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Member since: Sun Sep 30, 2012, 09:51 AM
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Photo: Bernie Sanders and @limebike


My staff went to the offices of my Senate colleagues to share a new UN report ...


Dozens Of Civil Rights Groups Ask Presidential Candidates To Support Letting People In Prison Vote

Bernie Sanders is the only 2020 candidate so far to say unequivocally that incarcerated people should be able to vote.

By Sam Levine 04/30/2019


More than 70 civil rights and advocacy groups are urging candidates seeking the presidency to allow people to vote while they are incarcerated, signing an open letter on Tuesday to push an issue already dividing the Democratic field.

Only Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has said people incarcerated should be able to vote. He is the only 2020 presidential candidate so far to take that stance.

Seventy-three groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center and Greenpeace signed the letter. The longstanding practice of banning people convicted of felonies from voting in the United States is ďas senseless as it is cruel,Ē the groups wrote. They say the practice is tinged with racism and that many felon disenfranchisement laws were drafted in the Jim Crow south as a way to keep African American men from voting after they gained the right to vote.

ďFelony disenfranchisement is not just anti-democratic and bad for public safety, it is an unpopular practice that sprang from the most shameful era of American history, a vestige of our past wildly out of step with international norms. And now is the moment for its abandonment,Ē the letter says. ďThis growing movement against felony disenfranchisement is a promising endorsement of American values, but it raises a key question: Why disenfranchise people in prison to begin with? Why not let them continue to vote while they are incarcerated?Ē



CNN Brooke Baldwin: Senator Sanders Interview April 30

Published on Apr 30, 2019
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went after Joe Biden's voting record to draw a contrast with his 2020 presidential rival following a CNN poll that shows the former vice president in the lead .

Bernie Sanders Is Hitting Donald Trump Where It Hurts

Bernie is slyly trolling the president in battleground states, calling out GOP lies about saving jobs.

By John NicholsTwitter TODAY 1:30 PM


What distinguishes the senatorís campaigning in the battleground states is the consistency of his presence and his messaging, which is focused on upending Trumpís claims regarding job creation and manufacturing.

On April 12, Sanders delivered a fierce rebuke to the presidentís approach at an outdoor rally in Madison that, despite blustery weather, drew several thousand supporters. Sanders plans to keep coming back to Wisconsin and other fall battleground states. But itís what he and his supporters are doing when he is outside the state that could be one of the savviest strategic moves of the 2020 election cycle. While most other Democratic campaigns are focusing messaging and campaign spending on key primary and caucus states, the Sanders camp is turning energy and resources toward the Great Lakes states where Trump is already campaigning.

To this end, Sanders has made Wisconsin a test case for a challenge to the lies the president keeps telling about protecting jobs in general, and manufacturing positions in particular. Those lies are critical to Trumpís reelection strategy in battleground states such as Wisconsin. But the Sanders campaign is not giving the Republican an inch.

What Sanders and his supporters are doing is sly. They wonít neglect the primaries and caucuses that are essential to winning the nomination. But instead of focusing exclusively on the competition with other Democrats, they are messing with Trumpówith an eye toward exposing the presidentís lies and reframing the fight for the battleground states.



Video: Anderson Cooper: Sen. Sanders: Democrats must campaign on policy issues, not personal attacks

Published on Apr 29, 2019
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders defends his voting record against former Vice President Joe Biden's, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper he hopes all of the candidates run campaigns that focus on issues and not personal attacks.

Anderson Cooper: Bernie: "What we have seen over the last many years is one disastrous trade ... ''


Labor Leader Chuck Jones who took Trump to task endorses Bernie Sanders


Pledge your support for Bernie Sanders for president in 2020.

Bernie is the best candidate for the working class, the labor movement, and our fight for a government that works for all, not just the 1%.


Bernie Sanders calls on 2020 Candidates to Support Fair Trade Deals and Stand with Workers

🇺🇸 June 1 - Nationwide Display! BERNIE 2020! Community Canvass

June 1 - Nationwide Display! BERNIE 2020!


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