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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Charlotte, NC
Member since: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:15 AM
Number of posts: 13,679

Journal Archives

Just woke up to hear that Republicans won seats back in the House

We still have control but Max Rose lost in Staten Island , JoeCunningham in SC. Ugh.

NC 70% of precincts reporting


Email from Joe Biden

I want to thank you for having my back on this long journey we've been on together.

No matter how you supported this team -- whether you chipped in a couple of bucks to keep the train running, made a few phone calls, knocked on your neighbors' doors, or if you just kept us in your prayers throughout this race -- I'm so grateful for you.

Right now, millions of Americans are exercising their sacred right to participate in our democracy by voting in schools, community centers, and public places around the country. And they join over 95 million people who voted before today.

They're doing it facing challenges and circumstances that our generation of Americans has never faced before.

But they're doing it anyway because they, like you and me, know that this country is stronger when we stick together.

They know the soul of this nation is worth fighting for.

Now, I believe that we will win tonight, and I intend to see this fight through to the very end -- on that, I give you my word as a Biden.

But, no matter the outcome of this race, I'm so proud of what we have accomplished together.

We've done so much more than anyone thought possible, bringing folks from every part of this country and both sides of the aisle together, united in our love for America and in our love for each other.

Ella Baker, a giant of the civil rights movement, left us with this wisdom: Give people light, and they will find a way.

That's what we set out to do, Joni, and I don't need to see the results to know we have accomplished that mission.

Now, you'll be hearing from me again soon, but for now, the last thing I'll say is this: From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Donna Shalala is behind in a close race


Biden wins Vermont, Trump Indiana and Kentucky




Would somebody come get Nigel Farage? Why is he here?


Per CBS : A senior Biden adviser feels good about the early numbers


First polls in the country close at 6pm in parts of Kentucky and Indiana



This Trump tweet. WTF


An Englishman on why the US election matters to everyone on this planet



In 2016, Brexit shocked the world. It was a sign that the rules-based post-war multilateral order was facing severe challenge. But nothing compared to Trump's election. It was a body-blow.

His election showed that the new nationalist wave was an existential threat, that it could take any country, no matter how powerful.

The US is the primary author of the post-war order. When it turned away from it and started attacking international institutions, tearing up regional trade agreements and starting trade wars, it had a greater effect than any other country doing so.

The US presidency is the most famous job in the world. So when it is given to a white supremacist -and let's not argue about this, that is plainly and demonstrably what he is - it has an impact on the political standards in every country.

The same is true for all sorts of other political standards - on truth telling, for example, or basic civility. He degrades these notions as operational principles of debate.

It is absurd to pretend that the effects of these changes are limited to the US. They are not. They affect everyone.

The principles at stake cannot be overstated: Respect for the rule of law, the peaceful transfer of power, the moral norms against racism and sexism, the maintenance of a global rules-based order.

Chucking him out of office will not undo what has happened, and it will not bring the nationalist wave to an end. But it will show that it can be stopped. It would be the start of something, not the end of it. It matters to everyone on this planet.
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