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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
Number of posts: 13,678

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I'm glad we took back the House but

as horrible as Trump is in every way, this should have been a rout. This country’s sick. Trump was rewarded in the Senate for his vile, racist ads.

Manchin won West Virginia


NAACP just won a lawsuit concerning Georgia


BREAKING: Georgia NAACP wins a lawsuit, and voting times will be extended by three hours in two precincts near Spelman and Morehouse. Polls will now close at 10:00pm per court orders.

Wow Republican Riggleman just won VA. district that includes Charlottesville

you'd think after having Nazis marching through it......

A crucial Indiana county for Dems is keeping polls open till 7:oo pm


A crucial Indiana county for Democrats is keeping polls open an extra hour.

BREAKING: All Monroe County polling sites will stay open until 7 p.m

NYC's GOP Board of Elections director blames 'wet ballots' and 'high turnout' for voting issues

The Republican executive director of the New York City Board of Elections claims rain and “wet ballots” caused problems for voters at the polls on Tuesday — but failed to mention the state’s restrictive voting laws and propensity to purge voters.

“When you have higher turnout and you have more paper passing through the system, you’re gonna have some issues,” BOE Executive Director Michael J. Ryan, a Queens County Republican, told NY1 in a video posted to Twitter.

Ryan went on to suggest that the rainy conditions in New York on Election Day may have led to wetness from peoples’ clothes to transfer onto their ballots.

Director Ryan didn’t mention the city’s “perennial problem” of voters going missing from voter rolls — an issue that was raised once again during the state’s September primaries.In 2016, investigations revealed that the NYCBOE illegally purged 200,000 people from its voters rolls. In November 2017, then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman settled with the BOE after suing it for the illegal purge.New York is also one of only 13 states that do not offer early voting, instead forcing voters to cast ballots on Election Day in spite of it not being a federal holiday.


Just out of curiosity, why is the exec. Director of NYC Board of Elections a Republican? How is he chosen?

This is what the lines in SW Atlanta looked like today.. Only 3 voting machines!

This makes me sad. I'm happy that so many people are showing up but angry that black people are being put through this never-ending bullcrap.


People try so hard to vote. Republican state officials like Brian Kemp try so hard to stop them.

Ready to wait? Hundreds of voters stand in line for hours this morning at this SW Atlanta polling place. Only three voting machines! What’s going on here? Live report at noon.

I live in a suburban area of NC , it's got to be a lot smaller than this district and we had 6 voting machines at our precinct.

Update: After local Atlanta news crews started showing up they brought in 5 more voting machines!

C'mon New York , do better. One functional scanner at a Brooklyn precinct


It’s a privilege to vote and I’m willing to wait in line for an hr or even 2. However, 1 out 4 functional scanners at the polls for tens of thousands of voters makes it challenging. The voting system needs a total redesign. #MidtermElections2018

10:20 AM - 6 Nov 2018 from Brooklyn, NY

I expect to see this crap in the South, not in a blue northeastern state.

Kasie Hunt got schooled again this morning on Twitter

by Charlie Pierce, Neera Tanden and Journalists Parker Malloy (Media Matters for America, Upworthy) Mark Harris (Vulture)

Here's the tweet : https://twitter.com/kasie/status/1059094623753302016

I interviewed @DanCrenshawTX for a piece on vets running. I enjoyed our conversation — and as an American I am incredibly grateful for his service and his sacrifice. Our country is better off with more people like him in Congress, party aside.

Replying to @kasie
Kind of odd for a reporter to endorse someone 2 days before the election...

Replying to @ParkerMolloy
I’m not endorsing any candidate. I AM saying thanks for serving and saying I think more veterans in Congress is good for our country. If you disagree, we can agree to disagree.

@ParkerMalloy I mean, his opponent in this race isn’t a veteran, so...

Replying to @ParkerMolloy
I understand that. I’m not urging voters to pick him over his opponent. I am saying he should not be mocked for his service and that I personally appreciate that he sacrificed for all of us.

Replying to @kasie @ParkerMolloy
Then, all due respect, that's what you should have said, instead of telling us that Congress will be "better off" with another anti-choice Tea Party stalwart.

Replying to @CharlesPPierce @ParkerMolloy
I should have referenced the context in the original tweet for those who may not have seen the clip in question. Apologies.

Replying to @kasie @CharlesPPierce @ParkerMolloy
The answer to this situation is not for reporters to endorse congressional candidates. Really surprising.

Replying to @neeratanden @CharlesPPierce @ParkerMolloy
Hi Neera, I respect your work and I’m hoping you saw the fuller context in this whole thread. When I said “like him” I was directly referring to his record of service, as I noted “party aside”. I’d say the same for a Dem in a similar spot.

Replying to @kasie
Oh. Okay. Well, "party aside," I prefer a candidate who doesn't support homophobia under the guise of religious liberty, supports reproductive choice, and isn't yet another spokesman for the NRA. But yay vets no matter what they think or stand for?

Replying to @MarkHarrisNYC @kasie
What you're really selling here is the idea that voters ought to be paying less attention to issues and more to biography and personal narrative, an approach that has done a great deal to dumb down politics over the years. I don't know what you're thinking with this

Replying to @kasie
Valuing service from our veterans is very different from saying we need more people like a specific GOP veteran in Congress. How many times have we heard "We need more people like..." at a candidate's rally? You have to know that reads as an endorsement.

It's not the first time she's been called out. I posted this from last month when she got jumped on by Norm Ornstein for her both sides is the sameism. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100211251065

Turnout among 18-29 year olds compared to 2014


Turnout among 18-29 year olds, compared to 2014 early voting:
- AZ +217%
- FL +131%
- GA +415% (!!!)
- MI +128%
- NV +364%
- TN +767% (!!!)
- TX +448% (!!!)

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