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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
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Journal Archives

Joe Biden's most recent endorsements


A new Trump PAC is trying to sign up businesses that'll promise employees raises


Private security company recruiting former Special Forces to guard polling sites


A private security company is recruiting former U.S. military Special Operations personnel to guard polling sites in Minnesota on Election Day, an effort the chairman of the company said is intended to prevent left-wing activists from disrupting the election but that the state attorney general warned would amount to voter intimidation and violate the law.

The recruiting effort is being done by Atlas Aegis, a private security company based in Tennessee that was formed last year and is run by U.S. military veterans, including people with Special Operations experience, according to its website.
The company chairman, Anthony Caudle, posted a message through a defense industry jobs site this week calling for former Special Operations forces to staff “security positions in Minnesota during the November Election and beyond to protect election polls, local businesses and residences from looting and destruction.” He said in an interview earlier this week he is planning to send a “large contingent” to Minnesota but did not specify the numbers.


Nine people who attended Trump's Minnesota rally tested positive . Two in hospital


Human 'microevolution' sees more people born without wisdom teeth and an extra artery

More people are being born without wisdom teeth and an extra artery in their arm as a result of a human "microevolution" in recent years, a study has found.

Babies now have shorter faces, smaller jaws and extra bones in their legs and feet, a study in the Journal of Anatomy found.

Australian researchers who worked on the paper claim the human race is evolving faster than it has done at any point in the past 250 years.

Over time, human faces have got shorter, which has seen our mouths get smaller, with less room for as many teeth.


Nobel Peace Prize goes to UN World Food Programme


Pink eye often a symptom of COVID- check out Pence's eye

EDNESDAY, April 1, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- Besides causing COVID-19, the new coronavirus can also lead to "pink eye," and Chinese researchers say the virus may be spread by tears.

Of 38 patients with COVID-19, a dozen also had pink eye (conjunctivitis), a new study found. In two patients, the coronavirus was present in both nasal and eye fluids.


The Villages are ridin' for Biden!


Negative advertising is resuming!


Veep Debate Moderator Page Hosted Party Honoring Pence Protege Verma

In circles of journalism far from my own, particularly within the Beltway, it’s considered appropriate for journalists and the power brokers they cover to see each other socially, particularly if they are perceived as needing each other’s help to climb the slippery slope to fame. That is apparently the rationalization for the otherwise very fishy discovery that the moderator for next month’s vice-presidential candidate debate, veteran journalist (now with USA Today) Susan Page, hosted a party late in 2018 in honor of Mike Pence’s powerful protégé Seema Verma, who runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs for the Trump administration.

The party, dubbed a “girl’s night,” came to light as part of a U.S. House report (made public by Politico) on pretty heavy taxpayer-subsidized spending by organizer and Republican public relations type Pam Stevens as part of an effort to raise Verma’s profile or improve her brand or whatever euphemism for aggrandizement of the already-powerful you prefer. Turns out Page, not John Q. Public, paid the four grand or so for Verma’s party, but perhaps Stevens separately billed the feds for her consulting work on the event. In any event, the controversy isn’t really about who paid for the party, but whether a working journalist at Page’s level who has been hobnobbing with Mike Pence’s best-known associate in the Trump administration ought to be moderating his debate with Kamala Harris. Matt Yglesias thinks the answer is clearly “no.”

The taxpayer-funded party in Verma’s honor was held at the home of @SusanPage, who is scheduled to moderate the VP debate this fall but will hopefully be removed. https://t.co/w0Wi2vrMbj

— Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 10, 2020

The question isn’t whether Page should have hosted this particular gathering, but whether journalists should be “routinely” hosting social events for the kind of people they are supposed to be covering. Yes, Old Girls Networks like this are more understandable and less ethically objectionable than the Old Boys Networks they emulate, but they still promote the very idea of insular Beltway elites that helped feed the rise of Verma’s and Pence’s mutual boss Donald Trump. Indeed, one of the few Trump accomplishments I truly applaud is his successful effort to sabotage the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner (a.k.a. the Nerd Prom), wherein journalists and Washington officialdom gathered to lightly tease each other in ways that signaled they had more in common than their very different roles might suggest.


This article is from Sept. 10th. Just a reminder, since everyday there's new outrages and it's hard to keep track of everything.

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