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This gerrymandering HAS GOT TO STOP! ( The 20 Most Gerrymandered Congressional Districts)


(CAVEAT: This map is over almost a year old - it may or may not have changed! )

Obama ready to sell us down the river?

It appears that he was. Let's hope he's changed his thinking! If this has been discussed on DU previously, I missed it:


A callout to Madison (South Central) DU'ers! It's party time!

Is anyone interested in a celebratory get-together to laugh, and then laugh some more. I may laugh until I cough up blood I have so much Schadenfreude!!

Any thoughts? I'd like to do it fairly soon before the "thrill is gone" or lessened somewhat.

I was thinking of either a Friday or Saturday night starting after supper, say 6:30 PM. Or earlier... I'm feeling things out.

Anyone interested??

My reply to all the dazed republicans out there:

We're moving forward with the American Dream! You can either tag along or be left behind in the dustbin of history.

Or you could move to Australia!

Most sane thing EVER out of Rush Limbaugh's piehole....

Republican radio host Rush Limbaugh admitted there’s a long road ahead for the GOP if they hope to win again, exclaiming Wednesday: “We are outnumbered and we are losing ground. This was not a glitch. This is the trend. That happened last night. This is the trend.”

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1sBJg)

Herman Cain: Break up the Republican Party to ‘save the country’


ROFL: It's supper time in the Leper Colony and they're eating their own!

Just sent $50 to Tammy Baldwin for the way she took it to "Tommy". She really kicked his frail ass!

We need to work together to take advantage, for the good of civilized humanity, this brief moment when Democrats have the high road.

A big FUCK YOU! to all the fatassed billionaries that think they are all-powerful

and can buy our elections. In spite of Citizens United, the real united citizens say a big "FUCK YOU TO YOU TOO!!".

Anyone else drinking champagne right now?

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