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Donkees's Journal
Donkees's Journal
March 3, 2022

Photos: Independence Monument, Kyiv - Berehynia Spirit, Protectoress

Berehynia is a female spirit, “hearth mother, protectoress of the home”. Monument to Berehynia, located in Maidan Nezalezhnosti "Independence Square" Kiev, Ukraine. As a model of the Berehynia statue, the author Anatoliy Kushch chose his daughter, American artist Christina Katrakis. The statue is made of a cast bronze and weighs about 20 tons.

'Berehynia is holding a swag of Viburnum opulus. Viburnum can be found throughout Ukrainian folklore such as songs, decorative art, Ukrainian embroidery, and poetry. Its symbolic roots can be traced to the Slavic paganism of millennia ago. According to a legend, kalyna was associated with the birth of the Universe, the so-called Fire Trinity: the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. Its berries symbolize one's home and native land, blood, and family roots. '

Link to 3D Model:


March 2, 2022

Was President Biden Feeling The Bern Tonight? Sen. Sanders Thinks So.

In part two of Stephen's interview with Senator Bernie Sanders, they discuss President Biden's announcement of his domestic agenda including a push to lower prescription drug prices, something Sen. Sanders has been pursuing for a very long time.
March 2, 2022

LateShow: Sen. Bernie Sanders On Putin And The Oligarchs

Senator Bernie Sanders returns to The Late Show to help Stephen Colbert break down the highlights of President Biden's first State of the Union speech, starting with America's support for Ukraine and the people of Russia who are protesting against their government.
February 28, 2022

➞ Post Number 25,000

February 27, 2022

Ukrainian Shumka Dancers presents Ancestors & Elders featuring Running Thunder Dancers

🔶Grand Finale Celebratory Dance with Ukrainian and Running Thunder Indigenous Dancers at 48:00Mark🔶

ANCESTORS & ELDERS tells the story of Ukrainian and Indigenous dancers as they prepare to present their traditional dance in a modern setting. As they do so, we are taken inside their connections to dance; as they dance, we witness the power of their art to connect them to their heritage and the living spirit of this land both communities call home.

Survival, for both Indigenous and Ukrainian immigrant people in Alberta, often meant silence. In that silence, we have missed connections. There are also many lost stories of the linkages between our communities that have helped us both survive tremendous loss and struggle. We use dance to begin to break that silence; to remember those who came before us, the traditions they instilled, and the truths they endured. ANCESTORS & ELDERS is directed by Indigenous theatre artist Barry Bilinsky and Shumka’s Joseph Hoffman, with a creative team of over 40 Alberta-based designers, artists, story-tellers, musicians and dancers.

Featuring Powwow Dancers: Adrian LaChance, Men’s Traditional; Conway Kootenay, Men’s Chicken; Patrick Mitsuing, Men’s Fancy; Melody GoodStriker, Women’s Jingle; Aura Cardinal, Teen Girl’s Jingle; Marrisa Moccasin, Women’s Fancy; Lakota Tootoosis, Hoop Dancer & More!

February 26, 2022

Photos: Traditional Ukrainian Flower Crown Headdresses Recreated

Model Nadiia Shapoval told Vogue Magazine in 2016, “I think we are coming back to floral themes because fashion is starting to react on wars that we are having around the globe. We need some tenderness.”


February 25, 2022

Photo: Turbo Swallow by Karsten Mosebach and Bernhard Volmer

© Karsten Mosebach and Bernhard Volmer/GDT 2021 – overall winner; Bird category winner

Turbo swallow shows a barn swallow in flight brought Karsten Mosebach and Bernhard Volmer first place. Karsten Mosebach said about the winning image:

''Barn swallows are fast flyers. They cut through the air at top speed, swerving around obstacles blazingly fast and unexpected. Our eyes can hardly follow their daredevil maneuvers. The birds seem to be in the air all the time. Only rarely do they rest with other swallows on a telephone wire or on the gutter of an old pigsty.''

The two photographers shot the winning image with a long exposure combined with flash to freeze the movement towards the end of the exposure time. Thus, the swallow in the picture looks like it wears a veil that shows both its speed and beauty.
February 23, 2022

Decorative Papercuts Compose Patrick Cabral's Meticulously Layered Sculptures

The Manila-based artist is known for his sculptural portraits of wild animals and fantastical creatures that layer hundreds of paper cutouts into stunning three-dimensional works. Currently, Cabral is finishing a few works that will be exhibited from March 18 to 20 as part of Xavier Art Fest, a group exhibition raising money for victims of Typhoon Rai that devastated the southern Philippines last December. Check out his Instagram to see a variety of commissions and personal projects, in addition to a short video detailing his painstaking hand-carving and gluing process.



I documented some of the process my husband did on one of the 3 sculptures for Starbucks. While we had wanted to try and document all 3 artworks, we could only focus on the Sumatra Tiger because it was the most difficult and delicate piece to create.

Everything, from concept to actualization was from my husband, Patrick Cabral. I helped with the painting, the assembly and transport logistics of the pieces.

FEBRUARY 22, 2022
February 20, 2022

Exquisitely Cut Paper Sculptures by Rogan Brown

“The coral reef is a microcosm of a macrocosm,” says paper artist Rogan Brown. “What is happening to the reefs today will ultimately happen to the planet tomorrow unless action is taken.” Through new paper sculptures comprised of delicately fringed sea creatures, Brown (previously) creates a striking visual display of the disastrous impacts of the climate crisis on marine life, showing how issues like coral bleaching can radiate outward into the wider world.

“Ghost Coral”

Detail of “Ghost Coral.”

Detail of “Ghost Coral”

“Coral Garden”

Detail of “Coral Garden”


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