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Member since: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 09:51 AM
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CBSN: Bernie Sanders will ring in new year with Iowa voters

Dec 31, 2019

Bernie Sanders addressed a cheering crowd in Iowa at a supporter's home in Des Moines. CBS News campaign reporter Cara Korte speaks to CBSN about the Vermont senator's initiatives ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Sen. Sanders remarks at today's canvass event...a thread of the highlights:


MEDICAL RECORDS: Sanders said we should “probably not” expect any more in terms of medical records or further details from him. Yesterday, his campaign released letters from three doctors proclaiming him in good health three months after a heart attack

DISTINCTION BTWN SANDERS/WARREN: Sanders says he’ll introduce #M4A the first week he is in office. (Warren is 1st 100 days) “People have been hearing me talk about Medicare for All for 30 years. I have been on more picket lines I suspect than all of my opponents combined.”.

GOP VP?: Sen. @BernieSanders said he would not choose a Republican to be his Vice President.

UKRAINE: Sanders said “I don’t think he’s interested” to a question about whether he would advise his son to serve on the board of a Ukrainian company.

IRAQ: Sanders did not go into anything happening in Iraq right now, telling reporters when asked that a statement on this will be out "shortly"

DNC: Sanders to NBC about talks w/ DNC given supporters skepticism of how 2016 went: “We are working very, very hard with the DNC and to be honest, I think we have a better relationship with the DNC now than we did in 2016.” Sanders touted end of Superdels voting on 1st ballot.

KNOCKING DOORS: Sanders said the campaign has knocked on 250,000 doors in Iowa, and have a goal of 500,000 by end of January.


Dartanayan and Paula of Des Moines just hosted Bernie Sanders for a canvass launch out of their home


🔥 Bernie Knocks on Doors in Iowa - Presser

CLOSING IN ON 5 MILLION DONATIONS: No campaign in the history of presidential politics has as many donations as ours up to this point. Chip in before our end-of-quarter deadline at live.berniesanders.com

Twitch.TV LIVE: Sen. Sanders is expected to make remarks and canvass in the neighborhood.



Map: Tracking Campaign Contributions by Location


🔥 Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Winterset, Iowa

Scheduled for Dec 30, 2019

CLOSING IN ON 5 MILLION DONATIONS: No campaign in the history of presidential politics has as many donations as ours up to this point. This is the movement that scares Trump. Join our town hall from Winterset, Iowa and chip in before our end-of-quarter deadline at live.berniesanders.com

Bernie Celebrates Hanukkah Following Anti-Semitic Attacks

Dec 30, 2019

In the wake of rising anti-semitism and hate crimes, we stand united to wipe out all forms of racism, discrimination and bigotry.

🔥 Campaign Update from Iowa

Scheduled for Dec 30, 2019

CAMPAIGN UPDATE FROM IOWA: We are just 35 days from the Iowa caucus and the beginning of the most important election of our lives. I’m here with our Iowa State Director Misty Rebik to fill you in on how you can help us win:

WATCH my full interview with presidential candidate @BernieSanders from #RedWhiteWho


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