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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,488

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To all the dumb, lazy and irresponsible reporters in our world..

Take a lesson or two from Kallie Krat of channel 8 news..

If I were a producer I’d have this gal in my office monday for an interview...
Who knows what her political persuasion is, but she sure didn’t back off from “Freedom Industries”


Christie's Chief legal Counsel Charlie McKenna now implicated...

Another huge smoking gun! Seems like every one on Christie’s staff, thought the shut down was a fun game.
Everyone wanted credit... like ",How much freaking fun is this!!"


“Disaster" in West Virginia....

Man this shit is getting scary...


Before Rachael’s show tonight.. I thought there was a good chance Christie would survive...

but I think she might have hammered a couple of nails in his coffin tonight..
Click down to my first post for details...”Watch Rachael Now"

Others put it much better and faster than I can...
I just want to spread the early word...


Rachael Now!! New details...

Reason for traffic ploy by Christie...Spelled out!!!

Update: Christie was pissed off at all democrats for not approving his Supreme court nominee..
picked specifically on Dem’s leader who represented Fort Lee..

There was a good reason for Dem’s rejection of Christie’s nomination..
Christie called Dems animals.. Nutshell

Tweety? I’ve been on his back for 14 yrs..

He always has been a middle type pundit to me.. Sometimes good, other times awful..

Well today he has been brilliant covering the Thug Story..If you haven’t watched, catch his later show.

Freaking Great!!!

Well maybe just “great” because my expectations are usually so low..

Anyone who has executive or managerial experience on a large level knows...

Chris Christie is full of shit. Competent Execs. on all levels know exactly whats going on in all levels of their operations. His explanation is just ridiculous and makes him sound like an idiot..

I managed a large retail operation and knew what was going down on every level of the operation.
Its called being ultimately responsible for everything which goes down. I hired people to keep me fucking updated on everything, no matter how insignificant the matter might be..

"Everything starts on the top" is not a phrase to be taken lightly by any executive or manager of any business..

Give me a break Christie...

About this so called traffic study...which was initiated by Christies staff...

When are the final results be gonna made public.?. Should very interesting! And how much did this investigation cost the state.. Should be interesting reading..

Disgusting cop racist video.......

One day these guys will watch their right wing fascist so called friends privatize their jobs..They will then lose their benefits and be paid $10.00 an hr. I wonder who they’ll be calling thugs then?

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