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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,492

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“An Ineffective and Gutless Presidency"

From Salon. Com
written by Thomas Frank.

Gutless? Ineffective? The two words that Frank thinks will describe Obama’s Legacy?..

Perhaps there are elements of truth in this article.. But i feel that our President has overcome
a shit load of hate based obstruction from Republicans all across our nation’s political landscape and he did a hell of a job carefully navigating this almost impossible situation..

Hey Frank... How about now writing a detailed article describing exactly in detail how Republican/teabaggers did everything in their power to bring our country down using the Race Card as its number one" go to “ strategy???...


Question?...How come NewsMax continually pops up all over Liberal Sites?

Rather new to computer and political sites........Are they paying for this intrusion? I swear to God if I see one more of those Bad Obama facial shots followed by a poll concerning his “honesty,”, Benghazi or overall job performance, I’m gonna take sledgehammer and find out where the fuck their home office is..

Any doubt concerning the Teapublican’s War on Woman?

Funny, how they did not include alcohol even though fetal alcoholic damage is probably even more of a threat than drugs.. At least, on the same level..

Holy Crap!!!
Woman arrested after giving birth...found traces of amphetamines in her blood..


Meet Pastor Nick Reed who ran into Protestors at new Hobby Lobby...

and quickly offered his 2 lousy cents...Complete story below...

Now meet Pastor Reed.. Man looks and sounds and looks like the perfect college Libertarian..
who found a job...


Question to you guys..?? A Pastor in my town unexpectedly ran into a demonstration

@ a new Hobby Lobby near where I live.. He was interviewed and seem annoyed, used the word liberals and “ they should get a life.. I googled his church left him a phone message and my wife wrote him an email.. Both very respectful.. Explaining the diff. between contraception and the fact that the term Liberal would be a concept that Jesus would probably have embraced..

Wanted to know if I should give out his contact info.

Story was reported only in a local paper...


“Cop brutally beats woman for her “own safety” Your gut will turn..

Liberal-In-La posted this earlier.. My gut was wrenched watching this.

This shit has just got to stop..

Please make this go viral... Post it everywhere!!!

They just think they are Gods, all from the post “911” era... Playing the “we are protecting you
card, don’t ever question my authority”..

Yea, I know its a minority of cops (sick) who are doing this shit, but the powers at be better stop protecting these “types” and get em off the streets...I know plenty of cops and they DO Know(Commander level) who these types are...,, Get em off the fucking streets!!!

Again, thank you Liberal In LA..


I blame the Catholic Church hierarchy for the situation which is now out of control on our borders..

.. Those kids, those mothers, its absolutely heart breaking to view the images....

Why in the hell are these mothers who are absolutely destitute..holding and caring from 2 to 3 kids.

It is just fucking amazing that the Church has been silent with their part in not educating these poor souls to the options of contraception. When the hell will the church wake up and see the misery in this world because of their inability to see anywhere beyond their own asses (Power and Wealth))

$2.5 Million. Spilled Coffee... Remember this Huge Story?

This crap is an everyday occurrence now..

Shabby News Reporting which enables the Right Wing to take advantage and create a totally diff.
perception (lies) which they ultimately try to use for political gain.


Rand Paul might have a hard time living this down.

Shows how incompetent and uninformed he is in on Foreign Affair matters.

Dems need to start filing away his idiotic statements...

People (uninformed) have perception that he’s the cat meow when it comes to National Security..


SCOTUS ruling? Its gonna piss off millions of women....

And Thomas has made sure he will remain safe when he walks the streets at night..
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