states.”



GOP Lawmaker Invested In Company He Tried to Help

Source: Political Wire

April 25, 2017 By Taegan Goddard

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) purchased $2.2 million worth of stock in Innate Immunotherapeutics as part of its initial public offering in late 2013, the Daily Beast reports.

“The IPO prospectus said Innate would seek FDA approval of its drug to treat multiple sclerosis. More than a year later, Collins wrote into a bill language to expedite the FDA’s approval process for such drugs. Four months before the bill was signed into law, Collins again purchased stock in Innate, this time as much as $1 million.”


Read more: https://politicalwire.com/2017/04/25/gop-lawmaker-bought-stock-company-tried-help/

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